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I Want the 4 Seed

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October 30, 2018 at 6:18pm

All the haters. All the doubters. All the critics of this team. Critics of this coach. Lets line up Alabama with a month to prepare for both camps. Urban vs Saban, the way it should be. No play-in game with a possible matchup in S.F. if both teams happen to win in rd 1.

Let Bama be Bama, unanimous #1. & let Urban squeak in at #4 with a scrappy, hungry team that keeps improving every wk. 

Win out & bring it on! And for all of you ‘fans’ who are hoping we win out yet play in a consolation bowl instead of getting a chance at the playoffs/title, we’ll you can go buy a canoe, but an oar and paddle yourselves up an unnamed creek somewhere else

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