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Comment 25 Nov 2020

Nebraska needs to get back to being Nebraska. Triple option with a relentless and unique attack. Instead they’re trying to be a poor man’s Ohio St, Alabama, or Clemson. Makes no sense to try and run the same systems we do with lesser athletes.
What made Nebraska so great was the mastery of their own style. Nobody knows this better than Scott Frost, as he was part of that dominant run as a Cornhusker QB in their prime.

If Scott Frost is smart he’ll get back to his roots and Make Nebraska Nebraska Again.

Comment 21 Nov 2020

It’s because for the first time in recent memory, the strength of our DL is our DT’s instead of our DE’s. 
We’ve had elite pass rushers but not this year (No Chase or Bosa coming off the edge anymore). However, Tommy Togai & Haskell Garrett have been monsters for us and really control the center of the LOS. So good luck trying to run up the gut and establishing an inside running game against this unit. Tough sledding in there for sure!

Comment 21 Nov 2020

Our secondary is athletically deficient for the first time I can ever recall at tOSU. I love all our players, and anyone who’s ever been offered a football scholarship to play football for the Ohio State Buckeyes is obviously 10 times the athlete I ever was. Even more so a young man who actually earns his way into the starting lineup... But we have a couple guys back there who don’t have the size, speed or skills to be elite defenders and our defense has some obvious limitations and liabilities. It’s not a scheme thing (atleast not entirely), for those saying “we have the talent”, I have to disagree with that assessment on this unit, for the first time ever I just don’t think we have the horses in the defensive backfield this year.

Comment 21 Nov 2020

“The talent is there...” You sure? Hooker & Williamson are not impressive athletes. They have to play with perfect technique and fundamentals just to give themselves a chance. They can’t make up for false steps with athleticism or burst. We have serious limitations on the backend of our defense. Our secondary can get up to solid at best. We just gave up 491 passing yds to Micael Penix... Trevor Lawrence, Mac Jones & Kyle Trask would all have a field day throwing against us. Any Playoff game we play we’lol have to win a shootout like 49-45... we aren’t stopping anybody, we’ll have to outscore them.

Comment 21 Nov 2020

No such thing as a bad win. Especially against a top-10 team. If you told me that for the duration of the Ohio State  football program that we’d go out and beat the #9 team in the country by 7 points every year... I’d agree to that deal & sign on the dotted line immediately.

Comment 13 Nov 2020

Eff your criticisms of me, maybe I think your takes are getting more outlandish & stupid... Highlighted by your Bullish stance on Wisconsin: declaring the Badgers as the 2nd most talented team in the Big10... there isn’t one pundit in the country that would agree with your ignorant take on Wisconsin’s talent compared to programs like Penn State & Michigan... But hey, you do you!

Comment 13 Nov 2020

OMG: Maryland & Purdue! 2 teams so awful they didn’t even qualify for Bowl Games last yr... plus a Wisconsin team who has played 1 game this season.

How could an undefeated Indiana team ever navigate those treacherous waters?

I’m telling you if the Hoosiers dodge us they have 50/50 shot of going undefeated this yr, but if they play us that is 99% guaranteed loss... we know it, they know it, everybody knows it!

Now the only question is if they have any integrity?

Comment 13 Nov 2020

The gap between Ohio State and the rest of the conference is INSANE! Literally almost zero percent chance to beat us...

Yet every other matchup vs B1G opponents is a virtual coin-flip...

Why the heck would they play us if they can get a free dodge and stay undefeated?

Comment 13 Nov 2020

I’m always aware of the worst case scenario, and keenly aware that opponents have motives for bending the rules in their favor.

If Indiana gets past the Spartans this wknd, then the only sure loss on their schedule is Ohio State... if they dodge us “due to covid-concerns”, then the Hoosiers have a very realistic chance of recruiting to an undefeated season and B1G East champion program. The cancellation precedent has been set..  What incentive is there for them to play a game where they are projected as a 97% chance to lose?

Comment 13 Nov 2020

Indiana knows they aren’t the real deal (atleast compared to Ohio State). But they also know they may be able to keep the facade alive and go undefeated if they dodge us on the schedule... B1G has made it simple as the AD saying they have “safety concerns” and it’s a free no contest, no questions asked! No forfeit required, thresholds don’t even need to be met or exceeded. Just a blanket statement about 20202 and health & safety of the student athlete covers everything and gives anyone a free out now.

Comment 13 Nov 2020

Counting on the Badgers to take care of the Hoosiers? LOL! Wisky has only played 33% of their scheduled games this year!
Again under normal conditions, we’d control our own destiny. But this yr the B1G & the NCAA has given everyone a get out of jail free card if they don’t feel like playing a perceived tough game.

Cant risk it imo. I’d much rather play a hyped up Indiana team, but it’s not worth it if they are able to dodge us without having to forfeit. It’s all about risk vs reward.

Comment 13 Nov 2020

In a normal year I’d root for for the Hoosiers to keep their fairytale season alive so we have a hyped up top-10 showdown next Saturday. But now that we are vulnerable to scheduling chicanery, we can be fraudulently denied our place on top of the Big10. All IU has to do is cancel their game against us (with no consequences) and they’ll have a leg up on us in the Division with more games played and higher ranked cross-over opponents. 

Usually we control our own destiny, so I always root for the highest ranked matchups as possible! This yr is different and the ripple effects trickle down to all aspects and I hate it!

Comment 11 Nov 2020

Clemson has switched to a 3-man defensive front the past few seasons (as I’ve been advocating for us to adopt as well). This gives them maximum flexibility on the backend as they routinely drop 8 into coverage and make the windows very tight.

They commonly show Double A-gap pressure from their 2 inside LB’s only to drop them into shallow hook zones which allows them to take away the crossing patterns and spy the QB at the same time.

Comment 11 Nov 2020

Change all the running play signs into Play-action passes... that would be the ultimate F U to those bastrds!

Comment 10 Nov 2020

Really looking forward to this team! The basketball Buckeyes have some nice pieces and could make some noise!

1. CJ Walker

2. Duane Washington

3. Justice Sueing

4. EJ Liddell

5. Kyle Young

The starting lineup may look something like this. All guys who can score and make things happen, plus some dudes who can rotate in and make things happen. I hope we get off to a fast start this season!

Comment 09 Nov 2020

We would pick the Rose Bowl against any team... unless we somehow draw a PAC-12 opponent.

If USC or Oregon somehow slip through the cracks and line up as our CFP opponent, then we would select New Orleans instead. There is literally no other way we would divert away from Pasadena.

Comment 09 Nov 2020

I have no idea what this means. I don’t watch the NBA or care about any of the players in that league. Last time I paid attention to Kevin Durant was when he and Greg Oden were battling for the #1 overall pick like 15 years ago.