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Depth Will Be Key in 2020

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May 25, 2020 at 5:47pm

This is assuming football is played. I imagine if the season is set to go ahead there will he rigorous guidelines that the NCAA will set. It could be likely that players will likely be tested for the Coronavirus on a week to week basis. This may lead to players having to sit out and quarantine for 2 weeks maybe longer if testing positive. I don't believe this benefits anyone but the Ohio State's of the landscape could weather it better because we have tons of depth, but teams like Penn State, Nebraska, Iowa, etc. could really suffer from this as they don't have a ton of talent at depth compared to the blue bloods.

I hope we have football in the fall but I'm also prepared for a game where we might have 10 players forced to sit out, perhaps a coach or two. There might be games where some teams have to throw a WR out at QB because their entire QB room contracted the virus. There could he scenarios where part of the coaching staff have to sit out games. There will be no vaccine by fall unfortunately, so I can't see the season unfolding without weekly testing.

The popular debate now is the amount of fans allowed into the game but there's so much more involved.

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