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Comment 18 Apr 2019

Easier field to win in? Are you insane? There were 7 guys within 5 strokes of winning the Masters last weekend that have wins in Majors plus Rickie Fowler who has finished in the top 3 of all 4 majors but hasn't won one yet. And not to mention guys like Phil, Spieth, Rory, and Adam Scott who finished in the 20. It was one of the strongest fields ever. The reason there aren't a handful of golfers totally dominating is because its one of the most difficult fields ever to win against not the easiest.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

The reason Tiger is so good for the game is because he's the only player thats really interesting. There are a lot of layers to Tigers story. None of the other guys have that. I'm a pretty big golf fan and I really like the fact that pretty much every one of the big names in the sport are very likable guys (except Patrick Reed. Fuck that guy). I really enjoy that because I can root for everyone, but I can see how there isn't mass appeal to that. I mean, the NBA's popularity is soaring because of all the off court drama. The product on the court kinda sucks, but every NBA fan I know is glued to the drama and the storylines. Golf doesn't have that outside of Tiger. And for a sport that isn't fast paced, and doesn't really come with a lot of action, you need storylines to keep the masses interested. Ricky Fowler, Jordan Speith, and Justin Rose getting together for bible study every week is cool, but its not going to get people to sit down and watch the sport, I can't sell that to my friends that don't golf. Dustin Johnson being married to Wayne Gretzky's daughter is interesting but unless shes on camera, nobody cares. Tiger having 4 back surgeries, 4 knee surgeries, and crashing his car because his wife was chasing him with a 9-iron for banging every cocktail waitress between here and Timbuktu and then coming all the way back to win the Masters is a fuckin storyline. I can sell that to my friends that don't watch golf.

Comment 17 Apr 2019

With the way the Browns offseason has gone, its a really weird feeling not being as interested in the draft as years past. I'm still interested in watching where all the Buckeyes go, but my team doesn't even have a first round pick this year. Its strange. This used to be our Super Bowl. Having said that, I actually kinda hope Haskins drops out of the top ten but not to Cincinnati. First of all, I don't want him in the division; and second, I don't want to have to root against him twice a year. Miami would be a nice spot for him. And The Giants have a pick in the 10-20 range as well so maybe they don't take him with their first pick but they very well could with their second if he's still on the board.

Comment 16 Apr 2019

Its hard to say for sure because their passing attack is not exactly a strength, but in my opinion Nico Collins was better than both DPJ and Black. DPJ I think is the new Jabrill Peppers. He came in with a lot of hype and people keep waiting to see that hype manifest into results but hes just been an average player so far. Having said that, we might not know anything about Gattis' ability to call plays but we do know that he is a fantastic receivers coach so I would expect to see improvement there. 

Comment 16 Apr 2019

Yeah, from what I've read so far this morning it sounds like the whole thing was pretty much one giant box of kindling. Being so old it also wasn't build with fire protection in mind so there were no safe guards in the construction designed to keep fire from spreading quickly. I've also read that the design of the building made it vitrually impossible to fight the fire from the inside. So once it started there was nothing they could do until it came out the top and by that point it was already out of control.

Comment 16 Apr 2019

I'm not catholic either and have never been to France, but watching Notre Dame burn yesterday was sad. I can hardly wrap my head around how old it is. I mean, 900 years. America hasn't even existed for 250. The engineer in me is really interested in how exactly this happened because that much wood doesn't just go up in flames. It takes a long time for a fire that size to get rolling. I'd like to see the science of it. Like how did this happen? How did the fire get to the point of being out of control before anybody noticed it was happening?

Comment 15 Apr 2019

I honestly thought these were a joke at first. Or a fan creation of some sort. I still find it hard to believe that someone with decision making powers actually looked at these and thought "yeah, that looks great. Lets do that."

Comment 15 Apr 2019

Last year was abnormal as far as the quarterback situation goes. Its has been fairly typical over the years to see the QBs struggle in the spring game.

I would like to see Tate win the job in Miami. I was always worried about how he would handle being the center of attention. Now that its not our problem anymore, I really want to see if its the shit show I was always worried about

Comment 12 Apr 2019

I've only been to the spring game once but I really enjoyed it. From my perspective, the great things about it are the double bill with the lacrosse game beforehand, being at the stadium with tens of thousands of Buckeyes fans, the chance to see Buckeye football players doing things that resemble playing football. If you want to see quality football in a format that makes sense to those not within ear shot of the coaches, you will be disappointed. But for the fans, thats not really what the spring game is about.

Comment 11 Apr 2019

That article made me chuckle too because I don't think the majority of us were of the belief that he needed forgiven. I may be giving our fan base too much credit here, but I'd like to think that overall we are above the ridiculous notion that beating us fair and square 50% of the time is some sort of sin. And trying to plant a flag in a turf field is dumb but I'd like to think we, as a fan base aren't so petty that we hold a grudge over something like that. If michigan does that shit, sure. But Baker and Oklahoma were and still are inconsequential to us as Buckeye fans.

Comment 10 Apr 2019

Bosa leaving makes a lot of sense. I didn't like it that he left, but I understood it. But the way it was explained here makes a lot of sense. There was no real reason he needed to tie up the team trainers time and efforts when he wasn't going to play again this year anyway. I think him going to California and doing his own rehab was the best thing for everyone. It really really sucks though that we didn't get a chance to watch him and Chase Young for a full year. It feels a bit like that time we got robbed of the Joey and Noah Spence combo.

Magic Johnson sucks. Also, if Lebron wanted to be in the same conversation as MJ, his chance to do that is over. As great as he is, I see no other way for this to turn out other than for his career to fade away. Lebron in LA feels a bit like MJ in Washington. 

Comment 09 Apr 2019

Nailed this one Johnny. All coaches are control freaks to varying degrees. Harbaugh has shown to be more of a control freak than most. I'm not going to go so far as to say that he can't change, or that he can't give up control of the offense. But I will say that I won't believe it until I see it for myself. And the Urban example is dead on. With the exception of post season 2014 and this past year, Urban let the OC's do their job until shit got real. And when things got a little too close for his comfort it was JT up the middle over and over again. Harbaugh is like that too. Big games the last few years their offense completely bails on what little creativity they had to begin with. A lot of times these big time coaches would rather lose by doing it their way than win by letting someone else call the shots.