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Comment 20 Dec 2019
That serial killer story makes me seriously worry about Thailands legal system. Dude killed 5 people in 2005, caught, appeals court upheld a life sentence in 2012 and he is allowed to be released for good behavior 7 years later? Really, good behavior and less than 15 years in jail for killing 5 people? Its tragic, but not surprising there was a 6th.
Comment 19 Dec 2019
I'm starting to think the second quarter WILL decide the game. I think both defenses get a stop, then both offenses fire up. Jk gets some big runs, Olave and Victor shine, Etienne gets a chunk and Trevor's magic gives us trouble. Then Day will adjust faster than Dabo and we will have a successful 2nd quarter. Just before halftime Day makes some risky play to go for the jugular and the entire game will depend on it (although it will still be close until the final whistle)
Comment 12 Dec 2019
There were legitimate reasons for all of those teams not being in the CFP. Iowa doesnt deserve to be on that list it's not hard going undefeated in the B1G West. Also once you remove the teams that lost their bowl games, us from the last 2 years (let's face it we didnt deserve it after our road losses) you have what, 2015 tOSU? Who else? Probably the only team that COULD have won a title but was left out. In 5 years I think that's pretty good.
Comment 12 Dec 2019
Powerhouse 15 OSU lost at home to Sparty. Yeah we didnt play or get coached our best but we lost, in November at home. 17&18 we all know why we didnt get in. Could we have won it all? 15&17 maybe, 18 absolutely not. Certain LOSSES have kept us out of the playoffs. That's what makes CFB so exciting. Any 1 game could knock you out so every game matters. If OU doesnt get upset by ksu and oregon beats ASU, say LSU dropped one to Texas and UGA won the SEC their South Carolina loss could have kept them and the SEC out of the playoff. In 2015 if MSU didnt run back that fumbled punt against TTUN then we would have been in the playoffs that year. The what if game can be played until the end of time. Doesnt mean we need more teams in there though.
Comment 08 Dec 2019
Guys, the more I think about this the more I really am excited to be where we are at. I really think both programs are on the upswing, unlike Bama (downswing slow decline), Georgia (same decline just started earlier), lsu (stars align Cinderella year), oklahoma (consistently middling at the top). I would love to see Clemson as a postseason rival but of course that is predicated on this one being competitive. Bring on DaboDay the first of his name!
Comment 04 Dec 2019
If you're looking at stubhub 500 level on Wisconsin side I've got 2 for $125 each that would save us both on fees. I've got a forum post up about it.
Comment 04 Dec 2019
I'm just trying to get half of what my parents bought them for less than a week ago. I guess they paid a bit more for the aisle and ticket prices have fallen since the UM game.
Comment 18 Nov 2019
I really dont get the obsession with the heisman. It was a great talking point for chase only bc it so rarely goes to a non-QB. Theres only one trophy I care about and that's awarded in January not December. Plus Justin has another year with a lot less (experienced) talent around him especially on defense. Let Joe have something nice before Chase puts him on his back in NOLA
Comment 16 Nov 2019
I remember a reason to hate rutgers! The 2015 season they were 4th and long at midfield down a touchdown to MSU, and the QB spiked the ball not realizing it was 4th down. A hail Mary could have tied the game or won it if they went for 2. That could have given us the East, another b1g championship, and possibly another Natty instead of "BamaClem" the first of his name
Comment 14 Nov 2019
I think that this story isnt getting traction in this social climate speaks a lot toward the bias towards TOSU. I'm not one of these SEC conspiracy theorists, but I cant help but think if another black commentator said that about a Clemson, bama, or even a mizzou player that there wouldn't be more of an uproar. I'm white so I'm not going to take issue with the race of the messenger, or pretend to know the difference between if Des or Herbie said this.