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Will Rashon Gary Follow Nick Bosa's Lead?

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October 29, 2018 at 4:26pm

Current rumors coming out of Ann Arbor, and now the national sports media, contend that TTUN's Rashan Gary, who has a nagging shoulder injury, has been sitting out recent games, and may sit out against Penn State this week (and possibly beyond), mostly to protect his future NFL prospects. 

In fact, the possibility now looms that he just might choose to 'shut it down' for the remainder of the 2018 season in order to prepare for the combine. To that end, Gary's station is eerily similar to Bosa's: 

1) He plays on a team with viable aspirations to win a National Championship;
2) while Gary's injury features a different body part than Bosa's and might not be as severe, it's actually more susceptible to re-injury and thereby compromising his draft prospects; and
3) Gary is expected to be a top five draft pick, just like Bosa. 

Putting aside fan loyalties for a moment, is there any reason to criticize Gary (or any other college player) if he, or they, chose to call it quits like Bosa?

Conversely, if Gary doesn't shut it down, does he deserve more praise than Bosa for backing up his claims to put his team first, as well as sacrifice, brotherhood, and many of the other values that are used to sell tickets to fans? 

In addition, at some point, is it fair for fans to cheer for their own self-interest (i.e., watching great football games on Saturdays and wanting their home team to win with a college football product that hasn't been watered down) vs. cheering for the bank accounts of players who pursue their own self-interests while compromising the aforementioned interests of fans?  

Needless to say, for practical reasons, many Ohio State fans would be happy to see Gary on the sidelines for "The Game," if not working out with Bosa in California as they prep for the NFL Combine, but personally, I'd rather seem him on the field, thereby beating the best that TTUN has to offer. 

In any case, what are YOUR thoughts? 

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