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Comment 17 May 2019

So true. Wade & Okudah should be terrifying opponents this yr as tandem outside corners. Considering both players should be first round CB’s.... problem is Arnette stuck around so Wade doesn’t have a “home” outside.

Thus he will get bounced around and potentially nitpicked while working as a jack of all trades in our secondary, rather than honing his craft solely as a lockdown corner like he should be. 

Comment 09 May 2019

Not defending the guy because it’s very likely he’s a scumbag, but it’s also very possible he’s being setup by certain people in certain situations. Like someone just starts screaming “CALM DOWN!!!” and making a commotion when there wasn’t even an issue... Hard to get the benefit of the doubt in this world after you’ve been labeled public enemy #1. Now that blood has been spilled, the hyenas will pop up out of the woodwork to get a piece of flesh. 

Comment 08 May 2019

I believe we are lacking elite playmakers in the RB room at the moment. We have some solid depth guys backing up Dobbins in Teague & Crowley but neither were top 100 players coming out of HS. McCall shows flashes of juice but he’s on the shelf too often with injuries. I think this is the year we need to go out an land a big-time 5 star alpha-back on the recruiting trail.

Comment 25 Apr 2019

Daniel Jones over Dwayne Haskins LOL. Both he and Kyler Murray will be busts. Murray will be playing baseball in 3 years. Jones will be forgotten. And Haskins will be a star!

Comment 20 Apr 2019

Should’ve been the face of our franchise. Sitting the real deal behind a future clip-board holder with obvious limitations was obstruction of justice. We only got 1 season of the most talented QB in program history because he liked the pregame rah-rah speeches. Shameful.

Our QB situation should look much different, instead we’re back to a herky jerky passer who’s more of an athlete and the one season with a true passer will be looked back upon as an anomaly rather than a trajectory change at that position. 

Comment 19 Apr 2019

“Barrett won almost every game”?

you mean except for the 6 he lost? LOL! 

Urban era OSU went 85-9.... JTB lost two thirds of those games.

Braxton, Guiton, Cardale & Haskins went a combined 51-3... while Barrett went 34-6... but hey, ignore the facts and keep the distortion alive about JTB being the ultimate winner for tOSU!!!

Comment 16 Apr 2019

Worst case scenario is Fields’ passing game fluency is near the bottom of his anticipated range. We all know (or we all should know) he doesn’t see the passing as well as Dwayne, few people do.

But if it turns out he’s just another athlete playing QB instead of a QB who is also athletic... it could set this offense and the whole program wayyy back. Potentially the worst possible signee Ryan Day could have had. The Day era was supposed to usher in a time of passing acumen and this could possibly sidetrack his whole trajectory and tenure here.

Comment 13 Apr 2019

Linebackers still invisible. I think Malik Harrison almost jumped a pass... and that’s it. Not even a flash from a single player in this group that I’ve noticed.

Comment 09 Apr 2019

If you want to sell Haskins stock to buy it in McCleurin & Campbell ...  then I don’t know what to tell you besides LOL! 

One of these guys is the truth and the others are not quite the real deal. I’m not hating, just calling it how I see it. Obviously I wish all Buckeyes well in the pros (and root for tOSU players more passionately than almost anyone) but I see a whole lot of average from alot of those WR’s... and a true talent shining through from that QB.

Comment 08 Apr 2019

Are you confused? Sorry you’re having such a hard time following conversations about football Braden.

Comment 08 Apr 2019

He's every bit as fast as Austin Mack, Benjimin Victor and most of WR corps. KJ Hill is not a burner but he's certainly not slow. He's got great hands and is an effective route runner. He can do much more than run drag routes and shallow crosses, I think he should be utilized as our best & most effective WR as he's poised to break tOSU receiving records this year.

Comment 08 Apr 2019

X (Traditional Split-End) - tall and lanky, rangy WR.

Z- (Traditional Flanker)- Well-rounded, versatile WR

H- (Slot WR)- Quick, shifty, WR.

This is a simplified summarization of our 3 different WR positions.

Comment 05 Apr 2019

Baldwin is probably a better passer than Fields. Maybe not the "live arm" but my gut tells me he's a more instinctual thrower. I don't think Fields has the anticipation and gift of reading defenses that elite QB's possess. I could be wrong but this is my feeling as of now.

I believe many are in for disappointment if they expect Justin Fields to keep the passing game at the level Dwayne Haskins had it. Dwayne is truly gifted at reading defenses, leading WR's and having a feel for the timing of the passing game. 

Forecasting Justin Fields to be a combination of Haskins' arm, paired with Braxton's legs is irresponsible and reckless. 

Comment 05 Apr 2019

I wish Arnette would have left.That is my only regret about this team heading into the new season. The starting corners should be Okudah & Wade with our young crop of DB's getting some reps also, instead Shaun Wade is now floating aimlessly all over the Defense with no clear home carved out in the secondary. This means he is not sharpening his cover corner skills all day everyday like he should be.

Arnette is a punk thug swaggy gangsta wannabe. He's a liability that's constantly targeted on 3rd and long because the opposing coaches and quarterbacks know he'll panic and grab, draw flags & move the chains. Rant over... Sigh.

Comment 01 Apr 2019

Hmmm interesting, but if we’re taking back former Thad players...can we have the white kid with the crazy hair that looked like sideshow Bob instead? I forget his name but he could really shoot and I appreciated his enthusiasm a lot more.