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Home and Home Series in the Next 50 Years

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January 12, 2019 at 11:45am

1.  Do we see an SEC powerhouse schedule a home-and-home with Ohio State in the next 50 years?

I think it does happen eventually and once the ice is broken we might see a couple, but I don't see it happening in the next 15 years. 

2.  Outside the obvious top candidates (USC, ND, OU, Texas, FSU, Clemson, and the traditional top half of the SEC), who would you like to see an Ohio State home-and-home against?

I'll never be disappointed to see a home-and-home with those all-time top 10 programs like USC, ND, OU, etc., but further down the list, I'd like to see Colorado, ASU, Stanford, and WVU.  I'd also be ok spanking Kentucky twice (3-0 and last played them in 1935).  OSU has played the most OOC games against Pitt and it has been a long time since we've seen the Panthers, but that just doesn't seem the same without Pitt stadium.

Here's the last 50 years for reference and known upcoming series:

SEC:  Not only is nothing on the radar, nor likely to be, but the only SEC team to visit Columbus in the last 50 years was LSU.

LSU (87/88)

Mizzou (97/98) plus a visit in 76 as Big 8/Big 12 members.  Mizzou was a common opponent long, long ago with OSU holding a 10-1-1 mark.

*Texas A/M visited in 70 as a member of the SW Conference with Gene Stallings as coach (Bucks are 4-0 all-time vs the Aggies)

*Alabama was played in the 1986 kickoff classic (Bama leads 3-1)


Washington (86/93, 94/95, 03/07, 24/25) (Bucks lead 9-3 all-time)

UCLA (75/76, 79/80, 99/01) (All-time series is 4-4-1)

USC (89/90, 08/09) (SC leads the series 13-10-1)

Oregon (20/21) plus previous visits in 83 and 87 (Bucks are 9-0 all-time)

Cal (71/72, 12/13) (Bucks are 7-1 all-time with just the 1921 Rose Bowl loss when Cal won the National Title)

Stanford (81/82)  (The Indians/Cardinal are the only other PAC 12 program the Bucks have a losing record against at 2-3 all-time)

Arizona (97/00) plus a visit in 91 (Bucks are 3-0)

Washington State (73/74-Seattle) plus visits in 79, 84, 85, 91, and 02 (Bucks are 8-0 all-time)

Colorado (85/86) plus visits in 71 and 11 (OSU is 4-1 with the Orange Bowl win as well)

*Oregon State made visits in 74, 84, and 18, ASU visited in 80, Utah visited in 86.  OSU won each of those matchups.

BIG 12:

Oklahoma (77/83, 16/17) (Series is 2-2)

Texas (05/06, 25/26) (Texas leads 2-1 due to the 2009 Fiesta Bowl)

WVU (87/98) Outside of the 87 and 98 meetings, these two hadn't played since the early 1900s.  (5-1 Bucks all time.  The WVU win was in the 1800s)

*TCU visited in 69 and 73 and we had the neutral site game in Dallas in 18 and is actually OSU's most commonly played Big XII opponent with 7 total meetings (5-1-1). Baylor visited in 78 and 82, Texas Tech visited in 90 and 02, Ok-State visited in 89 - OSU won all of those contests.


Pitt (85/88, 93/94, 95/96)  Bucks and Panthers have met 25x, including every year from 1940-52 (OSU leads the series 19-5-1)

BC (89/90 and 26/27) plus the 95 kickoff classic (OSU is 3-0 all-time)

Syracuse (88/92) plus two visits in 79 and 80 (OSU is 4-2 all-time)

Miami (10/11) plus a visit back in 77 and the 99 kickoff classic (OSU leads 3-2)

VT (14/15) (Series tied 1-1)

NC-State (03/04) (OSU leads 2-0)

*Florida State made visits in (81/82) beating us both times, UNC in (72/75), Duke in (70/81), L'ville in (91/92).  Bucks are 0-3 vs both FSU and Clemson.


ND (95/96 and 22/23) (Bucks are 4-2 all-time)

Cincy (99/02) plus visits in 04, 06, 14, and 19 (Bucks lead 14-2)

Navy (09/14-Baltimore)

SMU (74/77) plus a visit in 78

Fresno (94-Anaheim/00)

Penn State (75/76) plus a visit in 78 all as an independent

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