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Comment 11 hours ago
Yeah I could see why for the big ten you wouldn't go in house. But for the Pac12, Still my tiny brain connects two possibly relevant or entirely useless facts: 1. Pre covid the big ten was making the most $ of all, yes ALL the other conferences. 2. The new ACC commish, wasn't he like Northwesterns or Iowa's ad as of a few months ago?
Comment 21 hours ago

And sermon somehow didn't this year from the jump so its pretty clear we don't just let somebody start from talent alone.  We give a bit of an edge to the guys that have been there but not enough to compensate for a Fields-Martell sized chasm

Comment 22 hours ago

I thought eligibility waivers and the whole sitting out process was a fortunate victim of 2020?

Comment 19 Jan 2021
Tulsa and cincy are not as good as you think. I watched plenty of the American and this power 6 nonsense has to stop. It literally looks like you're watching 5A high school sometimes, even in the big games.
Comment 19 Jan 2021
Grinch plays too aggressive a defense though. Wow that's great your guys are finally able to turn it around and fire on all cylinders at the end of the season but everybody and their mother was scoring on you beginning of the season and two early losses your postseason is over
Comment 19 Jan 2021

Just gonna leave this here for anyone wondering how much garbage time we are going to get if things get back to normal this year.  Draw your own conclusions but I see a lot of young guys getting reps.

Comment 19 Jan 2021
I dont like the Texas comparisons, bc theyve at least been willing to throw money at their problems in hopes of fixing it. As much as we love mocking Mensa at the time he was a much better hire and more successful coach than anything TN has gotten recently. Plus we all can attest to Sark's genius. Good for Texas for staying relevant even if they can't challenge Oklahoma. fsu would be a better comparable
Comment 19 Jan 2021
I think we could find a little more to cement the legend. Personally? I'd love to see him singlehandedly track down the dude who shot him and go Kojack on his ass. But the dudes got goals bigger than my fanfiction.