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Comment 10 Aug 2020
Why is fall and spring the only options listed is a season of games solely in indoor venues possible in January? I feel like Lucas Oil Stadium could easily host 2 games a day on Friday and Saturday. Maybe 3 since there wont be any fans. That's 12 teams a week in a site deemed neutral enough for our championship game.
Comment 29 Jun 2020
You mean 4 of the 6? The 2 that have won a playoff game plus the team that beats at least one of them almost every year (Auburn) and the team that always comes close (UF)
Comment 29 Jun 2020
No. The team led by a buckeye alum that shellacked Georgia while we struggled to contain Jonathan Taylor deserved their one spot.
Comment 29 Jun 2020
After ZS I couldn't stand to see strip club tom in the playoffs. I'm just hoping he does just well enough to keep his job by the time we play him, and that we blow out Texas twice but Tommy only once
Comment 29 Jun 2020
I want to see us beat Clemson, period. I wouldnt mind defeating a 13-0 SEC darling. I also wouldn't mind taking it to Oklahoma for stealing and wasting our invitations recently.
Comment 18 Jun 2020
Fellow buckeyes, sec got rid of chickenshit Saturday and UGA and Bama and LSU are scheduling pretty tough home and homes. At this point those of us still bitching about their SOS, or their refusal to play in the snow, are only making the rest of us look bad.
Comment 08 Jun 2020
It's closer to 35k in the market but my gain today is now 11k. No joke I am sort of in disbelief but the reddit sub wallstreetbets where I got a lot of the tips (do your own research on each while you're worried about football) has people making much crazier bets with crazier gains right now. Find a stock you think will come up and buy a call option right now before it does.
Comment 08 Jun 2020
I still dont have more than 5% in a single position. Granted it's highly risky but I didnt earn more than 30% of my gains on a single stock (boeing). The market jumped 1% but about 19/20 of my positions made money today and since several were a high risk option I viewed like a sports bet (win big or lose most if not all that investment), my returns were about 10x the market on those today.