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Comment 26 Jul 2019

Then that is up to player to protect themselves in the contract. It is the players fault for signing a bad contract.

This was his rookie contract. Rookie contracts are non-negotiable in almost all of their terms, including salary amount.

Comment 24 Jul 2019

Danny Clark begs to differ. 

Danny Clark committed in December of 2013 and then decommitted in Sepember of 2016... almost 3 whole years later. Ohio State had 2 further seasons to observe Clark, and decided that he didn't progress like they thought he would.

On the otherhand, Trey Leroux was offered after his Junior season, so he is much closer to the end of his high school development. Furthermore, Leroux has played zero games since his commitment, so presumably Ohio State's evaluation of his skills has not changed. Therefore, the only change would if he didn't follow through the coach's instructions (i.e. lose weight), which would present multiple red flags, especially for a project player.

Comment 24 Jul 2019

 For those who are wanting Leroux to be processed because of his ranking, it's not happening. If he was good enough for Ohio State to offer a scholarship to 4 months ago, he's good enough to keep the scholarship offered now.

him not living up to what he was told to do

If true (a big if, mind you), this is the reason Ohio State would withdraw their offer, not because a perceived lack of talent or ability.

Comment 24 Jul 2019

I was thoroughly enjoying this obviously well written article until that last sentence, then I didn't know what to think. Someone enlighten me.

Of the writers on this site, Ramzy is among the most critical of Urban Meyer, and since what Harbaugh said mirrors Ramzy's own past comments about Urban, I would imagine that this article is, at least in part, a subtle jab at Meyer.

Comment 23 Jul 2019

Devin Gardner

Yeah, yeah, I know he played for TTUN, but he was electric as hell on the field and classy as fuck off of it. He played his ass off for his team, despite sometimes being criminally misused by Brady Hoke. He almost single handedly won The Game for TTUN against us in 2013, accounting for 451 yards, despite playing the majority of the game on a broken foot. And then no Buckeye should ever forget the classiness you showed J.T. Barrett, when the latter was knocked out of The Game the following year.

He may have played for the Skunk-Weasels, but dammit if Devin Gardner isn't my all-time favorite non-Buckeye.