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After receiving my MFA in creative writing at Florida International University in Miami and adjuncting there for a few years, I've now moved to Denton, Texas where I'm a teaching fellow and PhD candidate at University of North Texas. Never been to Ohio but my family is a Buckeye family so I bleed Scarlet and Gray.


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Comment 19 hours ago

45-16 Buckeyes. 

Sparty gets a safety, Baron Browning gets a scoop-n-score or a pick six. 

Comment 03 Dec 2020

Did anyone really miss the OOC games between P5 and G5/FCS teams this season? 

I'd be all for reducing the regular season to 11 games by removing 1 OOC game, that way you get 1 tuneup game vs a midmajor and 1 marquee game vs a P5 team. 

Comment 02 Dec 2020

For Indiana to make the Big Ten Championship would be the most incredible achievement in that program's history, but it wouldn't be earned. 

The B1G title game should be between the two best/most deserving teams from the respective divisions, and Indiana is neither with regards to the East Division. If Indiana had beaten us, it'd be a different story. I would not feel guilty at all if the Big Ten modified their (stupid) rule to give their best and only undefeated team a shot at making the playoffs. 

Comment 02 Dec 2020

Going to 8 teams will water down the competition, but it won't lessen the pressure all that much on most teams. Sure, 8 teams means the likes of OSU and Bama are basically always going to make it, but you still likely won't see any 3-loss teams nor that many G5 teams. 

Last year an 8 team playoff would have meant Georgia (2-losses, P5), Oregon (2-losses, P5), Baylor (2-losses, P5), and Wisconsin (3-losses, P5). 

2018 would have been 2-loss Georgia, 1-loss Ohio State, 2-loss Michigan (yuck), and undefeated UCF (a G5 team!) 

2017 would have had no G5 teams and only 1 3-loss team (Auburn)

2016 is the same, with Wisconsin being that lone 3-loss team. 

Comment 02 Dec 2020

That Team Up North (don't say the official name or it's a downvote)

I know this is probably tongue-in-cheek, but the whole "They Who Shall Not Be Named" shtick is silly. What, are we afraid of them or something? After we've beaten them 9 times in the last ten years?  

Comment 02 Dec 2020

I don't think NFL scouts/GMs care that much about whether QBs have won trophies. It matters, but not to the extent you're arguing it does. 

Ask anyone if Lamar Jackson's lack of trophies at Louisville bothers them. 

Comment 29 Nov 2020

I mean, that's not exactly true. 

Fields hasn't gotten injured. We haven't had a major off-field scandal (not since the season started, anyway). We're 4-0 and still have a chance at finishing the regular season 6-0. 

Not saying things aren't bad, but to say "literally everything that could go wrong has" is far from accurate. Then again the definition of the word "literally" has changed over the last ten years from "actually" to "I'm being hyperbolic" so idk, you might be right in that sense. 

Comment 29 Nov 2020

Which is why, if Ohio State can't field a team vs MSU, we should forfeit against MSU instead of cancelling, and then hope we can play against Michigan and finish 5-1. 

The committee would not ding us for that asterisk loss considering we'd have done it to save our Big Ten season and they don't care about games that weren't played. 

Comment 29 Nov 2020

It was a stupid rule. I don't know how they didn't see this possibility coming, that an undefeated team would be left out in favor of a 1 or 2-loss team that said undefeated team beat just because the 1/2 loss team got luckier with regards to COVID. 

Comment 28 Nov 2020

I feel like it would be really easy for the Big Ten to say being undefeated and having a head-to-head win over your competitor (Indiana) is better than said competitor having more total wins. 

If a 6-2 Indiana wins the conference over a 5-0 Ohio State, I'll call the 2020 Big Ten title illegitimate. Even a 7-1 Indiana shouldn't get in over 5-0 Ohio State if that 1 loss was against Ohio State. Why would we punish a team for being unlucky with a pandemic? 

Comment 28 Nov 2020

This was a precaution to give us a better chance of getting the outbreak under control. 

unless ALL our starters are out we're still more talented than either Illinois or MSU and not much less talented (if at all) than Michigan. I don't think the team is too depleted to field a team, just not willing to risk it for Illinois if playing Illinois puts The Game in further jeopardy