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After receiving my MFA in creative writing at Florida International University in Miami and adjuncting there for a few years, I've now moved to Denton, Texas where I'm a teaching fellow and PhD candidate at University of North Texas. Never been to Ohio but my family is a Buckeye family so I bleed Scarlet and Gray.


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Comment 4 hours ago

This game against Rutgers was just a bad game. That's all it is. 

I had a lot of fun in the blowouts against Indiana, Cincy, Maryland, Northwestern, and Wisconsin. This game was just butt, with a few bright spots (mostly in the passing game before we pulled Fields) 

Comment 4 hours ago

Eww...I heard rumors about that but I didn't know it was true. 

Dae's intern will go on to great things: his ashes (after cremation) will be incorporated into a small golden paperweight for Dae's desk to hold down his important non-paper desk items (because they don't use paper documents in a scifi universe) 

Comment 6 hours ago

I feel horrible for Tua. He might be done for good after that injury 

As for Bama, I think we can eliminate them from the playoff now--no way a non-SEC champ with Some Guy at QB gets into the final four

Comment 6 hours ago

Cristiano Ronaldo deserves to be injured, that's all I'm saying. 

I'm also okay whenever Draymond Green is injured

Comment 8 hours ago

I feel really bad for the Rutgers players who have to be here. They deserve a coach who's going to make them at least semi-respectable.