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Don’t Hate on Tate

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January 12, 2019 at 10:58pm

These attacks on TM have me really confused and ashamed of many of Buckeye nation. I don’t get it. Here is a kid who was recruited for his skill set that matched the O philosophy at the time. He came to OSU and did what was asked of him. Sat behind some talented QBs. The head coach leaves, the O philosophy changes and his skills may no longer be a match. Maybe he was told that or maybe he understood a change was happening. He may have said things on social media that he shouldn’t have. Maybe a bit immature or maybe just hurt. Who knows? We have all made mistakes. But these attacks / negative comments are in bad taste. He didn’t change things - things changed around him. So just wish him good luck and move on. Take the high road Buckeyes and give the kid a break. Hate me if you disagree, but don’t hate Tate. 

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