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Shame on McMurphy, Feinbaum, Drake, and Espn’s Vitriolic Trolls

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December 4, 2018 at 12:36pm

We will miss Urban Meyer an the excellence that this good man brought to Ohio State. He raised the level of everything he touched, including the whole Big Ten Conference. As far as Buckeye Nation is concerned we have been blessed with Urban and wish he would/could stay on.

It is time to consider the role that McMurphy’s lieing,fake news, toilet “journalism”, aided and cheered on by the slimy, despicable, Paul Finebaum and his pack of Espn clown hyenas. Not only did it cost Urban and the Buckeyes our hall of fame head coach the first three games but the entire fall camp needed to integrate a new style quarterback and offense. Ask yourself what the focusing on the fake Urban hit piece rather than Dwayne Haskins record setting performances did to his chances for the Heisman. Tua was anointed from day one. Ask yourself what the impact on recruiting has been. Was this a factor in Zach Harrison’s status? Did this bogus bullshit story have an impact on the playoff selections? It certainly effected the press narrative on the team for the entire season. A special place in hell should be reserved for the craven, cowardly, squirming, prisoner of political correctness, President Drake, for not standing fore square behind Urban even after it was proven he followed all the correct protocols, and the case against Zach Smith was eventually thrown out of court by the judge. How much effect did all this fake, vindictive media attack and the cowardly betrayal of Drake, have on Urban’s health and family?

Bless you Urban Meyer. We were lucky to have had you.

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