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Comment 16 Feb 2020

Knowing how close the game with Clemson was, an argument can be made that w/o the BC distraction (remember Hafley flying to Boston for the press conference as OSU was trying to prep for Clemson), not to mention all the other time that Hafley had to have spent on BC related stuff, like calling coaches, etc., that if Hafley did not take the BC job that OSU beats Clemson. Maybe they would have accounted for a QB that can run on them....

Not to mention we lost Clark Phillips due to Hafley leaving after only one year. And yes, Hafley, stop taking lower level football personnel w/ you...

Comment 11 Feb 2020

Hope so. Don't need TTUN taking another Ohio guy, and that goes for Matt Campbell as well!

Comment 11 Feb 2020

Zack--were you saying you think OSU's 2021 class is going to be in the low 20's? "Ohio State’s 2021 class will most likely end up being somewhere in the low 20s, and with this haul, it would give them a 23-man class that fills all the major needs of the class"

   I am confused--I thought we were fighting w/ Clemson for the # 1 class in 2021--how come you are projecting us in the low 20's?? Did I just read that incorrectly? (Always possible).

Comment 08 Feb 2020

Can we assume if Fickell leaves Cincinnati that we don't have to worry about one of our coaches getting poached? I would hope that Coombs (I know he is from there) would not bolt as he just came back....

Comment 08 Feb 2020

I meant to say that PSU was not part of the Big 10 when Cooper started at OSU.

I think if there was a playoffs back in the 90's, OSU wins titles in '96 and '98 and possibly '95 (assuming no TTUN in the playoffs!). 

Comment 08 Feb 2020

The BIG is also a lot different than when Cooper was here. PSU was not even a member of the Big 10 back then. There was no BIG championship game, or playoffs.

    A shame you can't combine Cooper the recruiter, w/ Dantonio developing and big game coach....

Comment 04 Feb 2020

Navy--more reason to schedule it either of the following two Saturdays...sure would like to know the rational for having it the day before Easter...makes absolutely no sense to me. I bet the majority of schools schedule their spring games away from April 11....

Comment 04 Feb 2020

How is Venables being paid over 2 million a year and OSU can't pay their top assistants (LJ) more. Yes, I know LJ is not the DC, but still...

Comment 04 Feb 2020

I still say OSU is making a big mistake having the spring game the day before Easter. It stands to reason the campus will be more empty on Easter Sunday than a normal Sunday, and typically recruits coming for the spring weekend like to make a weekend out of it. Less likely with the holiday the next day.

  I can't really understand why OSU did not schedule it the following Saturday...

Comment 02 Feb 2020

looking at that out of conference schedule that Bruce's teams played, that is a lot tougher out of conference schedule than any schools have played over the last 35 plus years.   Wonder if all teams were playing that type of schedule in that era??