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Comment 09 Feb 2019
I'm not sure what to think about this. As someone who seems to dislike every member of the show - past and present - you also seem to be someone who is a persistent viewer.
Comment 29 Dec 2018
Yep, I'm getting old. Things that used to ro stick to my memory like they were being held by Gorilla Glue are somehow gone forever.
Comment 28 Dec 2018
If my memory serves correctly, 02 was 13-0 as it was long before the B1G Championship game was added.
Comment 28 Dec 2018
Indeed. It's funny, I joined a new group on Facebook, last night. One of the questions that was asked prior to admittance was: "What is your most memorable Buckeye moment?" My answer was simply, "85 Yards Through the Heart of the South."
Comment 10 Nov 2018
In for a special treat, indeed. I saw this coming after last week. Now, I'm convinced. I we keep moving in this trajectory, the only people who are capable of keeping us from getting an NCAA title shot are the Committee.
Comment 10 Nov 2018
Well, thanks for keeping the glass half empty. Upvote for you.
Comment 10 Nov 2018
Yes we did, ACTUALLY, stop them on fourth down. And as impressive as that was, more impressive is the fact that they did not let that demoralize them. They fought for four quarters. Best performance of the year in mt opinion. To hell with the stat sheet, it's time for B1G football. The rest of the country may not understand, but this is how some games are won in the midwest in November.
Comment 10 Nov 2018
Thank you for seeing this the exact way that I did. A (damn near) 45 point win against Tulane does not compare with the satisfaction that l found in this game.