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Comment 29 Mar 2020

Thanks for your service in Vietnam!

I wasn’t born until the 80s but I have a ton of respect for you guys.

Comment 29 Mar 2020


It is a balance.

Not every life can be saved.  But we also can't allow the unemployment rate to explode.  

No one wants to see anyone die.  No one wants to see restaurant, bar, salon, gym owners and workers go months without income either and positioned to never re-open their doors.

Going on Spring Break or having a party because you are bored right now is selfish.  Recognizing the economy cannot go on this way, is not.  We also have to consider that the quality of life in nursing homes without visitors is deteriorating and that affects mental well-being.

At some point (April 12, May 1, June 1... whenever) as hospitals becomes better stocked and the curve has been slowed (it already has been in most of America) it will be time to move back to normal.  Yes, people will die from this and that's unfortunate.  But without the economy going people will die and suffer as well and that's equally unfortunate.

Comment 28 Mar 2020

If this pandemic is still de-stabilizing our nation this fall (not present...bc it will be... but destabilizing) even those of us on this board will have far greater concerns than college football. 

We will get to a point where there is a balance between social restriction measures and economic re-opening and while I think the President’s April 12 claim is too optimistic, it will happen by June. By July life will be normal again. 

Comment 28 Mar 2020

At some point, we MUST move forward. If we do not we will be staring at a depression.

The measures being taken right now are appropriate and necessary. The curve must be flattened (and is being flattened).

However, with every passing day jobs and living wages are at stake. These lockdowns will last through April for the most part but by June our nation absolutely must be fully operational again. That doesn’t mean risk will be zero and that doesn’t mean a vaccine will be ready (it won’t). It simply means we move forward. That means all facets of the economy including fall classes and sports.

Comment 28 Mar 2020

If things are not normal by fall we have FAR bigger problems than COVID-19. We will be staring at a depression by that point.

Will the virus be gone? No. Will a vaccine be ready? No. BUT next fall will be NOTHING close to as bad as this current situation. Hospitals will be stocked with masks, ventilators, etc. by then and we will be better positioned to handle those who continue to get infected. Quarantine is the right measure right now (and unfortunately probably through all of April) but as the curve heads back down the economy absolutely must reopen, and life will be very normal will be by mid-summer. Next winter may pose another challenge but no where close to what these last months have presented with a novel virus and underprepared hospitals.

Comment 26 Mar 2020

I'm still holding slight optimism Kaleb is back.

I think if he has half the dedication he had last off-season towards getting in better shape and enhancing his perimeter game (he absolutely did both) and puts it towards finishing at the rim, he will be as complete a player as he can be.

Comment 24 Mar 2020
Been sick for 13 days with up and down symptoms and fever every 3 days or so, so not a fun experience for me. Young, healthy, and been quarantining so wasn't too worried but finally went in and got tested for influenza A & B (both negative), but coronavirus tests aren't available to outpatients, so back home coughing and not knowing. The doc basically told me it's potentially COVID 19 or it could be another virus - we don't know. Some days are ok other than the coughing and ridiculous fatigue but a couple nights have been miserable with fever, aches, and chills. That said, resting up, joining an occasional work conference call when I'm up to it, but mostly caught up on Band of Brothers, The Pacific, and some of my favorite OSU basketball games. Hopefully next week is desk work with some OSU football classics mixed in.
Comment 23 Mar 2020

Spot on. Final Four banners are amazing and tournament runs are a blast but the 20-game Big Ten grind over 3 months is a much better measure of a team. Top 3 Big Ten plus a 1-3 seed is where I’d like to see this team.

Comment 23 Mar 2020

Iowa is interesting at 7. Garza is a beast and their offense is excellent but they seem to lack a lot on defense. I think the Big Ten will be another meat grinder with MSU, Iowa, OSU, TTUN, and Wisconsin at the top.

Comment 22 Mar 2020

Zero chance.

Because if this virus is still causing quarantine 5 months from now, we have FAR bigger issues than college football. The season will either be completely normal or not played at all.

Comment 22 Mar 2020

Definitely excited but a lot of unknowns yet.

1. Is Kaleb gone?

2. Does Towns get back to form after healing up?

That said, last night was BIG. Towns picked OSU over Duke in a televised decision. That itself is a huge win for Holtmann. Pretty pumped for next year!

Comment 21 Mar 2020

They were ranked as a 3-seed based on the AP poll. The committee just saw fit to slide them to the 4-line and reward the overall top team with them in the Sweet 16. So ridiculous.
Ultimately you have to play well for 6 straight no matter what and Buford was simply off on the wrong night. But I remember being irate when I saw us with 2) UNC, 3) Syracuse, 4) Kentucky, and 5) WVU. The committee went heavy on geography and hammered the overall number 1 with the toughest bracket. We would have been far better served in the Southwest or West regions, but apparently New Jersey is close to Ohio so playing Kentucky and UNC was the trade off??

Worst committee ever.

Comment 15 Mar 2020

Cutting back preseason for a 17th game makes sense.

Hoping they go with cross-conference regional rivals.

Something like:


with leftovers