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Playoffs, 2017 Bama and the Optimistic Data Points.

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September 16, 2020 at 1:04am

I want to look ahead to the playoffs. This post assumes a lot, mainly that the Big ten gets a cohesive plan together to play at least 8, ideally 9-10, football games by 12-20.


Here is something everyone, including the CFP should be aware of: in 2017, Alabama was let into the playoffs with only 10 FBS wins (they played Mercer before losing the Iron bowl) and no signature wins besides the same LSU team that lost to Troy.


Alabama was only 9 FBS wins over .500, and that was in  typically 12 game season. Alabama had the same number of wins as Ohio State, fewer FBS wins, but fewer losses. We had the much tougher schedule and a conference championship. But loss count is all that matters.


There won't be two ACC teams in the playoffs in 2020.  Probably ever.


The fear is the SEC getting two, and using the extra games as justification.  BUT, Since Uga plays bama and auburn during this regular season, I think the best odds for 2 SEC schools is two from the west: bama Auburn or Bama LSU.  The sec west runner up would be 9-1, 8 games over .500. I'm not certain they even get in over an 8-0 OSU. The SEC #2 definitely wont be ahead of a 9-0 OSU for same reason 2017 bama got in over us with fewer games: loss count matters more than game count.


FL beating LSU and UGA could be a problem but its unlikely to happen. A 10-0 Florida meeting a 10-0 bama in the SEC CCG may keep us out.



Our goal should be to follow an already established playoff path: 9 FBS over wins over .500 and look great doing it. LFG!

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