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B1G Bowl Schedule

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December 3, 2018 at 10:40am

B1G bowl season is here. The CFP Committee has proved once again that criteria for the B1G is different then the SEC and ACC. Alabama is better than all other teams it is hard to argue, but put OSU in the playoffs automatically the last 4 years, and I believe they would have 2 Championships too. We will save that argument for another day. This is the B1G Bowl schedule for 2018/2019 season. There seem to be some great matchups. Too bad they didn't match a B1G team up against UGA, it would have been nice to have Northwestern whip up on them.
Vegas only has 3 B1G favorites, OSU -4,5, UM -6 and PSU -7, which is actually better odds than last year for the B1G as a whole. As Ohio State fans, we may have another "perfect bowl" season again, as the B1G could very easily go through this schedule 8-1. Honestly in this case, I may actually not root against Michigan, but of course I could never root for them because we never want them to get a leg up in recruiting.

How do you see these games shaking out?

Minnesota - Georgia Tech in Detroit, ESPN 5:15 Wednesday Dec 26th
Miami - Wisconsin at Yankee Stadium, ESPN 5:15 Thursday December 27th
Purdue - Auburn in Nashville, ESPN 1:30 Friday Dec 28th
Florida - Michigan in Atlanta, ESPN 12:00 Saturday December 29th
Michigan State - Oregon in Santa Clara, Fox 3:00 Monday December 31st
Northwestern - Utah in A Whales Vagina (San Diego), FS1 7:00 Monday Dec 31st
Mississippi State - Iowa in Tampa ESPN2 12:00 Tuesday Jan 1st
Kentucky - Penn State in Orlando, ABC 1:00 Tuesday Jan 1st
Washington - Ohio State in Pasadena, ESPN 5:00 Tuesday Jan 1st


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