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Comment 3 hours ago

Why would it not be fine?

The hospitalization and death rates due to Covid for the age group of those playing are officially less than the flu.

What the Big Ten decoded was not that these kids were at risk, but rather that the conference couldn’t handle the PR of an “11 Wisconsin players test positive for Covid” type headline.

It’s like some refuse to acknowledge the updated information on Covid and only want to hold on to the alarming 5-8% death rates being reported in March (back when only those who were near death could receive a test...well them and NBA players).

Is Covid awful? Yes.

Is Covid awful for 18-22 year olds? No.

Any comments beyond that data, anecdotes, or speculation of long term effects are simply artifacts of those who have already entrenched their opinions on this virus, and who likely did so back in March.

Comment 18 hours ago

My questions for the Big Ten presidents and Kevin:

1. Why do your health experts feel these student athletes are safer on their own than within the regimented structure of a University training and competition program where they will be tested regularly and have a goal to work to preserve?

2. What was the maximum allowable number of positive cases that would be tolerated to allow a team to continue in practice or competition in a given week? 2b. If that number was zero, then why wait until August 11 to cancel the season?

3. What changed in the last 6 days since a schedule was released to lead to the decision that not only could that schedule not start on time this fall, but could not start at all?

4. It was mentioned that the hypothetical of Spring football was first discussed last evening and that the discussion was contentious.  How was last evening the FIRST time that was discussed?  What is the start date of this hypothetical Spring season? How is putting a football player through two seasons within 6 months safer?

5. What is the rate of hospitalization for 18-22 year olds?  Explain to us how the risk of that rate outweighs the mental and physical well-being of your student-athletes.

6. Was liability a factor in your cancellation decision? How do you weigh that answer vs. the answer to whether students are safer on their own or within a regimented training and competition program with regular testing. What percent of time was spent consulting health experts?  What percent of time was spent consulting lawyers?

7. What are each of your salaries, and explain how your work these last 5 months justified those numbers?


Comment 20 hours ago

14 individuals on those salaries voting to deflect liability and put these kids in a worse position AFTER leading them on for 5 months and then DAYS after releasing their updated schedule is not "progress".

That's tail between the legs / pass the buck to someone else cowardice. 

(If you thought I was suggesting WWI was a grand experience, you're intellectually deficient.  I was suggesting 1918-1919 were years that produced far greater adversity, and Americans did not cave to the challenges).

Comment 20 hours ago

Amigo, there isn't going to be a Spring season!

There isn't going to be a fall 2021 season.

The number of acceptable hospitalizations of players the Big Ten was willing to take liability for has been set.  The number is ZERO. It's about lawsuits, not viral spread.

Comment 20 hours ago


1919 was far worse than 1918.

Vaccine potential??  Here's the full list of vaccines created in under 5 years:           .

It's coming off the heart of flu season!  You think it's bad now, wait til every person with a cold this winter goes in to get tested for Covid.

This isn't new.  America has faced this 5x in the last 102 years.  This is simply the first time we've let the fear drive the decisions being made.

Ultimately: "2020 football was cancelled because 0 football players died of a deadly virus."

Comment 20 hours ago

Help me understand what you are seeing to suggest this is worse than the year the Spanish Flu hit and America was fighting in the greatest war in the history of the world.

If EVER there was a season where 18-22 year olds were at risk, that was it. The season went on.

Comment 11 Aug 2020

Those conferences simply don't have money in the Athletic budgets to fund a season.  No gate revenue is a big problem.  More importantly, no $$$ check from playing at Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, or another P5 team away is a HUGE problem.  Cancellations of those games were already announced.

Rationally take the programs that can't afford a season off the table and you're left with the Power 5.

Comment 10 Aug 2020

Awful start and a good ending to the day, boys.

The odds of a season are higher than they were 24 hours ago. Here’s to hoping it keeps moving that way...

Will it be perfect and case-free? No, and neither was 1918 or 1919. But America needs something positive and these kids are safer within these guidelines than at home. Beat the lawyers... and TTUN!

Comment 10 Aug 2020

Does she?

So far a 21-year old QB at her institution has been more willing to attempt to publicly address the issues and outline a desired outcome than she has.

Covid has been here for 5-8 months. What did she think her first order of business to address would be? Off-campus parking rates?

Step up and lead with an outlined plan of action and any measurable adaptation or termination factors for both in person classes and the sports season. Maybe I missed it but I haven’t heard a peep from her...

Comment 10 Aug 2020

We were asked to flatten the curve (the area under which does not change) to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed and to give them time to stock up on PPE.

We were not asked to eradicate a highly infectious virus (not possible). We were asked to learn to live with it. We did. 

We were not asked to make sure no one else contracts this. Just to adjust life practices so as not to overwhelm the health care system. Mission accomplished (to date). Ultimately ~450,00 Americans will die from this, whether a given death is in March 2020 or February 2022. That stinks, I know, but 60k will die from the flu next year, 40k from traffic accidents, 600k from heart disease, and likely 150k from Covid. The only outcome that changes that positively is a vaccine, which takes minimum 5 years (Ebola), most often 10 years, and sometimes one that never comes (AIDS).

Comment 10 Aug 2020

When a confident pick for the National Title, fates have gotten in the way of OSU's success.  1969, 1970, 1974, 1975, 1980, 1998, 2006, 2015, 2019.

The only difference this year is that the fates realized a TTUN, UCLA, MSU, USC, or Florida were no match for our talent.  So instead the fates had to resort to a virus to stop this team. Damn them...

Comment 10 Aug 2020

I think for those of us who share the sentiment, stating that we support the student-athletes who wish to play and their say in the matter is a more appropriate message. Questioning why the student athletes were encouraged to dedicate their time to practices leading up to this decision might be another fair topic. 

Comment 10 Aug 2020

The flu can do the same. It took an otherwise healthy 4-year old from our community a couple years ago and rendered another individual without the use of her legs.

Can those things you listed happen?  Yes.

Are they expected at high statistical rates?  No.

Comment 10 Aug 2020

Is football more important than a pandemic?  No. 

Is liberty more important?  Yes.


The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views.

You may not want Justin Fields or another player to take on that risk, but it seems they personally want to make that choice of what is best for themselves along with their families. And by the way... football already came with some pretty substantial risks.

Comment 10 Aug 2020

Re-read what you wrote.

We have a small burger and fry place in town.  Their cancelling would not force the hand of McDonalds to do the same.

The Big Ten is in far better position to lead here, not the MAC. Now, is the Big Ten hiding behind the MAC and thankful for their decision?  Yes, I believe so.