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Fields' Versus Haskins' Passing #s?

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October 28, 2019 at 5:02pm

I know this really is nitpicking, but I can't help but recognize that Fields' passing numbers (attempts, yards, TDs) are much lower at this point in the season than Haskins' were last year and I can't pinpoint it to any specific reason.  There have been several games where he has even passed for less than 200 yards, which is confusing considering that we are still dropping tons of points against opponents. 

What do you think are the primary reasons for these lower passing numbers?  Is it because Dobbins is running much better this year and we don't need to rely on the pass as much, or we are blowing out teams early and Fields hasn't had to play full games, or is it just that he is not as prolific of a passer as Haskins?  I know I probably shouldn't be concerned about this, but still thought it would be interesting to get thoughts from others on the reasons for this difference.

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