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Let's get meta.

Can We Get Some Clarification Here?

-9 HS
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September 9, 2020 at 8:49am

[MOD Edit: Please watch the political comments, particularly with those individuals that evoke a strong reaction. The moderators are trying to control the political commentary across the political spectrum. Commenters often feel that they have been unfairly censored, but please realize that the moderators are trying to reduce the amount of political/religious/hot button comments, and are not attempting to attack any specific political ideology.]

Mods, feel free to read this and then maybe copy paste to the other mods and delete here.  My intention is not to start a thread - I simply dunno how else to contact you.  I was going to try to reach out to ya'll directly but apparently that's no longer an option??  I tried e-mailing but received no response.  


Again I apologize for making this a thread.  But I have no idea how else to get this in front of your eyes.  And yes I am fully aware this quite probably will earn me another suspension.  I'm willing to sacrifice a days worth of SirYacht and Dan Patrick updates.     

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