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ESPN Denigrates Ohio State's Schedule for the Beginning of the 2019 Season

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June 25, 2019 at 4:35pm

In an article comparing schedules for the 2019 season, ESPN picked Ohio State's first four scheduled games as the "Cushiest open to the season", and then referenced their lack of Power 5 opponent two other times in the article (under the "Power 5 shy" and "Power 5 shy on steroids" sections). 

While the Buckeye's upcoming OOC schedule is admittedly not as strong as most past (or future) schedules, we do play a mid-tier B1G opponent in Indiana and a Cincinnati team that won 11 games last year, including wins against UCLA and VA Tech, so I feel the label is a bit unfair.

Also of note... while the article repeatedly craps on both Ohio State's and the B1G's scheduling, ESPN failed to mention that of the 16 teams that do not play an FCS team this year, 11 are in the B1G and Ohio State is one of them.

Edit: As Crusher pointed out, Ohio State originally had a game scheduled this year against TCU, but it was changed to a single "neutral site" game at Jerry World last year after Gary Patterson decided that playing the Buckeyes twice "wasn't a good business plan", so they had to scramble to schedule another another opponent at the last minute. That ended up being Miami (Ohio), which is easily their weakest opponent this year. And no, the ESPN article did not mention this. 

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