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November 4, 2018 at 1:15am

I just rewatched our game against Nebraska. If any of you fans out there are like me and want some way to help the team, I have an idea though the coaches already do this stuff. I thought at the very least we can create our very own 11W archive of some hate against our team.

I also watched the Michigan-Penn State game, and caught an inadvertent slap at Ohio State by our own Herbie. Now before you go flaming Herbie, let's consider that there are many who are doubtful about our 2018 team, and for great reasons. This thread is not meant to have Buckeyenation at each other's throats because some look through rosier glasses than others. Rather it got me thinking that we can be constructive instead of being armchair QBs and coaches.

So let's pin a thread that collects all the doubters and hate towards our boys. I will list some I have heard during broadcast or have read below. The purpose of this thread will be to centralize motivational materials that could be of some help to our dudes, since our own fanbase is turning so much on them (for fair reasons sometimes, and stupid reasons other times).

I ask that you list the quote or media file and supply a source as much as possible.

1. "Wouldn't it be something to see this defense (UM) against Tua and Alabama?" - Herbstreit (you know, because tOSU has no chance in hell)

2.. "Watch this, the offensive line is being pushed back" - Today's gamecast against Nebraska

3. "Who knows what Ohio State will do in the next three games...They could lose all three" - Joel Klatt after Texas-WVU broadcast

Feel free to add anything

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