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Comment 22 hours ago

Yes, if Cooper could have even gone say 6-7 against them instead of 2-10-1 it makes the record the last 100 years even better.

   Their two heisman winners are both from the great state of Ohio and were sell outs for going up north. 

  Btw, since JH started 0-4 against OSU, if ties were still allowed in college football, and they tied us in 2019, their president could call it "their greatest football win" ever. That what Cooper's record against them was going into the home game in '92 when Gee made his idiotic remark.

Speaking of which, did you notice that EVERY time Gordon Gee opened his mouth to talk about football he absolutely made an ass out of himself and made OSU look awful. I am convinced to this day if when he was asked if he was going to fire Jim Tressel during tattoo gate if he said something like "we take any allegations against the school seriously and we will continue to do so" that Tressel would not have been forced out. By trying to make a dumb ass joke "I just hope he does not fire me" it invited the media to run with the narrative that the football coach was running the university. That caused such ill will that Tressel could not ride out the storm. It is absolutely scary that Gee's judgment was so piss poor that he thought his half ass joke was appropriate. 

Comment 19 May 2019

In the summer of 2005, my girlfriend and I at the time walked right into the football offices and I asked if Jim Tressel was there. (I was on a trip from Mass., and the timing was just random). I ended up meeting Jim Tressel and he even offered to have a picture taken with us which he later personalized when I mailed it to him. He was great, funny and all class when I met him.

  By the way, a short time after that, they tightened security at the WHAC and made it much harder to get to the football offices...coincidence?  

Comment 06 May 2019

The amount of comedy talent that was developed at SNL over the years and still going strong today is amazing. Loren Michaels has been the brains of the operation for all but 5 of the earlier years. It will be interesting to see what happens to that show when he finally leaves for good....

Comment 06 May 2019

The reason I was such a fan of Carvey and Hartman was that they did such great impressions on SNL. Hartman used to call himself "the man of 1000 voices." 

Comment 25 Mar 2019

Great analysis, JP Bucks! I don't know if Meyer would want to go back to another SEC team. Shelly had been quoted as saying he would only come back out of retirement for Ohio State. 

 It is possible that if there were no tattoo gate, Gene Smith and OSU might have had conversations w/ Meyer about how long he would stay in retirement until Tressel was done. They could then have gone to Tressel and said something like, "how about you announce you are coaching one more year and then lets have a seamless transition to Urban." They might have been able to go from one hall of fame coach to another w/ no 6-7 year. 

   Way before tattoo gate I remember hearing wispers that the powers that be at OSU wanted to lure Urban away from Florida, but did not know how to ask Jim Tressel, such a popular and successful head coach, to leave before he wanted...

Comment 24 Mar 2019

Gunner--I think the jury is still out on whether Urban retiring will prove to be a good thing. I will say if he ever comes back to coach he will take a good amount of the support staff w/ him and that will not be good for OSU. 

 Btw, a note on timing on the tattoo fiasco--shortly after that the Sandusky scandle happened at PSU. Had that happened prior to tattoo gate, I don't think the media makes as big a deal out of it and maybe Tressel survives. The Sandusky crimes really puts the tattoo-gate in proper prospective. We might have had a coach that lied about knowing that some players traded in their OWN property for cash and tattoos, but PSU had a coach that might have known and even help cover up horrible abuses by his 30 year DC. 

Comment 24 Mar 2019

If OSU had just accepted the 5 game suspension of their players from the NCAA and not appealed, then they do not under cover the e-mail from the lawyer to Tressel telling him about. That is why I don't think Gene Smith ever knew beforehand that Tresesel was aware of this issue. Had Smith been aware that Tressel had prior knowledge of the tattoo issue, he would not have appealed and nobody ever finds out that Tressel knew about it and our hall of fame coach gets to leave one day on his own terms instead of being forced out. 

   Btw, you can't tell me that some other schools (hello, SEC), would have NEVER self -reported an e-mail implicating their super star coach--they would have just deleated the damn e-mail and nobody ever is the wiser. 

Comment 24 Mar 2019

TP-the "lying to the NCAA" was of course due to tattoo gate so it is all one and the same.

I think it is a very interesting question b/c there is a real question of how much more success Tressel would have had after 2010 and whether or not Urban would have ever coached for us which also impacts us going forward since Day likely would not be our coach in the alternative universe in which OSU does not appeal the original 5 game suspension for the tattoo 5 and thus never un-cover the e-mail from the rogue atty; who who e-mailed Tressell. 

Comment 24 Mar 2019

I bleed scarlet and gray--great take year by year!

Btw, It does not seem fair that we had 13 years of Cooper and only 10 years of Tress and 7 years of Urban...

Comment 16 Mar 2019

MSU totally outplayed us in 2015 and should have won by more than a FG at the end. Yes, I know it was pouring rain for 90% of the game and Zeke was not 100%. However, after seeing Alabama toy w/ MSU in the playoffs, I did not think we would have beaten Alabama either. Maybe put up a better game, but not won. I know we had a TON of talent on the roster, but they did not play like a team.

Also, I hate it when we lose our guys early to the NFL. I will always remember the players that stayed for their entire eligibility as true Buckeyes and not so much the guys that leave early...

Comment 09 Mar 2019

Jim Tresel's speech was so moving and beautiful. It was the most touching tribute. I remember he spoke of how when Earl Bruce loved someone or something, like Ohio State, it was forever. 

Comment 11 Feb 2019

To think we could have probably had Al Washington as our LB coach at least a couple of years ago instead of "Best Man Bill." Al brought a few Ohio kids to TTUN before he left and that wouldn't have happened if we had him prior to this...