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Comment 6 hours ago

I had a buddy that went to Purdue and we played a night game there in (I think) 2007. He got me tickets 2nd row, 50 yard line behind the Buckeyes bench. He sat in the student section so I went to my seat alone and sold my extra ticket to a scalper. Apparently the scalper sold it to a less than sober coed. By the second half she was literally sitting on my lap. At the end of the third quarter they played "Shout" and Alex Boone was singing along. I was close enough that he saw me singing along and came over and we sang a duet to the drunk girl. I spent the rest of the evening with her. Haven't heard from my buddy since. It wasn't Ohio Stadium, but that girl would probably be the most fun character I've encountered on gameday. 

Comment 20 Jun 2019

A couple thoughts here.

1. That video is awesome. Its just seems crazy to me how big a deal this game was back then. Considering how different the world was compared to now, but this rivalry is still the same.

2. I think I'm gonna throw a party on October 25th to commemorate this and I'm pretty sure my wife is going to think thats stupid.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

I doubt it would be anything official like that. All that stuff can be signed digitally now. When I closed on my house a few years ago I did pretty much the entire thing on my phone. I only met with my closing agent face to face to get the keys. And for that reason I don't think that tidbit from Zach makes a lot of sense. Besides, they wouldn't negotiate directly. Thats what Urban has an agent for. I mean, I have no doubt that USC will come calling when its time, and I'm sure Urban will at least listen. But I wouldn't put too much stock in some mail going back and forth.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

There is a group of guys frequent the local Browns Backers bar on sundays. One is a Redskins fan, one is a Giants fan, One is a Cowboys fan, and one is an Eagles fan. And those guys are hilarious. They all cheer for their team and against all the others. Its actually more fun to sit with them than it is the dozen or so Browns fans that show up every week. Every time I see Dwayne Haskins highlights from offseason workouts I think about how excited the Redskins fan must be. My goal for this season is get those guys to let me in their group text.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

To be honest, I think he's telling a lot more truth than McMurphy ever did. Which is all the more reason for people to fight back should he try to expose them. I'm not saying he's doing anything wrong. In fact the opposite. I think there are some things that need to be exposed and with nothing left to lose, Zach is the perfect guy to do it. But I also think that if he does, the people getting exposed will try to stop it from happening. And the best way I can see to do that is to try to bankrupt him with the legal system.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

He currently has no sponsors and I'm not sure what he's doing for income at the moment. But a defamation suit would be extremely expensive and would almost certainly come from someone who has more money than him. They wouldn't have to win the defamation suit to shut him down. They would only have to keep it going long enough to bankrupt him and force him to do something else for money.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

I think if it starts gaining traction someone will try to shut it down. Right now its pretty much just Buckeye football junkies looking to get a fix in the offseason listening to him. But if the things he says starts getting reported by large media outlets, I think people are going to go after him hard. We all know college athletics is a dirty business. Like him or not, he's got information that could do a lot of damage to a lot of people should he pursue it. The list of people who want to keep him quiet is probably pretty long.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

I'll give you a +1 because I'm sure downvotes are imminent. Having said that Zach Smith has said multiple times on his podcast that Mike Thomas made himself great and would have done so no matter who was coaching him. Based on the rest of the receiver group over the years, I think Thomas was great despite Zach Smith, not because of him. And I have been as critical of JT over the years as anyone, but I'd put the blame mainly on Ed Warrinner and by extension Urban for Thomas not being used enough in 2015. With the Cardale/JT situation plus the other offensive issues I think that year has to be blamed almost entirely on the coaches.

Comment 18 Jun 2019

First off I wanna say that anything from Brett McMurphy doesn't even get the grain of salt. He has proven his hackery. Along with most of the so called MSM. And I agree with you that none of the DV accusations against Smith have much evidence and Courtney is pretty clearly a vindictive nut case. I don't think he's a very good person but not because he ordered sex toys or went to strip clubs. I myself have enjoyed many a debaucherous evening with friends at nudie bars. I pass no judgement on that. But even Zach will admit that even though he didn't hit her, he still was not a good husband. I will give him credit for at least seeming to try to be better though and I am a sucker for a good come back story. The reason I take what he says with a grain of salt is not because of any of that. My reasoning for it is that there are three sides to every story. His side, the other persons side and the truth. We only get his side. So I think his version of these stories is certainly truth adjacent,  but I also think there might be some key details that we aren't getting from him. Thats really all I'm saying. I don't think he's making anything up. But I also recognize there is always someone else involved in his stories that have their own version of events and without seeing it first hand or hearing all sides, the best I can do is take his version with a grain of salt.

Comment 18 Jun 2019

Not to get into the politics of it, but it bothers me that pretty much every single time people want to make changes "on behalf of the environment" they always suggest something thats worse than the thing they are trying to replace. People clearly have no idea how lithium batteries are made, where that lithium comes from, and how its obtained. My favorite was when everybody got all worked up about single use plastic straws for a minute and Starbucks brilliant idea was to redesign the single use plastic lid so as to make the straw unnecessary. The problem was, the new lid used more plastic than the straw. Its amusing, but as someone who actually does want to make things better, its also incredibly frustrating.

Comment 18 Jun 2019

1. I have never worked for USPS but I would think they must have a some sort of policy about not sharing information like who people send mail to and get mail from. Not that Zach is lying about being told this stuff, but I would have to think it was a pretty serious violation of policy to tell him.

2. But DJ has access to all the super secret information that us non big time bloggers/politicians don't have access to. Just wait til he releases it.

Comment 18 Jun 2019

I have never met Urban but I have known or interacted with ultra successful people like that in the past. From what I've gathered, its not so much that they aren't nice or friendly people. Its more that they are extremely focused and as a result they can come off as a bit stand off-ish and prickly. Basically, they are really nice people when they are prepared to be social. But if they aren't prepared to be social, and they are in work mode, they aren't going to break that work mode for anyone. For example, when Urban goes to see kids in a hospital he is incredibly gracious with his time and is very friendly. But if you catch him in a store after work, he won't be. I've known executives like that. When they're hosting a social event in their home they are incredibly friendly and fun to be around. But if you catch them between meetings at a conference in line for coffee and you try to shoot the shit with them, they will blow you off. I don't think its because they're assholes, I think its because they're focused on the work they need to do in that next meeting and they aren't going to be distracted.

Comment 18 Jun 2019

Movie night in the shoe sounds like a really fun thing to do with kids. I'm definitely going to have to keep that in mind when mine get a bit older.

In regards to the Menace 2 Society podcast, I think its really clear that he believes he's telling the truth. And it is interesting that some of the crazier stories he's told have been confirmed by others. Like the KJ Hill story or Cardale confirming some of the Ed Warriner stuff. I should also note that I heard very similar things about Ed from people that consider themselves his close friends. And they said that stuff way before Zach did. I will continue to listen to the show, and continue to take everything he says with a grain of salt.

Comment 17 Jun 2019

Could be mailing list type stuff. It seems awful early to be negotiating with your next coach but certainly not too early to be planting seeds. Almost like recruiting students. Send him promo material. Get him warmed up for when you do make your move. I think we all know USC is going to be in the market sooner than later and that Urban will be a target. I'm still not convinced he would consider it, but I'm also not convinced he won't.

Comment 15 Jun 2019

I live up north and get negative feedback every day wearing Buckeye gear. To be honest, I don't think I could survive without the hate at this point. If I started getting nothing but positive comments I'd go all Ricky Bobby not knowing what to do with my hands.

Comment 14 Jun 2019

This is exactly why it would be awesome. You want to expand the audience? Gus Johnson would have people that have never even played golf on the edge of their seats.