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From the Log of Admiral Dae: Crushing the Rebel Scum

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September 21, 2019 at 7:17pm

Stardate 92119.59

Is there anything more cowardly than a stab in the back? Anything more odious than a turncoat? I think what disturbs me most about our recent purgative operation against the garrison at the Mii-Ami-Oh Relay is how little warning there was of any dissension. By all reports, the men at Mii-Ami-Oh were loyal soldiers of the empire, many of them with exemplary service records. True, they were a rearguard unit of little strategic significance, far away from any important frontier and equally distant from the core systems. These were old soldiers, most of them only a span or two from retirement. Yet still they were soldiers of the empire, sworn to defend its frontiers and crush its enemies. 

And these sworn defenders of the empire turned against their brothers. 

The attack came without warning. The cruiser Kassady, a venerable ship scheduled for decommissioning, was patrolling the nearby asteroid field when it was set upon by a half dozen Redhawk-class corvettes. The Kassady's crew were unprepared for the assault, and didn't even get the chance to raise shields before their hull was breached by boarding craft. The rebel scum poured in through the breach, slaughtering the Kassady's crew to the last man. Luckily the Kassady's first officer was able to get out a distress call before the intruders found him and neutralized him. 

We received the distress signal immediately. We had three taskforces in the vicinity. Young Captain Dobbuns was eager for another chance to prove himself, but instead I gave the go-ahead to Captain Feeldz and Sub-Commander Chu-Chu. Together they commanded a fearsome flotilla, two capital ships, nine heavy cruisers, twelve light cruisers, and twenty-three corvettes. 

Like madmen the rebellious garrison met them in open battle. Needless to say, the Redhawk-class corvettes, old mothball carriers by the time I joined the service and outright fossils now, were little more than detritus waiting to be created. The Redhawk corvettes disposed of by the opening salvo, it fell to our marines to recapture the central orbital station at Mi-Ami-Oh. Who else led the boarding operation? Sub-Commander (no longer a sergeant) Chae-Yong had himself another sterling operation, blasting his way through all opposition and leading the charge through the station's five levels all the way to the command center, where the station's rebellious commander was captured. 

I say "captured" as a euphemism, of course. There's only one way to deal with rebels. The Empire prevails and persists because of the iron will of men who do not blink when the universe stares them down. 

Signing off for now, 

Admiral Dae Riyan, Supreme Commander of the Bukki Star Empire

Addendum: Stardate 92119.61

Words fail me. I just received a report from the chief marine surgeon. After some of our solider noticed odd cranial injuries on the dead rebels, Captain Feeldz ordered a round of summary autopsies. The results are disturbing to say the least. 

From each skull of every dead rebel with their head intact, the surgeons extracted what appeared to be small insects. These insects, roughly the size of my index finger, apparently infested the relay station and burrowed into the soldiers' brains, from where they were able to effectively seize executive control over the poor bastards' functions. 

What bothers me most is that according to the surgeons, the bugs seized control over autonomic functions and motor control, but left the prefrontal cortex untouched. Meaning, those poor soldiers saw, felt, understood everything that was happening, prisoners in their own bodies. Death, then, was a mercy. 

Those bugs didn't get there on their own--they had to be introduced by someone, an external interloper. If I find out who did this, nothing will keep me from exacting my revenge. The poor men of Mi-Ami-Oh deserve some recompense. 

Signing off for now, 

Admiral Dae-Riyan, Supreme Commander of the Bukki Star Empire

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