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Comment 15 Jan 2020

I can't say I'm surprised given the level of depth and competition at the position, but good for Williams for taking a shot. He'll be no worse off for his time spent with the Buckeye's program (just ask Joe Burrow).

Comment 08 Jan 2020

I see it the same--nobody's gonna run on that front. Like you, I have a hunch the D might let up more pass yards but get more INTs. Of course, some of that depends on the pass rush, which I expect to be strong and has potential to be better than '19--even with Chase's exit.

Neither of us said much about the LBs, but there's no reason to believe they won't be better given their collective experience (not to mention being two years removed from Billy Davis), plus the fact that I suspect Mitchell is going to emerge as a big-time, difference-making terror.

Comment 08 Jan 2020

Big boom! And welcome aboard--you made the right choice, Donavan. Speaking of which...

I thought Ryan Day's performance in his first year, both as a coach and as a recruite9 would be critical to landing a great 2021 class and sustaining success into the future.

Sure enough, OSU is on its way to signing what might be their first #1 ranked class of recruits.

Towards that end, while a 2019 National Championship would have been ideal, the 2021 recruits have eyes, and they could see for themselves that referees stole the playoff game from a better team with better players who are better pro prospects overall.

In short, they could see where the arrow is pointing in college football, and it's decidedly upwards. for the Buckeyes Jackson's signing adds to that growing perception, and better still, his contribution will help to assure the reality.

Comment 06 Jan 2020
My only question about the D is the CB play. The talent is there, but it will be tough to match the combo of Arnette and Okudah. To that end, hiring Coombs would shore up this position, while the rest of the D might compensate for not having Okudah or Chase. The scheme will be similar, so the only remaining question is a coordinator / motivator / recruiter to match Hafley, and again, that could be Coombs.
Comment 04 Jan 2020
Add Coombs + Wade and while it might be diificult to match this year's DB performance, there's every reason to believe the falloff won't be too critical next year. I assume Werner will declare for the draft, but if not, another piece of the coverage puzzle will remain intact. I'm confident Proctor will become a star--maybe sooner than later--which means a couple of other guys need to step up to the plate. The talent is certainly there, and again, having Coombs coaching them up would greatly speed their development.
Comment 04 Jan 2020
Boom! So here's the setting: It's the 2020 National Championship Game. The Buckeyes are beating Clemson so badly that Herbstreit announces his retirement in disgust at halftime while the SEC refs scour the rules book for a forfeit clause. Now flash forward to the very last play of the game. Ryan Day sends Wade back into the game and sure enough, he gets called for the most wicked and devastating targeting ever known to college football, except it's not on a Clemson player--instead he takes out--you guessed it--Ken Williamson, the referee! Then it's on to the NFL as the first pick in the 2021 draft.
Comment 02 Jan 2020

Man, it sure would be nice to get Wade back--it could be the difference between a re-load vs. a re-build for the DBs, and maybe even the difference between a National Championship... or not. As it turns out, he might have been the difference between getting a National Championship--or not--in 2019.

Personally, I thought Wade was the most important member of the 2019 defense, if not the best. I'm fairly confident about the Buckeyes being as good at LB and on the DL. Granted, there will be no Chase Young, but the combination of talent could be better, and there's no reason to believe they'll take a big step backwards on offense. I think the O line will be even better; the WRs will be as talented and deep as ever; and I suspect Teague will emerge (despite a disappointing Clemson game, IMHO).

But linchpin could be Wade, and I think the difference for him will be between being a possible late 1st round or 2nd pick this year vs. being an early 1st rounder next year.

I'd cry over the spilled milk of Clark Phillip's decommitment, but, hey, Kyle Whittingham made his bed and now he'll have to sleep in an after-thought conference in an after-thought program for 3 or 4 years.

Comment 30 Dec 2019
There you go---it's now official--Ohio State won 30-29. Aybody who argues otherwise is as probably irrational as someone who insists that 1 + 1 doesn't equal two just because an SEC official said so (and of you disagree then it's somehow your fault for not coming up with a new equation). Bottom line: A win was stolen from the better team, and yes, there were other things that OSU could have done better to overcome it, but then, by the same logic you could say Clemson could have done a hundred different things to blowout the Buckeyes. Fact is 7 points conclusively matters in a 6 point game, and the refs blatantly gave one team 7 points on a single play (not to mention momentum). Oh, but I forgot--God loves Clemson and hate Ohio State, or so Reverend Swinney has proclaimed, and ESPN and the SEC clearly agree, because the good Lord wouldn't want to boost the biggest compeitor for ratings vs an afterthought team from a conference that nobody watches.
Comment 29 Dec 2019

Yeah, but he needs the makeup to hide what a fat ass he's become. I say people should enjoy the clown show, assuming they like clown shows. As for me, I've never been a fan of circuses, so he's a waste of space. Reads from the ESPN script with out an original thought in his head. Says nothing, Then he repeats it until he's given a new script.

His bafoonery is only matched or surpassed by his cartoon colleagues, from Fowler to Reece Davis, who both love to sniff ESPN's appointed jocks, don't they?

Comment 29 Dec 2019
Absolutely. The headline for this article actuslly should be "The Refs Come Up Short." I don't care how anybody slices it, if a receiver clearly clutches a ball and then clearly takes four steps before he's then stripped of the ball, it's s God damned catch. I was actually joking when I told someone--well, you know the refs are on the take if they reverse this call with the advantage of a replay that clearly establishedmd those four steps, but, geez, the way the refs are officiating this game, they probably will. Ha, ha, ha. But sure enough, they actually did reverse it, and that theft alone was the difference in the game. Sure, I could question Day or a few guys for various self-inflicted gaffes, but my stomach won't let me do it when I know the game was stolen from our guys by to the refs, plain and simple, as a matter of FACT, and F U to anybody that tries to gaslight anyone else into believing that call was remotely "debatable" in any fashion, and F U to anybody who says said truth is mere whining or they're supposed to ignore that blatant theft. One thing's for sure--I agree with the boycott of watching the illegitimate National Championship and/or contributing to the clown car of ESPN's broadcast coverage crew.
Comment 29 Dec 2019
I'm disappointed as a big fan of JK and the team, so I can imagine how it is for these guys living it every day. The killer is that these guys are better than Clemson, but too many self-inflicted wounds couldn't overcome too many referee-inflicted wounds. Speaking of which, I don't care what that fumble recovery looked like in real time of slow motion, if a guy cleatly clutches a ball and then takes FOUR DAMN STEPS (!!!!) before he's stripped of the ball, it's a God ddamned catch! That play alone is the difference in the game, but it wasn't the only one. What we didn't gift wrap to lucky old Clemson, the refs stole, and I don't care who says it's sour grapes--it'simply an exact description of what happened, which was 7 points stolen in plain sight. Oh, as an added gripe, no doubt, Wade's helmet hit Lawrence's , but at some point I"d like to see the rule changed and/or duly enforced so that if a QB actually sees a hit coming, targeting isn't called if he lowers or dips his head forward to use his helmet to protect himself against the defender (or whatever the Hell else Lawrence was doing---well, he was probably trying to draw a targeting penalty). One final note: I, for one, refuse to watch the National Championship and the clown car broadcast to gift wrap them any more ratings. I'm out. Joke.
Comment 26 Dec 2019

Interesting report per Andrew Ellis, Tampatom. If it's true, I agree that it's admirable that Day sorts these things out pretty quickly, clearly and to the point. It certainly exemplifies great executive-level qualities and leadership, all of which bodes well for his future and the future of the Buckeye's program.

As far as I can tell, it's also done wonders for Stud, who seems to be coaching and recruiting better than ever, and more generally speaking, seems to be a happier and far more confident guy.

Going back to last Spring, rather than appearing to be a nervous guy on the cusp of losing his job, I had this sense that Stud felt a new sense of autonomy, energy and enthusiasm.

To me, it seems more like Day both encouraged and challenged him to be better, as if to say, "hey, man--go be the boss of the O line. I've got your back. Rule it like it's your domain--your baby. Own it."

In other words, to me, it's almost as if Day didn't merely threaten him into being a better version of himself, but, I dunno, maybe "empowering" him would be a better word choice (or so it seems to me), and in some sort of way maybe it's liberated him from the long, imposing shadow cast by Urban Meyer.

BTW, I don't mean that as a knock on Meyer (who, after all, hired Stud)--I mean it more as a compliment to Day, who Meyer also hired and basically bequeathed to OSU fans as part of his legacy.

Thing is, today, a great coach needs to be a great CEO who can expertly manage all aspects of an organization to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness, which means having the discernment and guts to part ways with people when they're not good fits, no matter what their reputation (for reference, see Greg Schiano) or else developing and empowering coaches like Stud to be their best.

In the case of Yurcich, I can see how autonomy would be a bit more of a challenge for everyone involved. I mean, between Day, Wilson and Yurcich, those are three proven guys who all rightfully have tons of experience and confidence in their decision-making abilities, and it's easy to imagine how their chemistry could become combustive, even if everyone has the best intentions of being team players.   

I just hope they keep up the good work for two more games, and after that, best wishes to Yurcich per whatever he decides. Plus, assuming it's true that Day asked him to look around, then I'm fully confident that he already has a future plan in mind.

Comment 26 Dec 2019

Day's hiring of Mike Yurcich rightfully earned a big thumbs up from most Buckeye fans, and it clearly hasn't hurt the offense one bit in 2019. It also doesn't hurt recruiting efforts to have a QB coach/OC on staff with his sort of credentials.

At the same time, I have to say, Yurcich seems to have kept such a low profile that's it's been difficult to suss out his contribution, fit and feel for the OSU program, although it seems safe to assume that he's helped to keep the passing game humming along.

I dunno. Maybe he's just a low-key, low-profile kind of guy. Or maybe he's fit in so seamlessly that there's no reason to take notice.

In any case, I'm not sure what Herman is willing to pay him, but it's hard to imagine the Buckeyes wouldn't match any offer if they saw fit, in which case, if he decided to leave, then it would seem to point to Yurcich looking for an expanded role in the offense (although one wonders if Herman would give him as much decision-making input and latitude as Ryan Day?).

Or maybe it's some other factor, like simply preferring the weather in Austin?

In any case, it sure seems like it'd be a big advantage to keep someone like Yurcich on staff, especially if Kevin Wilson ever decided move on, but the good news is there's no reason to panic with Day and Wilson still on board for now, not to mention that we have every reason to believe that Day has the ability and resources to find and hire a suitable replacement.

Yurcich is valuable, but it wouldn't be as big a blow as losing Jeff Hafley since we're relatively deep in offensive coaching talent, experience and familiarity with the program.


Comment 26 Dec 2019

This is fantastic news for Buckeye fans, while I also think it's honestly the best decision for each of these guys, who (for various reasons) all stand to become first rounders next year.

I've been wondering what these guys might decide, and I hope this report is true, because I thought this would be pivotal in determining whether or not next the Buckeye's could threaten to repeat this year's success (maybe even becoming the first repeat National Champion since Nebraska, right?)

IMHO, OSU already has the best offensive line in college football here in 2019, but even with the exit of Jackson and Bowen, the 2020 unit has the potential to become the best offensive line in Buckeye history--maybe even better than that.

Personally, I've been champing at the bit to see a line-up that features Munford, Miller, Myers, Davis and Petit-Frere (although I'm fine if Matthew Jones and/or Paris Johnson crack the line-up, and I'm sure they'll see plenty of snaps).

As an added bonus, these guys will not only provide invaluable protection for Fields, as well as massive holes for Master Teague (presuming Dobbins leaves for the NFL, of course), but they'll provide excellent role models for younger guys, including a promising class of 2020 O-line recruits that will need some development (sans pressure to start right away).

Comment 23 Dec 2019

When you say "us," since I didn't exactly hear much of a chorus, are you just referring to small handful of illiterate trolls like you who don't know how to scroll down the page instead returning to my posts with an obsessive need to respond to me while pretending not to care?

If that's the case, sure, I'll continue my dissertations (btw, thanks for the post-graduate compliment), since, apparently, I didn't lose you at hello. Otherwise, you wouldn't still be responding to me long after we've exchanged hellos here and elsewhere, right?

See, you might think for a second or two about what you write before you write it, or else you'll embarrass yourself again as you show what everybody already knows: You're a well-established troll. So, as always, Troll Tide, Bucks19!