MEMBER SINCE   November 25, 2013


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Witnessing Eddie George in 1995 rushing all over a Simeon Rice-led Illinois defense to the tune of 314 yards, 3 TDs, and even catching one... Orlando Pace didn't look too shabby either... it was a wet cold evening, and all the ponchos were out, but will never forget his milestone. He was a man among boys.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Formerly Eddie George. Braxton Miller as of 7/23/15
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • NHL TEAM: NY Rangers
  • NBA TEAM: NY Knicks
  • MLB TEAM: Detroit Tigers
  • SOCCER TEAM: Barcelona

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Comment 11 Mar 2020
I find it odd that colleges are so quick to try to say they were the first to do xyz in response to the coronavirus as if it is some badge of honor rather than understand that safety and responsible leadership is more of what is needed. The IVYs were first to cancel sporting events anyway - NOT THAT IT REALLY MATTERS WHO IS FIRST
Comment 01 Mar 2020
I can't seem to reconcile why the hell everyone is looking for TEs in our offense to be used like other schools we beat regularly. What is your infatuation with having a star TE when we have too many other options who aren't seeing the ball (ie elite WRs) as much either at times? I find it tired that we keep playing up how we don't use TEs. We use them when they are needed. If the butthurt is because the coaches say to the media that they have plans for the TEs to be used more, but we don't see it, then we should all know by now that our offense has always been predicated more on giving elite ath like WRs the ball in space than TEs. We don't have a Gronk who is more athletic/talented than the WRs. Snarky write-ups about TEs not being used at tOSU need to be level set with what other offense you think we should run where the TE us used enough to satisfy your takes. How many touches a game are you suggesting? What if your number of touches doesn't produce results you are expecting? What if we lose on a wide open TE in the endzone who drops it for a game winner. Then it's the TEs fault? Would you be willing to shoulder blame with that TE for calling for more TE use? /rant on our fanbase and media coverage about TEs at OSU.