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December 2, 2019 at 1:22pm

Hello Buckeye Nation...

So, I'm working on a weekly update to my team strength spreadsheet. I use stat rankings, strength of schedule, and win margin to gauge team quality. This time of year, I do it for up-coming and potential Buckeye opponents, as well as on the Buckeyes.

I will update my findings later, but my jaw just dropped as I went about updating today. Buckeye opponents are a combined 20 games above .500 (82-62). I have been doing this for several years, since 2013, at least. I've been looking at opponents records longer than I've been doing my little rankings, and I've NEVER seen a team whose opponents are more than 15 games above .500.

I'm sure it is probably not as uncommon as it seems to be (to me) at this moment, but ~bleep~ this sure seems like a tough slate to dominate like the Buckeyes have. I mean, the Buckeyes have beaten 8 bowl-eligible teams, including 5 teams with 9 wins, or more.

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