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Comment 08 Jul 2019

I like this development. The more things for Urban to do in and around Ohio, the last chance he has the itch to coach again. I really like him close to the OSU campus in his role as asst. athletic director and his continued efforts w/ Real Life Wednesdays. 

   I think the only way he coaches again is (1) his health issues somehow improve or are not impacted by stress AND (2) there is an opportunity at Ohio State in the future for him to jump back in (for example if in a few years Day wants to leap to the NFL and we need Urban to hold a class of recruits in place.)

Comment 03 Jul 2019

The last time an Ohio State coach who had beaten Michigan was not presiding over his team the following spring was 31 years ago, when Earle Bruce was a resident of Cedar Falls and busy preparing for his only season at Northern Iowa.

  I read that above and I am asking what about Jim Tressel. I was at the Game in 2010 when he beat TTUN. He did not coach the team the following year...not sure if they meant spring practice, when Tresell had not resigned yet?

Comment 27 Jun 2019

2002 looking back, but at the time, so many of the games could have gone either way. Loved when we discovered Chris Gamble was a shut down corner in addition to a heck of a WR. He was the unsung hero of the 2002 Bucks. (With Mike Doss being a close second for unsung hero). 

Comment 25 Jun 2019

An unhealthy high. A year and a half ago my wife was in the hospital w/ our first baby. After a few days after the birth, baby and wife were ready to come home. However, it was the big PSU-OSU game (thrilling win for us!). My wife and newborn had to wait until AFTER the game for me to leave the house and pick them up at the hospital...she knew the risks of giving birth during OSU football season!

Comment 24 Jun 2019

I think the dead period is also for the coaching staffs as well. If college football coaches are ever going to be able to take any type of vacation or time away from the grind, I would imagine most of them would try and pick during the dead period as they are not missing time with recruits in any case.

 I once met Jim Heacock, then Jim Tressel's DC on vacation at a lake up north during the dreaded dead period. He was wearing his OSU jacket. He had a very good sense of humor as well in my limited interaction w/ him. 

Comment 10 Jun 2019

Wideout Michael Thomas is one of the most notable Buckeyes in the NFL today, but he could be considered a fringe candidate thanks to his underutilization in Columbus. Despite shredding the league during his first three season, he totaled just 1,602 receiving yards as a Buckeye, good for 21st in program history.

  I don't blame OSU on that. Thomas left OSU with TWQ years of eligibility left. If he comes back for those two years, he likely would have gone done as one of our top wide receivers of all time.

Comment 03 Jun 2019

I know the easy thing is to say the most recent, but I am still going with Zach Harrision. First, he is absolutely the most desired recruit for us this recruiting cycle; second, obviously a local product, who also seems like a really good kid off the field as well; and third, for awhile it looked like we were going to lose him to TTUN. That would have been absolutely devastating. 

    Zach Harrison will be one of the great Ohio State defensive players by the time he leaves Columbus for the NFL. So glad he stayed home!

Comment 29 May 2019

1) If Urban was still the HC at OSU, Schiano would have wanted to come back as DC. Urban would have kept him. Obviously Ryan Day wanted to go in a new direction. Last year was obviously not a good one for the defense, but prior to that, everyone, including me had a lot of confidence in him as our DC and as a great recruiter. 

 2) I live in Mass and I can tell you that BB probably only a couple years left as coach of the Pats before he retires so I don't think Schiano can count on working for Bill when his daughter graduates high school. 

Comment 27 May 2019

Meyer should have called Drake's bluff last Aug. and not agreed to the 3 game suspension. Drake's choice: reinstate me now, or I quit. I didn't do anything wrong and will not accept a 3 game suspension to satisfy the PC police. You suspend me and I quit. Try and lead OSU after I quit and you have a student body and alumni that now hate you. The BOT did not want me suspended. That was your decision. Now go explain why having a WR coach who was NEVER charged or arrested in 2015 for DV led to you losing one of the great coaches of all time...

Comment 24 May 2019

Yes, if Cooper could have even gone say 6-7 against them instead of 2-10-1 it makes the record the last 100 years even better.

   Their two heisman winners are both from the great state of Ohio and were sell outs for going up north. 

  Btw, since JH started 0-4 against OSU, if ties were still allowed in college football, and they tied us in 2019, their president could call it "their greatest football win" ever. That what Cooper's record against them was going into the home game in '92 when Gee made his idiotic remark.

Speaking of which, did you notice that EVERY time Gordon Gee opened his mouth to talk about football he absolutely made an ass out of himself and made OSU look awful. I am convinced to this day if when he was asked if he was going to fire Jim Tressel during tattoo gate if he said something like "we take any allegations against the school seriously and we will continue to do so" that Tressel would not have been forced out. By trying to make a dumb ass joke "I just hope he does not fire me" it invited the media to run with the narrative that the football coach was running the university. That caused such ill will that Tressel could not ride out the storm. It is absolutely scary that Gee's judgment was so piss poor that he thought his half ass joke was appropriate. 

Comment 19 May 2019

In the summer of 2005, my girlfriend and I at the time walked right into the football offices and I asked if Jim Tressel was there. (I was on a trip from Mass., and the timing was just random). I ended up meeting Jim Tressel and he even offered to have a picture taken with us which he later personalized when I mailed it to him. He was great, funny and all class when I met him.

  By the way, a short time after that, they tightened security at the WHAC and made it much harder to get to the football offices...coincidence?  

Comment 06 May 2019

The amount of comedy talent that was developed at SNL over the years and still going strong today is amazing. Loren Michaels has been the brains of the operation for all but 5 of the earlier years. It will be interesting to see what happens to that show when he finally leaves for good....

Comment 06 May 2019

The reason I was such a fan of Carvey and Hartman was that they did such great impressions on SNL. Hartman used to call himself "the man of 1000 voices."