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I'm an adjunct instructor at Florida International University, recently graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing. Never been to Ohio but my family is a Buckeye family so I bleed Scarlet and Gray.


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Comment 18 Mar 2019

You're right to be skeptical. Ohio State fans were sold the same story when Kevin Wilson first showed up, but it wasn't until 2018 when Ryan Day (and Wilson and Hartline too) finally transformed the Ohio State offense into a juggernaut. 

I think it will take more than one season for Michigan to transform its offense, though it will probably improve from last year

Comment 05 Mar 2019

Dantonio at 14 is a little too high. Don't get me wrong, he's very good at what he does, but what he does (taking 3-star talents and making them play like 4 and occasionally like 5 stars) has its limits. Dantonio has to my knowledge never gotten a real offer to take a bigger job than MSU, and that says something, despite him making MSU into a perennial top 25 program. 

Comment 25 Feb 2019

Slight OT, but Ohio State very nearly got screwed this last season in the TCU game. 

If you all remember that one play where TCU's receiver was lying down in the end zone when the ball was kicked and received a lateral pass which was flagged and called back because the pass ended up being a forward pass, you might be interested to know that the NCAA later declared that play illegal. 

That said, if the ball had been a correct lateral, TCU probably would have scored, and might have regained the momentum to win that game. How irked would you be to lose a game on a play that's later ruled illegal? 

Comment 20 Feb 2019

I don't want to go back to an H-back driven offense. We saw in 2016 with Clemson how such an offense can become one dimensional

Comment 20 Feb 2019

El Classico's history is really interesting, and similar to the Argentinian rivalry its roots are in class struggle. Much the same as the Old Firm in Scotland between Celtic and Rangers

Comment 20 Feb 2019

Best? Maybe. But not the biggest. The biggest rivalry in sports is Boca Juniors vs River Plate in Argentina--they recently had to move a game to another continent to avoid a bloodbath in Buenos Aires between the rival supporters

Comment 13 Feb 2019

I hope next year is the year Ohio State finally puts it all together, and the defense and offense are both elite. 

2015-good defense, terrible offense (not really the players' faults, to be fair)

2016-great defense, okay offense that became crap when the opposition could match them athletically

2017-good defense, good offense, no discipline, and also Iowa happened

2018-bad defense, great offense, no discipline, and Purdue happened

Let's finally have a complete team in 2019 with a great offense, a great defense, discipline, and no embarrassing head-scratching slipups

Comment 13 Feb 2019

Last year's Ryan Day-schemed offense paired with even a Top 50 defense would have been a playoff team. 

But if Hafley can turn Ohio State's defense back into the top 20 monster we've been accustomed to and Ryan Day and Yurchich can maintain the offense's potency there's no one this team couldn't beat. 

Comment 13 Feb 2019

I meant under Jose they were the 2015 Buckeyes--struggling against everyone. 

Now they're more like 2016--better, but still fundamentally flawed. I think Manchester United needs a rebuild, especially in defense. They also need to find a Kante-esque player to pair with Pogba to allow him to do what he does for France

Comment 12 Feb 2019

Reminds me of the difference between the 2015 and 2016 offenses for Ohio State--2015 struggled to score against pretty much everyone for most of the season. 2016 blew out lesser foes but ultimately faltered against the best of the best. I see Manchester United going the same way. 

Luckily for them, PSG isn't really the best of the best, at least not in the Champions League. 

Comment 12 Feb 2019

Really curious to see how Manchester United under their new manager deal with their first real test. They've feasted on cupcakes so far, but it could all be a mirage against better competition. 

Comment 12 Feb 2019

People who pick Murray as the next big thing are just trying to draw clicks by making a #hottake because it's understood by a preponderance of journalists and analysts that Haskins is QB #1 in this year's draft. 

Comment 12 Feb 2019

"Hey, Jim, it's Ryan here." 

"Ryan? As in Ryan Day?! *off to the side, to one of his assistants* That guy's so hot right now."

"Yeah, anyway, I'm poaching your D-line coach and your linebackers coach." 

"Well, that's football, I guess." 

"Yeah, also I'm taking all your rare vintage milk bottles." 

"Well hold on now--"

"And in return I'll give you a 20% off Men's Wearhouse coupon." 

"That's hardly--wait, do you mean 20% off on anything?"


"Suits AND slacks?"


"And khakis?"

"Not sure why you'd go there to buy khakis when Old Navy exists, but sure."

"You've got yourself a de--"

*line goes dead on Harbaugh*