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Comment 19 Mar 2019

Agree.  I think that 1992 team would have handled Cincinnati and I would have loved seeing how they could compete against Duke.

I'm still bitter that Kentucky, UNC, and Syracuse were all placed in our bracket in 2011.  I get that any team has to win 6-straight, but then I see things like what Michigan got last year in that West bracket and it leaves me scratching my head how a bracket stacked like ours was in 2011 was a reward for the overall top-seed.

But that's the game.  We all want that second NC, but reality is as accomplished as MSU has been since 1998 with all the FFs, they've only won one. Kansas has 1 since 1988. Syracuse has 1. Cheatin' Cal has only mustered one at Kentucky.  It's just not easy.

Comment 19 Mar 2019

Great summary!

But as for 1992, Jackson never got the shot off - the ball squirted over to Jent who rushed it and narrowly missed.  Had that one gone it would have been the greatest single shot in OSU basketball history IMO - a buzzer beater to knock out the Fab Five, sweeping them in 3 games, and staging a Final Four matchup with Cincinnati.  If I make it to heaven, I'm convinced I'll get to re-watch that game with that alternate outcome.

Comment 19 Mar 2019

Great list.  Agree with the earlier comment on inbound plays being a thing of art under Thad.

Honorable mention but not top 10 for me would be the 2012 win over Cincinnati.  We owed those suckers one and should have gotten the chance in the 1992 Final Four, which made it feel even more overdue.

10.  Memphis 2007.  Could be higher and maybe should be, but after the Tennessee and Xavier wins, this one felt expected and then relatively lackluster.  Anyway it resulted in our 10th Final Four.

9. Auburn 1999.  Knocked off the 1-seed on the FF run.

8. Iowa State 2013.  Ain't nobody got time for OT.

7. UNC 1992. (The earliest tournament run I remember as a kid).  The win over the Heels was not only a win over blue blood but a win over a program that went to the FF the year before losing to us and won it all the following year.  I believe this is still our only W vs. UNC?

6. Arizona 2013.  Still no time for OT.  As stated, it's a shame we didn't play better vs. Wichita State.  That would have been wild to have OSU and Michigan in the same Final Four.

5.  Xavier 2007.  I was at that game and it was miserable until those late heroics.  Arguably the most important single shot on this list, but hard for me to put it higher since we were simply outplayed for 38 minutes against a squad that had no business keeping pace with the Bucks' talent.

4. Georgetown 2007.  Our first W in the Final Four since demolishing Wake Forest in 1962. 

3.  St. John 1999.  Our 9th Final Four (it happened banner or not).  That was just such a fun run that year after the misery of the mid-90s.

2. Syracuse 2012.  Resulted in our 11th Final Four and made up for a year where I felt like we should have won the conference title outright. While we had the Jayhawks all but beat in that next game, I simply didn't see that Buckeye team (or any team that year) stopping Kentucky.  I know you always want a chance, but the thought of what was likely next numbed the pain of the Kansas loss for me and left the win over Cuse and Final Four still very enjoyable.

1. Tennessee comeback in 2007.  We looked dead in the water and destined for a Sweet 16 exit but wound up in the championship.

Comment 12 Mar 2019

Agree.  I thought the 2007-08 team was deserving at 19-13 (10-8 in conference) with back-2-back top 25 wins over 15 Purdue and 18 MSU to close the regular season.

That bye as the 5-seed killed us that year.  Picking up one BTT win - even over a hypothetical 12-seed would have been huge to get to 20-12 (20-13 assuming the loss to 4-seed MSU in the next game).  Instead we got a bye and were faced with needing to beat a top 20 MSU team for the second time in a week to get in.

That said, there was just no excuse for losing at 10-22 (5-13) Michigan.  At 13-19 (6-12) Iowa was another bad loss in 2008.  Otherwise, 10 of those 13 losses came to teams that won 25+ games.

Comment 12 Mar 2019

While a win against MSU is a tall measure and IU will be a strong challenge, I think we ended up in possibly the best scenario possible.

A win over Rutgers or Illinois wasn't going to have the same resume boost a win over IU will.  A big if, but if the Bucks can knock out IU, I think OSU matches up better with MSU than Purdue or Michigan.  I don't think the win over MSU is needed to secure a bid, but it would sure end any doubt and protect against mid-major conference upset winners.

Comment 07 Mar 2019

My question is why isn’t this team getting any quality shots? Our guard play is horrendous, and maybe that’s the full answer but I don’t see anyone coming off screens open and ready to shoot. I’d say we cannot get the ball to the hoop but I don’t think that does it justice - it looks like there’s not even interest in getting the ball to the hoop.

Our offense mostly consists of passing the ball around like no one wants it 10 feet beyond the arc, turning it over or nearly turning it over. On our best possessions someone drives to the block and forces a contested shot (often as the shot clock wanes). I know we don’t have guard play and don’t have a go-to scorer without Wesson but even Princeton teams with minimal talent could get good looks by running screens. This offense is just putrid.

Comment 06 Mar 2019

I agree with you but it's hard when he forces himself into association with any media presence surrounding Ohio State football.  He's gives our fan base a bad image and is excessively visible - that's a combination that's frustratingly hard to accept as a Buckeye alum and fan.

Comment 05 Mar 2019

Both Texas and ND previously attempted to join and were declined.

The Big Ten has since approached both regarding membership. In fact ND is currently a hockey member.

Both would bring a revenue boost and likely will be approached again in our lifetimes.

There should be coffee in your break room btw. Might improve your day.

Comment 05 Mar 2019

Extremely successful tenure with 3 major duds:

1.  Tremendous mishandling of the Rose Bowl - Bowl Alliance - BCS - CFP process.  I think anyone with a hint of perspective could have seen that a playoff of some sort (4 or 8 teams) was inevitable.  Too much money and too much missed opportunity lost with the top teams not having the potential to square off.  The Big Ten was in outstanding bargaining position in the early 90s - the premier conference with the sweetest bowl deal with the Rose.  The SEC, ACC, Big East, ND and Big 8/SW/Big XII settled for the Bowl Alliance.  Delaney easily could have pushed for a plus one scenario where the annual Rose Bowl winner (locking the Big Ten into a 4-team CFP) met the annual Bowl Alliance winner from the Orange or Sugar Bowls.  Tradition preserved. Seat at the table preserved every year.  Guarantee that the Midwest and West are represented each and every year in the CFP and that it's not a Southeastern U.S. invitational.

2.  Rutgers and Maryland.  BTN changed the game, I get it.  In the mid 90s Notre Dame and Pitt were probably the two no-brainer expansion candidates as both lied within the regional footprint and had extensive rivals with current members.  Fast forward to 2007 and it became all about TV markets and national brands.  Delaney wanted NYC and the East Coast markets.  Extensive research was done to determine which program had the best penetration into NYC and the answer was Rutgers.  The problem is that's like trying to determine which cricket team from India has the greatest penetration into Columbus, OH... it doesn't matter because it's not much.  Ultimately the Big Ten brought on two dismal football programs and one dismal basketball program that have limited penetration into markets that care MUCH more about the Yankees, Giants, Knicks, Eagles, Ravens, Redskins, European soccer, etc., etc.  That expansion hurt our brand and hurt our traditional rivalries.

3.  Expansion swing and misses on Texas and ND.  Texas wanted in around the time Penn State joined.  At whatever point, Nebraska and OU likely would have come on board.  I mentioned above that Rutgers and Maryland additions hurt traditional rivalries and while Texas and OU would mean fewer games against Iowa and Wisconsin as well, I'd be circling my calendar for those games as opposed to a Rutgers game where it's a 21-point blowout after one quarter.

Delaney did a lot of good.  Their fanbase may be putrid, but PSU was a great addition.  Nebraska was added about 15 years too late, but none the less still carries tremendous brand appeal - even if its a far cry from what it was 1970-2000.  The Big Ten basketball tournament has been a wild success (minus the NYC and DC silliness to make Rutgers and MD feel included).  And while it might not mean much to us as fans, he did a tremendous job for women's athletics and Olympic sports and upheld the outstanding academic reputation of the conference.  Overall a solid A.  I just wish we could replace Rutgers and MD with an annual game against ND and could replace playing a 4-loss NW in the CCG with a 1-loss Oklahoma or Texas and that instead of sitting out of the playoffs back to back years as conference champions, that we would have had back-to-back Rose Bowl wins over USC and Washington and subsequently met Bama or Clemson in a NCG these last two years.

Comment 01 Mar 2019

My guess:

1. 1970 win over TTUN (Payback)

2. 1972 win over TTUN (goal line stands and 99-yard drive are a Woody Hayes dream).

3. 1975 win at TTUN (road win in a game that was all but lost and unfortunately his last W vs TTUN)

4. 1974 win over TTUN (a top 3 battle during 10 years war)

5. 1968 win over TTUN (most complete victory)

The 1968 win vs Purdue, the 1954 win vs Wisconsin, and the Rose Bowl wins (especially over USC) were big, but you might be nuts if you don't believe Woody's wins over Michigan and especially Michigan coached by Bo meant the most to him.

Comment 01 Mar 2019

"OSU doesn't have any basketball rivals."   Are you serious, Clark?

Are you suggesting that the 1992 Elite Eight loss to Michigan's Fab Five didn't hurt a TON more than the 2013 Elite Eight loss to Wichita State?  That Evan Turner's half-court shot in the BTT to win a Friday game wasn't more special because it was Michigan?  That Jalen Rose didn't really mean it when he said "We HATED Ohio State.  We called them the _ _ _ _ eyes."  That the 2012 and 2013 matchups with Michigan (one of which yielded a front cover on ESPN magazine) weren't special?

The 1991 and 1992 seasons may have been the hey day of any Ohio State - IU rivalry, but to this day a win over IU just means more.  That 1993 win was awesome.  Winning a top 10 matchup at Assembly Hall in 2000 was special - especially after winning a top 20 matchup at their place the year before.  The four battles in 2012 and 2013 were outstanding.  But more importantly, the random matchups (2017's 96-92 barn burner, 2006's 81-79 loss at Assembly when Thad had the Bucks back on track for the first time in 4 years, a rare Buckeye win in 1997, 2008's close fight at Assembly...) all just mean more than a random game against Penn State or Iowa.  Our 1960 National Championship team almost didn't make the tournament (at that time only one conference team went) because of IU.  They beat the Hoosiers 96-95 at home and split the series.  Had OSU dropped that game, IU would have gone and our basketball title would not exist.  And don't think it doesn't irk Hoosier fans that OSU and MSU and not IU are the Big Ten's "premier" programs that got invited to the CBS and All-State Champions classics with UNC, Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, and UCLA.

MSU could be argued as a product of both teams generally being very competitive for the most part since 1999.  But even the early 90s games against Sparty were battles.  1999-2002 was outstanding in this matchup.  the 2006 and 2007 wins at Breslin were great. It goes without saying that 2010 - present has almost always generated an extra edge when the Bucks and Spartans meet, whether the Buford buzzer beater, the BTT championship, the 2014 top 5 matchup that went to OT, the 2018 upset when MSU was ranked 1.

We are spoiled with the best rivalry in sports - Ohio State - Michigan football.  But that doesn't mean anything short of Ohio State - Michigan, Auburn - Alabama, or Duke - UNC isn't a rivalry.  And there's no prerequisite that a team can only have one rival.  USC football certainly claims both UCLA and ND.  Bama has Auburn, Tennessee, and arguably LSU.  Texas had OU and A&M.  The mark of a rivalry, IMO is whether the matchup is still meaningful when one of the teams is down.  I'd argue that over the years the Michigan, IU, and MSU matchups have had a special feel even when our Bucks weren't ranked.  I'd also argue that Michigan, IU, and MSU fans don't look at a loss to OSU with equal weight to a loss to Penn State, Minnesota, or Iowa... it just means more.

Comment 28 Feb 2019

I think the Big Ten has really mishandled rivalries.  You don't see UNC and Duke having years where they only meet once, yet it seems more years than not, OSU-Mich, OSU-IU, OSU-MSU only happens once.  I get it, it's not anywhere close to UNC-Duke level, but if you're going to have an imbalanced schedule, wouldn't you at least want to push your best rivalries??  The conference FINALLY got on board with protecting IU-Purdue and MSU-Michigan as annual home and homes but that's about it.

I would prefer each school to have the following 3 protected home and home opponents:

Illinois: IU, Purdue, NW

IU: Purdue, Illinois, Ohio State

Iowa: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska

Maryland: PSU, Rutgers, NW

Michigan: MSU, Ohio State, Purdue

MSU: Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin

Minnesota: Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska

Nebraska: Iowa, Minnesota, PSU

NW: Illinois, Rutgers, Maryland

Ohio State: Michigan, IU, MSU

PSU: Maryland, Rutgers, Nebraska

Purdue: IU, Illinois, Michigan

Rutgers: PSU, Maryland, NW

Wisconsin: Minnesota, Iowa, MSU

As it is, because Michigan, IU, and MSU have their own protected rivalries (MSU-Mich and IU-Purdue), we play them less frequently than Rutgers and Nebraska who are more frequently available in the scheduling rotation. 

Comment 28 Feb 2019

Basketball: 1989-90 season at Michigan.  Jim Jackson's freshman year.  Michigan was highly-ranked coming off their NC season and the Bucks lost by 2 at Crisler.  My dad was at the game so that's why I remember it at such a young age.  OSU got them back at St. John that year I believe.  After that it would be those amazing IU-Ohio State games from 1990-91.

Football: 1992 Michigan game.  Not sure why my basketball memory predates football by a whole year and a half but the tie was the first OSU football game I can remember.  I also remember watching the Rose Bowl and rooting for the Huskies over Michigan that same year.

Comment 26 Feb 2019

Relatively straight-forward.  The Bucks need 3 more wins including the BTT.

At NW is a must-win.  We cannot suffer a weak loss in Evanston without some multiple upsets to make up for it.

Then it seems a split between tonight's game vs Iowa and the home finale vs Wisconsin is needed (or a win at Purdue, but I see that as a long-shot).

Go 2-2 and the Bucks should be on the good side heading into the BTT.  Win the 8-9 game / 7-10 game in the BTT and I think they are safe.

Comment 25 Feb 2019

My grandmother was really into genealogy and I picked it up where she left off.  No "we're related to George Washington" type stories, but some really cool findings regarding the Civil War (Shiloh, Franklin, Vicksburg, etc.) and most places the Ohio boys fought, some cool family letters discussing common presence of wolves and Seneca and Wyandot Indians in northern Ohio in the early 1800s, and roots tracing back to original towns in Europe for each branch.

Comment 20 Feb 2019

Duke moved up a notch in my book when they humiliated the Fab Five.  I know UNC got them the next year with Webber's timeout (cough, travel!) but Duke rattled them first.  Respected, but never liked MJ either, so Duke > UNC was pretty easy.

That said, Ohio State is 100% my basketball team.

Comment 20 Feb 2019

If the recommendations didn't involve x number of games at St. John Arena, the recommendation was a failure.

I attended both the Syracuse (premier opponent at the Schott) and Cleveland State (mid-major at St. John Arena) and the Cleveland State experience was 10x better.  I've loved Ohio State basketball since I was 5 years old, but I have learned that I'd rather travel to IU, Purdue, MSU, and Michigan to watch the Bucks play in a real arena than attend a game at the Schott.  That place is awful.

Comment 18 Feb 2019

If this team can't grow and develop during a stretch that includes road games at MSU, Purdue, and MD, home games against top 25 Iowa and Wisconsin, two must-wins against a NW team that pushed Michigan to the buzzer and 1-2 must wins in the BTT, then I'm not sure playing 2-3 NIT games against the likes of Alabama and Bowling Green, really offers a growing opportunity that being one and done in the dance wouldn't.

Comment 15 Feb 2019

Spot on with one exception.  ESPN would be the equivalent of 25 of the 30 aisles at the grocery store having shelves full of black licorice.

College football playoffs, CFP committee show (stupid, but generates college football discussion), 50% of Ohio State's games, and constant television and internet reporting on the sport.  ESPN may not have a monopoly on college football coverage but they are without a doubt the 800-lb gorilla.  Doesn't help that BTN burns their cash cow (OSU) while emphatically trying to boost up interest in bottom dwellers like Purdue, Maryland, and Rutgers.  I gave up watching ESPN aside from games, but I'll admit I the couple times I watched BTN reporting, I wanted to punch DiNardo when he covered Urban's Zach Smith saga and their signing day coverage featured a 3:1 ratio of covering Rutgers and Maryland's garbage classes compared to covering OSY, Michigan, and PSU.  Simply put, there's not an outstanding option out there for college football coverage.

Comment 15 Feb 2019

^ Spot on.  Illinois is playing above their record and while not only a winnable game for OSU but a must-win, the combination of OSU's turnover rate with Illinois' rate of forcing the opposition to turn it over was a recipe for disaster short of a break-out offensive shooting game (which we didn't have).