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From the Log of Admiral Dae: The Scouring of the Ann-Appa Nebula

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November 30, 2019 at 4:29pm

Here's a link to the previous entry if you didn't catch it: https://www.elevenwarriors.com/forum/ohio-state-football/2019/11/109293/...

WOW, what a game, what a win, what a regular season! This season was a massive success regardless of what happens next. Now just take care of business in Indy and wait for the playoffs to begin. 

Anyway, here's the last regular season entry of this series! 

Stardate 113019.43

What separates good commanders from great commanders is the ability to triumph in the face of adversity, and to triumph when it matters most. Can there be any doubt that for a commander, for an admiral of the Bukki Star Empire, all other considerations become meaningless if one cannot defeat the Wolva of the Ann-Appa Nebula? 

Supreme Commander Koopa was a brilliant strategist with an incredible knack for organization and deployment. And yet, something in the stars aligned against him whenever he went to battle against our hated rivals from that accursed nebula. The great august Emperor Woodii himself engaged in a titanic struggle with the Wolva that spanned many cycles and cost both sides thousands of ships and left fifty planetary systems scorched and lifeless. My predecessor, May-Ar, perhaps like no other before him enjoyed incredible successes against the Wolva, so much so that when he disappeared I think you could hear the collective gurgle of relief from the throat of every putrid Wolva across the galaxy. 

Perhaps they thought with May-Ar gone, we would be vulnerable. I can only assume this miscalculation was the reason they so boldly propped up our adversaries in prior engagements--giving cloaking devices to the Star Owls, emboldening the Hoosa, turning the garrison of the Mii-Ami-Oh Relay against us with their insidious brain-bugs. All of this in flagrant contravention of the treaty imposed on them by Grand Admiral May-Ar after the last war. 

For too long the Wolva were allowed to rebuild their armed forces and gain strength in the shadows. Although the council was against my action, I knew that our planned campaign of galactic conquest would never work if we could not establish swift and sure dominance over the Wolva. And so it was that with twenty thousand ships I moved against the Wolva, driving into the heart of their disgusting nebula. 

They met us, of course. Waiting in ambush, several thousand Wolva swarmer ships descended on our forces, making strafing runs against our clustered capital ships and attempting to drive wedges between them and the support cruisers. Many of our cruisers were lost beating them back. Our counterattack was devastating. Commodore Doobins led the charge with four hundred Ezekeel-class heavy cruisers, shredding through their defensive line of orbital stations and deleting several of their fighter carriers in the process. 

What ensued was, for a time, a close contest. They lost ships, we lost ships too. One of the most frightening moments in the battle came when Commodore Feeldz' flagship was struck by a spray of ion torpedoes. The bridge crumpled, and we all feared for the worst--but by a stroke of luck, Feeldz had been in the medical bay during the attack, having a minor injury seen to. Had he not gotten nicked across the knee by a fragment of plexisteel, he might have perished in that strike, and we'd have lost one of our finest leaders. 

Speaking of losing a leader, the usually unstoppable Chae-Yong was mostly neutralized for this battle. His preferred method of engaging in ship-to-ship boarding--the needle craft--were impossible to use considering how many swarmers and fighters the Wolva deployed, and also considering the dangerous reactive plasma drifts floating around the nebula. Fortunately, we did not need his services, as other marines and servicemen stepped up to do their part. 

As the tide of battle shifted in our favor, the Wolva and their dastardly leader Emperor Harbool became more reckless in their attempts to strike out. An ill-fated effort to counterattack along our weak flank using a small moon as a cover lost them half of their remaining capital ships. From there, there could be no return, as our fleets took the decisive advantage. 

My goal was to purge the stars of any remaining threat from the Ann-Appa Nebula to our operations. In that regard we have won a resounding victory. 

All Glory to the Empire, and may the conquest of the Galaxy begin! 

Signing off for now, 

Admiral Dae Riyan, Supreme Commander of the Bukki Star Empire

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