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A Chance at Redemption?

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November 8, 2018 at 2:38pm

It's been a long season. A lot of beers and shots of brandy have helped guide me through hours of frustration on Saturdays. If that has not made me simply delusional, I feel that something special could be on the horizon.

Wait, wait.. hear me out. I saw some things in that (at times, unwatchable) game that give me reason to believe. No, it wasn't the prettiest (in the same way that the Cleveland Browns haven't been the best team in NFL over the past three decades). The final score was more indicative of a team that is just trying to skate their way to the off-season. If you're still with me, though, I think that there may be a lot more positives in the Nebraska game, than there were negatives. Okay, maybe I'm delusional.

Now that I've talked myself out of denial, let's get to it.

First, I see some potential for a late season return of the Silver Bullets, at least the closest version that 2018 will ever see. With emergence of Brendon White and the return of Jordan Fuller (after a ??targeting?? ejection), it appears that the back end of the defense can finally show signs of competence. I believe that this can go a very way to limiting the huge plays that have embarrassed us as fans all season.

Offense is where I'm most excited for multiple reasons. Much like the team turnovers, Dwayne Hankins "bad" game was more of an anomaly, than the expected norm. If the offensive line can continue to get push in the running game, assuming we've abandoned 50 RPOs a game, this offense will be as potent as we've seen it since the three post season games of the 2014 season.

The special teams remains pretty consistent, so I won't spend much time trying to sell that.

So, allow me to summarize.

Either the Buckeyes are about to go on one hell of a run < or I'm simply delusional.

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