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What Ohio State Should Have Done in Hindsight...

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September 12, 2020 at 8:18am

As soon as Warren pulled the plug on the fall season, Gene Smith should have been allowed by OSU to read a statement that says something like this: "While Ohio State respects the office of the commissioner, and we remain a proud member of the Big Ten, we do not agree with the decision to delay the fall sports calendar. Our medical and training people have the following safety measures already in place (and then list them in detail). Our players have done everything we have asked them to do in terms of being smart and social distancing. 

  As a result, we believe our student-athletes are actually safer under our health team's supervision. We therefore, intend the play a fall season. We will now start the process of scheduling games with other schools that are in a similar position to us and have open dates on their calendars. We expect to have a revised football schedule to announce very shortly. In the meantime, Coach Day and staff will resume preparing for games in September."

    Smith could have gotten Nebraska for sure, and likely Iowa to agree to a home and home series with us for 2020. That takes care of 4 games right there. Between that and schools in other conferences, we could have at least an 8 game season in place that could have started in September and built in some flexibility for any games that need to be rescheduled.

      What was the BIG going to do? Kick OSU out of the BIG? I don't think so, especially if Nebraska and Iowa joined us. 

    Unfortunately, as we saw in tattoo gate, the ZS mess with Urban and now Warren's horrible leadership, crisis management is def. not one of Gene Smith's strengths. 

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