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Would You Rather 2016 or 2019?

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December 31, 2019 at 6:51am

Now that I've had a full 48 hours to think about it, I'm still unbelievably irate at how that game went down. But I also have a lot of very positive feelings about the 2019 Buckeye team. That team was a full 14 points better than Clemson on saturday night and that includes settling for way too many field goals. Ohio State won that game in every facet except for the only one that mattered. Which is what hurts the most about it. This was the best Buckeye team I've seen in my lifetime. And it is also made up of some of the most likeable players and coaches I can remember. 

So my question is, which would you prefer, to have the better team and dominate a game only to see every single break go the wrong way and lose a heartbreaker in the final minutes; or to get utterly embarrassed in a blowout on the biggest stage? I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about this. The heartbreak of the game on saturday is unmatched by anything I've ever experienced as a sports fan. But I still come away with positive feelings about our team both currently and going forward. On the flip side, the 2016 ass whooping was less heartbreaking and more frustrating at the lack of ability to compete with the top tier of college football, and left us nervous about the future.

After giving it some thought, I think that despite that heartbreak and the anger, I would still take this one over 2016. As angry as I am, I can still say the Buckeyes left it on the field. Our team did what they needed to do. They made the plays to win the game. Unfortunately some things not in their control altered the outcome of the game. So as bad as it hurts, I find that to be acceptable failure. The absolute dog shit offense we put on the field in 2016, I do not find to be acceptable failure.

I'm interested in everybody elses thoughts on this.

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