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Why OSU Should Be #1.

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December 8, 2019 at 9:28am

I’ve seen all the graphics comparing OSU and LSU records against ranked teams (at time of game vs current), scoring differential, SOS and SOR. They don’t settle the argument for me. 

For me, what OSU was able to do from late in first half through end of game sets them apart.

All 3 top teams can win the way LSU and Clemson won yesterday. But when have we seen a team turn a game around like we did yesterday. We completely shut them down in the second half. Gave up 200 rushing yards in the first half and none (or negative) in the second - to a team with Heisman candidate? Hang 27 on their D in a half?

I don’t care where we get ranked. We’re going to win this thing.  

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