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Comment 10 Oct 2020

We had 2 people in their mid 80s with stage 4 cancer die of Covid in our county of Ohio, so given these sobering numbers it’s appalling to think people could attend live games in Columbus (like they are in Cleveland and Cincinnati) amid this risk to everyone in failing health over 80.

Comment 05 Oct 2020

We've already asked FAR too much of the 0-25 crowd (cancelled schooling, cancelled sports, cancelled youth activities), all for a virus which is less deadly to their age group than the common flu. These are not small asks. This group has been the recipient of the most severe restrictions simply because they are not positioned to challenge the restrictions in court like others have.

There is no historic basis to expect a vaccine in 6 months, let alone 3 years.  None.  The fastest vaccine ever produced took 5 years, most take 10 years, some never come to fruition despite tremendous efforts.  At some point, our society will simply learn to live with Covid-19, just as we've learned to live with other communicable diseases. If a vaccine is developed, safe, and widely administered, that would outstanding!  But it's not appropriate to put life on hold for that unknown chance given the risks.

Back in March, yes... abundant caution made complete sense. We were unsure if our health system could handle the expected case load and hospitalizations.  Hospitalizations came nowhere close to exceeding that national capacity.  Today, if you are under 30, go life your life.  If you are under 60 and healthy - go live your life.  If you are elderly, immunocompromised, or otherwise fearful, personally take whatever caution is necessary and weigh that against the missed opportunities. (Quality of life matters just as much as quantity of life.) This is not the virus with the ~8% fatality rate we thought it was as we selectively focused on Italy and a state where infected elderly were sent back to their nursing homes.  This virus is no where close to putting any strain on our health system as was feared.

Comment 04 Oct 2020

Good for UGA.

This was supposed to be about hospitalizations from the start and "flattening the curve" to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed, not "freak out if anyone catches it".

Comment 27 Sep 2020

Sorry, MJ. You are correct - this was meant for the poster above. Sorry!

Comment 27 Sep 2020

That’s fine. I fully respect people that fear this virus and want to stay in. What I have a problem with is people who say Ohio State cannot safely have fans while LSU and other places are successfully doing it because they believe others should also share in their fear.

Everyone deserves the right to make their own choice.

The NFL has fans attending games. The SEC has fans attending games. It doesn’t seem completely irrational to think the Big Ten should be playing now and should be allowing fans. 

Comment 27 Sep 2020

Ok basement dweller.  Who isn't running into crowds?  I go to work (masks are optional), I take my child to day care (they don't wear masks), I visit friends, I golf, I grocery shop, I visit stores.

Literally the only social thing I am not doing this fall that I would usually do is attend an outdoor football game.

Is it a bad idea for a nursing home to buy a group of tickets in A-deck and take their residents during this?  Absolutely.

But that doesn't make it a bad idea for a healthy 40-year old, let alone 30k healthy college students to attend football games.

There was a point in time when the Covid-19 death rate was thought to be 8%.  That was March and it was based specifically off of the worst case scenario country - Italy, and a state that sent sick patients back to nursing homes - NY.

It is now nearly September and we know the death rate to be under 0.8% and to be lower than that of  the flu for people age 0-30.

You want to stay home? Stay home.

But don't tell the rest of America to do the same.

Comment 27 Sep 2020

It’s as logical as the idea that you can spread Covid by walking around a restaurant without a mask but you can’t by sitting at your table without one.

Covid is real. The severity however has been grossly exaggerated. Our local hospital was told by the Ohio Dept of Health that they WOULD be at 5x ICU capacity by May... not “might be”. Would be. The hospital was shown the expectations for the state and encouraged to do what they could to prep for 7x capacity. To date they have yet to reach with all combined Covid hospitalizations in 7 months, the equivalent of 1x capacity.

Its real. I’ve had it. It’s not fun. But unless you are in failing health, Covid 19 is not a death sentence. That’s not to say random individuals cannot succumb to it, just as some do to other causes, that is to say that the data do not come close to supporting the extreme measures that were conjured up at a time when the death rate was thought to be as high as 8-9%.

(The fact that this post will get downvoted by those who think Covid is far more deadly is exact proof that the decisions being made are either a) political, b) emotional / fear based, or both. Science is not open to debate and personal bias. Science is absolute. There is no science that supports the idea that football is safe with 25% fans in some stadiums, 0% fans in others, and that football is not safe in the MAC vs other conferences.)

Comment 26 Sep 2020

That's fair... I guess there's no reason the list of despised teams has to end after two or three anyway :)

For me it's TTUN and ND in a league of their own.  USC next because of the thorn in our side they've been.

Then you could group Florida, Miami, and Bama in the next set.

The flag plant definitely had my blood boiling, but otherwise I've never hated, nor liked OU.  Pretty indifferent on the Sooners, personally.

Comment 26 Sep 2020

Nailed it.

1. Ultimately, while 12-0 ND over a 12-1 OSU is regrettable, OSU is at fault for losing to Purdue (by a million no less).  As a P5, win out and you are in.  There is no secret, magic formula.  The formula is as simple as "do not lose a game".

2. OU most seasons is simply is not on a level defensively with Bama most years, Clemson most years, and OSU (2014 and 2019).  They are no different than 2015 MSU, 2016 Washington and OSU, and 2018 ND - simply not up to par as a National Championship team.  There will never be a scenario where year over year there are exactly 4 deserving teams.  I would rather see 1 or 2 OU's, Washinton's, etc. than 3 or 4 of them in an 8-team playoff or worse, 3-4 1-2 loss SEC teams.

College football is outstanding for many reasons, but among them is the idea of perfection.  While 1-loss teams can win it all with some fortune, a loss is frequently a death nail and because of that it makes every game matter.  There are no 6-8 loss wild card teams like the NFL has that can have an ok season, but get hot at the right time.

Comment 26 Sep 2020

Run the table as a P5 and you are in. Period. That's literally all there is to it. We can lament 2015, 2017, and 2018 all we want - fact of the matter is we lost to MSU (horrendous coaching) in 2015, OU and Iowa's woodshed in 2017, and got railroaded at Purdue in 2018. Yes, in years when there are not 4 undefeated P5 teams, then a 1-loss P5 team will get in, but take a loss and you're leaving your fate to chance.  

The formula is amazingly simple.  Run the table.

Some on here may want to play devil's advocate for a hypothetical Central Florida type team, etc. but we'd be singing a different tune if Clemson got Central Florida for their game and we got Bama for ours.  If Central Florida wants a shot, then improve the brand (like TCU did) and become more appealing for a Big XII or ACC to pick up.  I'm not willing to see 3 two-loss SEC teams in the playoffs every damn year just so the Central Florida that happens once every 5 can get into an 8-team playoff as well.

Ultimately, the playoff is a 1-game elimination contest.  So was MSU-OSU in both 2014 and 2015.

Comment 25 Sep 2020


Do it once and it never goes back. Until a 13-0 power 5 program misses the playoffs, the 4-team system works.

Comment 24 Sep 2020


Exactly right (sorry it wasn't stated as clearly as it should have been).  I take for granted that everyone remembers the Chris Weber time out and that they had lost to Duke the year before - but I'm also getting old.

Fun fact - the Fab Five never won a damn thing.  Never even a share of the Big Ten title!

Comment 24 Sep 2020

I remember that day well!

My dad worked in SE Michigan at the time so we had to head up to a work party that evening. Those years as a Buckeye fan in NW Ohio were miserable - at this point we were just over two years removed from the Fab Five knocking out our 1-seed basketball team with Jim Jackson in OT and 9 months removed from TTUN ruining our 1993 team’s Rose Bowl chances in a demoralizing lopsided loss. Michigan was just a year removed from back to back NCAA basketball tournament championships, had won 5 of the last 6 Big Ten titles in football, and then after beating ND the week before, was being considered a football NC contender in 1994. (OSU had just lost out at Washington the week prior).

I write all those miserable things (despite wanting to puke) bc those are the EXACT things that made Colorado’s Hail Mary so amazing. Michigan was at the apex of being a September NC school... only then there was a small amount of reason behind those thoughts they had. The atmosphere lended to the most insufferable Michigan arrogance you can imagine. And with little time to go in that Colorado game, Michigan was a near certainty from claiming back to back wins over 3) ND and 7) Colorado. And unfortunately we’d be leaving shortly to wallow among the misery of joyful Michigan fans basking in the glory of their back-to-back top 7 wins and NC thoughts.

Then magic struck: “He’s got three people down there; the ball is up in the air.... Caught! Touchdown! Caught by Westbrook for a touchdown! Incredible!” Keith Jackson couldn’t have called it better!

Seeing all the misery that night among those Michigan fans was pure schadenfreude :) What a great day!