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I'm an adjunct instructor at Florida International University, recently graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing. Never been to Ohio but my family is a Buckeye family so I bleed Scarlet and Gray.


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Comment 21 Jan 2019

If the offense "takes a step forward" after this last season's performance, we might score 60+ PPG

Comment 19 Jan 2019

In the runup to the championship I saw a lot of TV pundits and sportswriters arguing that the Bama-Clemson series is "great for the sport" and that people can't get enough of it, but after a certain point it felt like they were trying to convince themselves as much as their audience. 

I think Clemson is the problem. Bama is Bama, and has blue blood appeal, but Clemson is not a program with a storied history or a large, diverse alumni base. I think most sports pundits are secretly hoping that either Ohio State or Oklahoma can turn a corner soon, because both of those programs have the star power and history to make for compelling foils to Bama, which Clemson can't be. 

Comment 19 Jan 2019

I’m a big fan of fast food restaurants hiring for aggressive social media outreach. Anyone remember how on point Wendy’s twitter game was for a while?

Comment 18 Jan 2019

Lots of DVs in this thread, which I find shocking. How can Tate still have fans on this forum? I understand those who aren't interested in bashing him, but defending him at this point is an entirely different matter. I've said it before--Ohio State fans owe him absolutely nothing considering his entire contribution to Buckeye nation consisted of lots of hype, one really good passing sequence against Rutgers in garbage time, a bunch of failed read options in the red zone, and some Twitter drama. 

Comment 16 Jan 2019

I feel like granting Tate eligibility because his coach retired is setting a really ugly precedent. Coaches retire, that's not cause to transfer

Comment 16 Jan 2019

I saw one of those for sale in an antiques shop in Florala, Alabama. Turns out you can buy a leg lamp for about $200

Comment 16 Jan 2019

No arguments Buck-I-Guy is terrible, but the guy who photoshopped Willie Taggart into a lynching is probably worse. 

Also LOL @ those classless Clemson fans

Edit: Although the Bama fan in the Reddit comment thread makes a good point: being terrible in person (as Buck-I-Guy is) is much worse than being terrible on the internet

Comment 16 Jan 2019

I don't think Riley's success is just down to having two great QBs in a row. The fact that he was able to develop Murray into the baller that he became is proof of his coaching acumen. 

Without Murray, Oklahoma will probably take a small step back, but not much. I think the absolute basement for Oklahoma next season is 10-3, and 11-2 or another 12-2 season seems more likely. 

Comment 16 Jan 2019

After hearing about how “Tate’s a gamer” and “Tate’s a real competitor “ and “Tate might beat out Burrow and Haskins” and “Tate’s never lost a game” the kid has proven all those notions wrong in the last few weeks. Goodbye, Tate, I’d wish you luck, but you probably think you don’t need it