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Comment 18 Sep 2019

What hurt more as a Buckeye fan? Years like 1996 and 1969 when we were world beaters and those bastards took everything from us? Or years like 2011 where we were broken, uncompetitive and TTUN’s W against us was one of many losses?

1996 and 1969 pain is the pain I want Michigan to feel.

Not, 2011, “game is on but we stink so I might just organize the garage instead of watching” pain.


Comment 18 Sep 2019

Because in 2019 we have an OC who knows our playbook and can call a play before the clock expires for a delay of game.

In 2016 we did not have that luxury.

Comment 16 Sep 2019

What amazes me is that this is even a debate.

ESPN covers NBA, so they tell us every detail from LeBron’s latest tweet to what Curry eats for breakfast. AKA ESPN markets interest in their product even when its not being televised.

ESPN doesn’t cover hockey games and you would think the sport had become less popular than croquet based on their lack of highlights and discussion. Ironically when the NHL was aired on ESPN, it was promoted.

ESPN owns the SECN. ESPN doesn’t own BTN. An increasing number of Big Ten games are on Fox. Which product is ESPN going to market? Theirs? Or Fox’s?

Comment 16 Sep 2019

Nor would it have been necessary had Alabama not finished with a loss in their only meaningful game of the season, failed to win their conference, and failed to win their division.

Did anyone at ESPN even hint, “maybe we should put undefeated UCF in” without more than a laugh to discredit it? No.

ESPN wasn’t debating 3 options (Bama, OSU, UCF). They were flat out campaigning for Bama.

Flip the script. Let’s say Bama plays a top 4 OU and loses, then gets smoked by Ole Miss on the road, then rebounds to win the SEC. Ohio State loses to PSU and fails to win the conference. PSU is Ohio State’s only loss. Ohio State’s schedule doesn’t have a single top 10 win on it. You feel ESPN would be commanding that the committee put OSU in over Bama in that scenario?! That ESPN would say, Big Ten champ Wisconsin and East runner-up OSU both HAVE to be in?

No chance.

Comment 16 Sep 2019

The AL Central may be weak compared to the AL East, but that's no where near the discrepancy of Big Ten vs. MAC or SEC vs. Sunbelt.  It's apples to oranges.  That's a joke if Bama gets to play Western Kentucky (Sunbelt?) round 1 and Big XII champ OU has to face Clemson or USC.

4 TEAMS.  4 top Conference Champions using the old BCS criteria.

Honestly the only reason we don't already have that is because ESPN wants scenarios to discuss all fall about multiple teams from one conference or which conferences might be left out.

Comment 15 Sep 2019

ESPN doesn’t pick the playoff teams and CNN and FOX don’t interpret the news.

BUT they tell us what to think and talk about. 

It’s week 3. In theory OSU and Wisconsin could split. The question could be does the Big Ten get two teams? But it’s not. In fact it hasn’t even been theorized by ESPN. Because they don’t want that to be the conversation. They want multiple SEC teams to be the conversation. And while committee members aren’t directed how to vote by ESPN, I doubt they block access to the channels and websites.

Comment 15 Sep 2019

The only reason I prefer to see Big Ten teams win OOC games is because it’s more fun when Ohio State plays them as a higher-ranked team.

Example: MSU and Nebraska. Had they won over ASU and Colorado, these are a top 10 and a top 25 game. Now they will be unranked and just top 25.

Aside from that, it really doesn’t matter. It’s always fun to see Michigan and PSU lose, I’ve come to expect it from Illinois, etc.

For OSU to make the playoffs we have to run the table. Period. Until the SECN becomes independent and ESPN buys out the Big Ten we won’t have a sports powerhouse network downplaying a loss bc the conference (they happen to cover most) is SO strong.

Comment 14 Sep 2019

There are people in this world who would point out the downside to the boss telling everyone to leave an hour early on a Friday.

51-10 with their only TD coming from the deepest pages of their playbook. Just enjoy the win.

Comment 13 Sep 2019

Ridiculously false statement.

You are a survivor if you were assaulted. It’s a way of describing someone who was forced against their will or knowledge without referring to them as a victim.

Date some women who attended college and you’ll find out how common it is. Almost always an acquaintance. Almost always alcohol involved. 

The myth is that it’s some ragged villain in an alley with a knife and a girl who walked home alone. The reality is it’s the frat guy who just had 12 drinks and the girl who had 8 drinks and his ignoring her “no”, “stop”, taking the fact that she can’t stand up or utter a coherent phrase as good enough as consensual.

Comment 13 Sep 2019

It’s something like 1 in 1000 men who allegedly commit sexual assault who are ever convicted and serve jail time. How would you like to be one of the women who were assaulted and after emotionally suffering and finally being able to discuss your traumatic story, cannot get justice?

The problem with our system is NOT men being falsely accused and rotting in jail. The problem is an abysmal conviction rate compared to other crimes.

Comment 12 Sep 2019


1. 1) OSU vs 4) Utah

2. 1) OSU vs 4) Washington

3. 1) OSU vs 4) Texas (assuming they beat OU twice)

4. 1) OSU vs 4) OU


1. 4) OSU vs 1) BAMA 

2. 4) OSU vs 1) Clemson

3. 4) OSU vs 1) UGA in Atlanta

4. 4) OSU vs 1) LSU

My gut says OSU has to run the table to get in. 1-loss Clemson, Bama, and UGA are locks (which is ridiculous since we are two weeks into the season). Short of losing to Bama and Bama handing UGA their only loss, a 1-loss LSU or 1-loss Auburn is a near-lock. Makes me sick, but with Auburn over Oregon and LSU over Texas, the SEC is all but guaranteed 2 teams (again, ridiculous as we are 2 weeks into the season).

In short, there is likely 1 available playoff spot for the PAC/BIG TEN/BIG XII champion. 8 is not the answer. 8 just means BAMA, UGA, LSU, and Auburn all get in. 4 conference champions is the solution.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

Four comments. 

1. The polls (voters) are FAR too reactive to perceived expectations. A win over a Texas, Michigan, ND, SEC school etc. ranked in the top 15 is disproportionately viewed as a bigger win than a victory over a top 15 Boise State, Michigan State, Iowa, Wisconsin, PAC 12 school aside from USC, K-State, etc. Voters simply can’t seem to detach themselves from their convictions that Michigan, ND, Texas, SEC are “very good”.  For two straight decades the winner of the Michigan-ND game has been over-rewarded for their win.

2. The polls are changing. In the 90s for the most part, it was a matter of win and you stay the same ranking or jump a team that lost and lose and you drop. As such, late season losses were far worse than an early season loss. In the playoff era the format seems to have changed to mirror the “who looks like the 4 best teams?” question and has resulted in wilder shifts. Win ugly and a team very well may drop. While a positive that the polls have advanced beyond simple record (in the past a 10-0 team that beat no one was almost always ahead of an 8-2 team with 3 top 25 wins and two quality losses), point 1 still carries FAR too much weight (i.e. 8-2 in the SEC is equal to 10-0 in any other conference in the voters mind as a pre-conceived notion).

3. Sometimes it’s just silly and far too reactionary to the simple outcome. 2005 4th-ranked OSU loses to 2nd-ranked Texas 25-22 in a game either team could have won. The game itself suggested either team was a top 4 team. The result caused OSU to drop to 9. In essence if Hamby catches a ball OSU is the 2nd-best team in the country; if he drops it then OSU is the 9th-best.

4. Polls simply need to start at week 6. This will never happen bc of $ and internet clicks and TV discussions, but our system is basically one of A) rank the teams based solely on expectations, pedigree, and media hype then B) use this pre-season poll as the standard throughout the season to simply shift teams up / down as a weekly reaction to outcomes.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

Not sure this law is the way to do it but at some point the double standard needs addressed.

Its fine if you want to push the “Joe (or Josephine bc Title IX) college” / student athlete putting on a lettered sweater and competing for his team in the spirit of collegiate athletics to better him/herself and establish a more complete education and collegiate experience.

But it’s a problem when EVERY decision made (more games, Monday night championship games for better TV ratings, conference realignment driven by TV markets which increases travel, Thursday night and now Friday night football to fill TV slots, Friday night basketball to fill TV slots, an insane number of bowl games, bowl games extending into the spring semester, football tickets costing $200+ for face value, coaches being paid in the millions, shoe and apparel contracts that are for insane amounts, etc., etc. 

Simply put, collegiate sports cannot pursue maximum profit at every opportunity while maintaining an argument of a purely amateur “student athlete” concept meant to draw illusions of an 1897 halfback proudly representing his school.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

Apples to oranges IMO.

OU’s offense looked very impressive last year vs Army while their D looked putrid. I think that fact was well-acknowledged about OU throughout the year (excellent offensive team with no D).

Michigan (for the second week in a row) simply looked sloppy on offense - turnovers, failed 4th down attempts, lack of identity. I’m also not certain I’d attribute the win to their D as it was more a case of Army shooting themselves in the foot with a critical offsides call and simply running out of time on a final drive that otherwise looked poised to result in a game-winning FG. Basically no major bright spot from the win.

Narrative aside, Michigan only dropped 3 spots in the poll (I’d argue teams like PSU, Wisconsin, maybe even MD with their domination over a ranked opponent look stronger right now).