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Personal Rankings for the 12 Games This Season

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December 2, 2019 at 9:54pm

I was bored and decided to rank the satisfaction I gained from each of the 12 games this regular season. I was at a number of the road games so they got a biased extra couple points. 

1. Michigan- for obvious reasons
2. Wisconsin- a lot of fun, and Chase Young’s best game of the season. 
3. Nebraska- I was originally scared a tad for this game since it was all hyped up to be “that trap game” from seasons prior. 
4. Cincinnati- I was also actually a little nervous for this one and loved to see them get smashed like that.
5. Indiana- I was at this one and had never been to Bloomington so it was fun. Also the Damon pick 6 is still maybe my favorite play of the season.
6. Northwestern- Was also here in Evansville and thought it was the point at which is become clear to everyone that Ohio State absolutely is different from 2018. 
7. Maryland- I was a little upset over Chase not being able to play, but still loved this game, and the onside kick.
8. Michigan State- the Sparty games night time atmosphere at the shoe was incredible. I’m still mad that the pick 6 was robbed though.
9. Miami Parentheses- This was just a good old fashioned fun game, but the first several minutes did piss me off.
10. FAU- loved the first quarter of course, but was annoyed by all the garbage time touchdowns (good problems to have I know)
11. Penn State- The fact this game should have been a 30 point win puts it so low. Not that I didn’t love the game (I love all victories of course) but some are just better feeling than others. Even though we did win the Big Ten East off of it. 
12. Rutgers- super pointless game, had some good plays but it was what it was, a guaranteed pointless game against Rutgers. 

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