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Cost of Tickets

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November 13, 2019 at 1:34am

When I was a college sophomore in 1973, I was fortunate to be able to buy playoff tickets during what turned out to be the Knicks’ last championship season in 46 years.  

The cost of my ticket for Game 3 of the NBA Finals against the Lakers: $5.75, which is the equivalent of $33.63 in today’s dollars according to the government’s official inflation calculator.

My seat was way up high but, still, I was beyond ecstatic to be at Madison Square Garden to see the Knicks during their championship run that year.

If the Knicks should ever make it to the NBA Finals again, I can’t begin to imagine what the ticket prices would be for even the cheapest seats.

As it is, even regular-season tickets have skyrocketed, as exemplified by the fact that my seats more than a decade later as a season ticket-holder—11 rows behind the basket—which cost $20 per ticket in my first year, 1987, increased by 500% over 13 years and ended up costing $100 per ticket in my final year sharing those season tix.

All of this leads me to: what did Ohio State football tickets cost for college students and alumni back in the day?  And how much have they escalated over the years?  Plus, have these increases happened at a more rapid pace  since the start of the transformation of the program under Tress?




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