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The Ripple Effect from JT Coming Back His Final Year. Pick a Path.

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April 20, 2019 at 8:09am

JT Barrett came back for a final year of eligibility.  From that decision OSU got a huge win over Penn St, beat the rival (albeit with a Haskins assist), got a B1G Title, and took down a Darnold led USC.

It’s the off season so let’s examine if JT staying vs JT skipping his final year would have produced a better outcome leading to the Jack Miller eventuality.

JT staying produced what I described in paragraph one.  Additionally we got Haskins for one year.  That got us pretty much a duplication of the previous season coupled with an unprecedented beat down of UM and a Rose Bowl win.  It also transformed the offense to more of a pro style modern offense capable of terrorizing defenses and attracting interests from highly rated pro style recruits.  We lost Burrow.  We gained Chug.  Martell was likely next man up, as we now know Baldwin is inconsequential in any scenario, given his departure statement is truthful.  Fields capitalizes on a chance to transfer and take the reigns as 2019 OSU starter announcing it prior to NSD.  Martell bolts and Mathis is scared off.  So JT staying gave us 2018 with Haskins, a solid reputation for a quality landing spot for QB’s, Fields for 2 seasons with Chug as our only back up. (For now)

Had JT skipped his final year of eligibility a second season of Haskins would have occurred. (Let your imagination see what that might have meant) Burrow would have backed up year one and been gone.  Martell starts 2019 and likely 2020 until Miller is ready.  Baldwin goes home to be near family.  Chug may or may not have come.  Mathis signs and backs up Martell in 2019 and gets to compete for starting in 2020.  In both cases I guess we assume a walk-on 3 string QB. Fields likely ends up with the great pumpkin at a PSU.

What path would you choose and why?

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