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The Most Pressing Issue This Football Offseason

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January 13, 2019 at 10:32pm

This is frightening that it has not been discussed. It's clearly the most important issue that is facing us this off-season.

Some of you may be like what is the defense going to look like this year. While this is a good question, it is not the most important.

Others may ask, well how many points are we scoring on TTUN this year, also another really good question, but not THE single most important question of this off-season.

Oh no no no, the single most important question we need an answer to this off-season is what our new head coach Ryan Days game day outfit is going to be. :)

So for all you Photoshop savants out there, let's speculate with pics what Coach Days outfit will be.

Maybe he pulls out the old block o baseball cap like woody. Maybe a sweater vest like the senator. Or could he go in a new direction, just wears a shirt that says fuck TTUN on it.

This is important, we must know!!

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