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Comment 13 hours ago
Thamel is a ghoul and one of the most hated writers in sports who's been salivating from the start for a canceled season just so he could claim a few crumbs of credit for being one of the first writers to say the season won't happen. It's a cheap, contrived gimmick on his part (almost as contrived as his writing), and for that reason I give him no credit (and hope the other conferences play, since, unlike Thamel, I'm not into being a gleeful hyena when it comes to player's dreams being crushed or disrupted). All you need to know about Thamel is that he's been defending and praising Kevin Warren for what a great job he's done handling this situation, and he's done so without making virtually a single objective or critical observation, as in, gee, the guy is just in a "no win" situation. Well, in one sense he's right--OSU and the rest of the Big Ten teams will not enjoy a single win this season. What a nice a self-fulfilling prophecy for Warren and his ass-kissing apostle Pete Thamel.
Comment 13 hours ago
I don't get why people aren't making a big, then biger, then the BIGGEST possible deal out of this obvious hypocrisy. It totally exposes the fact that Big Ten administrators are not treating players the same as they would treat their own kids, which will be used as the ultimate "smoking gun" argument against Big Ten teams in recruiting, for which we will have no defense.
Comment 13 Aug 2020

It's hard to any any of that, Dstacify (although this forum has its share of deniers). In fact, I almost wonder if the Sankey didn't anticipate that Warren would pull the plug early, which is exactly why (or at least one of the reasons why) they moved the start of their season back to September? 

We'll see, but the word already is out that coaches are working hard on recruits by slamming the Big Ten conference, sending the message that there's no guarantee the Big Ten will even play next year, on top of which, agents are apparently calling players and telling them they need to declare for the NFL (or transfer in the best interests of their future) because the Big Ten won't look after players' interests. 

if the SEC actually winds up playing, it'll be a total stroke of genius on Snakey's part, because it will not only see them cornering the market on dratings this fall with their new TV contract, but they'll have a HUGE advantage when it comes to recruiting, rankings, and TV ratings in the future vs. the Big Ten.

It just kills me that this comes at a time when the Big Ten seemed to be gaining so much ground on the SEC. This is a monumental setback (except for the deniers here, who appear to be ecstatic about spring ball)/ For now, it sure looks like Sankey totally outsmarted the Big Ten's dumbo commissioner.

And we're supposed to be the "smart" Power-Five conference?

Oh, but that's right, as a matter of fact, it's a Power-Three Conference. 

I cringe at the thought of future games against the SEC with all the cheers and signs from their fans calling the Big Ten teams "Quitters!" and "Sissies!" (you know it's coming), and then, worse, giving us beatdowns on the field as the talent gap between their conference and The Big Ten widens, possibly becoming far worse than the low point 10 or 20 years ago. 


Remember when "SEC speed" was a thing (relative to slow, untalented Big Ten teams)? I fear it may be making a comeback sooner than we imagine. 

Comment 12 Aug 2020

No, you wake up! (Okay, kidding--just wanted to voice a third-grade parrot response for kicks).

Seriously though, I never said Ryan Day should motivate his players with doubts--I just said it's a heckuva a motivator to tell kids things they either suspect isn't true, or will eventually discover isn't true, or they might not like this option, anyway, even if it happens.

In other words, I would avoid the negatives and focus on whatever genuine positives are available to discuss. 

I'm not alone in that opinion. We'll see how players react, and kudos to Day if he keeps them on board. No doubt, a bunch will buy into it, however, it doesn't take all that many transfers, exits to the NFL, or decommitments from recruits to see the program headed in the wrong direction. 

For the record, I did clearly say that Ryan Day has been dealt a bad hand (though no fault of his own), and to that extent, I feel genuine sympathy for him. This sucks. That said, IMHO, it's still a mistake for him to double down on something that even the most hopeful fan realizes has a pretty big chance of not happening in the first place. 

Look, it's not my job to pretend to do Ryan Day's job, so I won't. In fact, all I say is that if I were him, I'd continue to be him, which has been to be a guy that stays as positive as possible--i.e., he can emphasize OSU's still a great school, he'll still develop skills to the max, eventually this will pass (well maybe, barring the "New Normal" mantra), etc..

To that end, I presume that Ryan Day believes he's also being positive by cheering for Spring ball (it'd be absurd for me to think he's intentionally selling something negative), but IMHO, he's failing to account for the boy-who-cried-wolf syndrome and related fallout if/when Spring ball doesn't happen, on top of which, I think he'll lose credibility with whichever players, parents, fans and media (heck, even the former coach) who not only believe that the idea of Spring football is totally absurd, but they sincerely believe that it would betray a complete lack of concern for player safety (when combined with having to play a Fall schedule, too).

The other thing is, as crazy as it sounds, much of the serious talk surrounding Spring football is the possibility of a 5- or 6-game schedule with no playoffs or "post-season" whatsoever, which is a huge part of why players compete: They want to win conference and national championships. 

To me, I have no earthly idea how to spin that sort of season into a positive for players or anybody else, and to the extent that anybody does try to "spin' it as a positive, including Ryan Day, I believe they just might compromise their credibility. 

That's my opinion, and I don't think it's far-fetched at all or without any basis (again, ask Urban Meyer), or... even negative. So down vote me if you want--lots of people obviously feel differently, and they're free to do so. I'm pretty sure that's what this forum is made for. 

Comment 12 Aug 2020

Sorry you're so defensive, Defense, that you actually imagine that can stop you from being intrigued. Have at it. No permission is needed from me. My position is obvious, so don't be scared or chicken-little yourself.

Hope all you want and babble along the way. There's plenty of babble going around, and I'm just not buying the Spring football babble. 

Comment 12 Aug 2020

Shame on Day. He's gaslighting us and he knows it. There's not going to be any Spring football in FLU SEASON!!!

Sure, Day's been dealt a bad hand and one can argue that he has to make the most of it, i.e. teasing players and recruits with hopes of a frantasy Spring schedule that can never happen (if you can call this giving hope), but it's never good to double down on lies. 

As for what's really going on here, I think the Big Ten hopes to rope the other leagues to sign on to the Spring football hopium B.S., knowing that, of course, Spring will be canceled, at which time, they'll promise you Fall of 2021, for which there's also no guarantee.

Remember, this is the "New Normal," so... get on your knees, everyone. 

In any case, shame I Day, who I previously admired, but he's starting to peeve me off by shamelessly lying when he knows better. 

I didn't imagine the Day, er, day would come when I'd say, "Geez, Ryan Day... what a big, fat unabashed d-bag-jag!" but here we are.

Just don't blame me. I didn't ask him to lie, but he's lying just the same, and again, he absolutely KNOWS IT. 

Comment 12 Aug 2020

C'mon, Coop--you're in denial, which I fully understand, but let's be real here: Prepare yourself for the draft.  

I know you love the Buckeyes, but in your heart of hearts, you KNOW what you have to do already, right?

Or, okay, here's a backup suggestion--transfer to another school, such as a team in conference that cares about football, like the SEC. You know, the conference where Kevin Moron, er, Kevin Warren, is allowing his son to play at Mississippi State.

And BTW, isn't it great that the Big Ten Commissioner refuses to let Midwestern kids like you play ball, apparently because you're presumably unfit to play such a rough sport, or you're not smart enough or man enough to assume your own risks, yet he'll let his own son play where men are allowed to take risks?

Anyway, transferring to the SEC as a relatively older student worked pretty well for Joe Burrow, didn't it? 

The main thing is, there isn't gonna be Spring ball, Coop, and there's no guarantee that a 2021 season will EVER happen (I mean, in the Big Ten, of course), and besides, you don't want to play on a watered-down roster in a watered-down league, anyway, do you?

Your'e too good for that. All good players at OSU and elsewhere now KNOW they're too good to play in the Big Ten. 

As for fall of 2021, remember, we've been told this is a "New Normal," as in, forever, and if Covid is still here, which most so-called "experts" project to stick around for quite some time be (many say it will be two or three years at a minimum... any maybe always), then how would the decision-making factors change so as to arrive at a different conclusion, i.e., cancellation? 

There's just no guarantee, buddy.

Mind you, I hate to chase you away from the Buckeyes, but, hey, it's not me who's chasing you away--it's Kevin Moron and the whole conference. And unlike them, I care about the players like you, and it's BECAUSE I'm a Buckeye fan that I'm saying taking care of yourself--get the Hell out of here and fast!

Go where people care about football, and maybe even will pay your for it!

Otherwise... are you really going to trust YOUR FUTURE to the decision-making ability of greedy, money-grubbing, self-interested suits like Kevin Moron and Gene Smith regarding a possible cancellation of the 2021 season?

How did that work out for 2020?

Do you REALLY think they put your interests above their own bank accounts, or that somehow this will change next Spring or Fall?

I sure as heck wouldn't trust those clowns, and I sincerely wish better for you and the rest of the OSU players better than that.

As they say, fool me once, shame on you (and, no doubt, Kevin Moron fooled everyone with his 10 game schedule last week), but, alas, fool me twice, then guess who's to blame? 


Comment 12 Aug 2020

As a side note, I love Ryan Day, and I understand that he now has grave limits on what he can say or do (besides being as smart as he seems to be and taking a job elsewhere at the first available opportunity), but I hope he doesn't push the whole Spring ball hopium on players and fans too much, because he KNOWS it's not going to happen, and he'll lose all credibility, starting with me. 

IMHO... he needs to stop the Spring ball B.S. ASAP. Nobody's playing football up north in the heart of FLU SEASON!!! 

So stop your lying, Mr. Day. You're better than that (or so I've presumed), and I really don't want to be disgusted with you, too. 

PLEASE: Do NOT gaslight your own players and fans, who know better. We've had enough of this garbage already, and to the extent that you sell this nonsense, you join yourself at the hip with Keven Moron and Gene Smith (which isn't a good place to be), bearing in mind that only days ago, they were knowingly lying through their teeth about a 10-game Fall schedule. 

Comment 12 Aug 2020

They may be eligible but 1) Spring ball is never going to happen and all of these a-holes know it (sorry, but I can't stand anybody who knowingly and willfully gaslights people); and 2) sadly, I expect more than a few players who 'might' be eligible to opt for decomitting and joining a conference that actually cares about football. 

Unfortunately, thanks to Gene Smith and the Big Ten, any claims that OSU makes to caring about football as much as the ACC, SEC and Bib 12 are false. Our recruiters will be forced to lie to recruits when they express concern about OSU's commitment to football, but here's the thing...

Recruits don't trust liars, the problem being, if our coaches tell them the truth--i.e., "Yeah, I have to admit that the facts speak for themselves and we really don't care as much as other programs," well, that's a Helluva sales pitch.

Fact is, as much as a buckeye fan as I am, if I'm being honest, if I had a son that was a 5-star prospect, there's no way I'd send him to OSU... not if he wants to play with a top-notch program.

Funny how Smith turned OSU into a potential B-level program overnight after more than a century of asserting itself as possible THE best program in college football history.

I guess this is the kind of thing that happens when you totally ignore your players, their parents, the whole coaching staff, not to mention this little thing called your fan base. 

But, hey, we'll still probably be the best team in the Big Ten!

And I'm pretty sure our Pee Wee League is still better than the Mac... right?

Granted, it's not like the Big 12 or anything--I mean, those guys mean business! They're scary. And those teams down south--geez, we shouldn't even be allowed to play them anymore. It's like playing grown men, and it's unfair for Pee Wee Leaguers to ever face them. 

We might catch flu or even get gully scratches on our bodies. Owwwie!

Okay, hate what I have to say above all you want, but don't kid yourself that this isn't what everyone in those other leagues will be saying (are already saying), as well as every recruit in the high schools where those teams are located (and their schoolmates), none of whom now want to be embarrassed by associating themselves with the Big Ten. 

People can pretend to perceive this situation however they wish, but most ballplayers will see this conference and its programs as unsupportive at best, and cowardly at worst (probably the latter for most), and cowardliness just doesn't square up well with the notion of strapping on a helmet then slamming your body at full into somebody who's possibly twice your size and just as fast. 

Comment 12 Aug 2020

Kevin Moron. He just made a decision that will eventually un-do the Big Ten. In fact, I hope it does. 

Of course, he'll enjoy his paychecks as OSU (and the rest of the Big Ten) will have to struggle mightily to re-gain the momentum of its various programs over the past 5-10 years.

Fortunately, poor leadership and pathetic decisions like this inevitably will lead to the smarter and relatively more savvy schools realizing that they're better off being relatively independent and/or having greater control over their destinies within other conferences than dealing with the heavy-handedness of a second-rate conference that hires second rate commissioners. 

If nothing else, I'm pretty sure Nebraska the whole the whole state of Nebraska agrees with me. 

Comment 12 Aug 2020

I wonder how many OSU fans defending this decision will be cheering on if the Buckeyes recruiting class drops from an unprecedented #1 to, oh, an #12 or #15 or maybe even an unprecedented drop to #20?

The report that a major recruit doesn't want to sign with a Big Ten team because he wants to play in a league that "supports football" is one of the older comments we'll hear.

Get ready to cringe at the depth, breadth and intensity of insults Big Ten fans, players and potential recruits are going to hear, because it's coming, and the worst part is that nobody is going to have a defense for it. 

Yep, the Big Ten has officially conceded that it's a second-rate conference (and thus should be a secondary consideration for any serious recruit), because at places like the SEC, it really does matter more. Who could dispute that? 

Get players just don't want to play for teams and conferences where winning doesn't matter as much--heck, forget winning, simply playing doesn't matter as much. And while Smith and company can brag about all the money they make in the Big Ten per their TV contract, they better not expect big numbers next time out.

Anybody who thinks the TV execs won't use this against the Big Ten in bargaining are nuts (no matter how hypocritical their arguments might be). Plus, fans don't like to be associated with an inferior product, so not only is their disgust now, but imagine how much the disgust will build as the Big Ten increasingly loses tons of great recess, which is bounds to translate to poorer performances and losses, losses, and more losses.

Note to Big Ten: Nobody likes to watch losers. 

Comment 11 Aug 2020
If Ryan Day doesn't leave (while his value is at a max), he's not as smart as I thought he was I guess we'll see, especially if his current recruiting class falls apart. At that point, I can't imagine he wouldn't leave for a better opportunity, and on his way out, he'd tell Gene Smith, "it's your mess--you clean it up!" Guys like Hartline will have options to head elsewhere, while Coach Johnson will probably pack his bags for retirement. Of course, at that point, Smith will retire, knowing it will be tough to attract the same high level of coaches to join the wussy pee wee league of the Big Ten.
Comment 11 Aug 2020
Besides the fact that it's highly unlikelyany spring ball will be played anyway (in the heart of flu season?!!!), let me be the first to say what players, coaches, fans and critics from other conferences will be labelling spring football: PEE WEE LEAGIE FOOTBALL! Get ready to hear that Spring Ball's for sissies, because it's coming. In fact, people are kidding themselves if they don't think players, coaches and recruiters from other conferences will be mercilessly teasing OSU players for playing in a sissy league at a sissy school. Who wants to at for that? Not any 5 stars who don't want their dreams crushed by bureaucrats. Yeah, it might not be right, but I'm just being real about what inevitably will happen, and I just hate the fact that our guys will be defenseless, being forced to confess, "Yeah, I've gotta admit--we've got a bunch wimps running our program who don't care about players at all, but boy oh boy do they love their paychecks." Nobody has to like it, but I say anybody who doesn't think that this going to happen--thst it probably already IS happening--is delusional.
Comment 11 Aug 2020
One man"s opinion here: Fire him. Oh, but that's right--the only people who can fire him are the ones he's kneeling to! Still, for what it"s worth, if the worst decision any OSU Athletic Director has ever made or supported isn't enough to get a guy fired, I don't know what is. I know many will disagree, and time will tell, but I think that we're going to see a flood of decommitments and transfers, relatively poor recruiting in upcoming years (vs the standard that has been set), the loss of OSU's first #1 recruiting class, a great shot at a National Championship in 2020 with dwindling prospects in the future, all of Ryan Day"s hard work un-done (and his career taking a potentially irreparable step backwards), etc., etc., etc. I honestly don't think the repercussions of this abysmal decision and total lack of leadership (or a spine) can be exaggerated (that is, assuming the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 move forward with the season... TBD). Some will see this as alarmist, but I respectively disagree and obviously think those critics are too focused on what's happening right now vs stepping back and seeing the big picture. Thing is, I'm not sure how people can emphasize how much goes into every single season and how critical that is for the program and its future (and they're right), but then turn around and shrug their shoulders as if canceling the season will be a mere temporary blip. I think Gene Smith just wrote a tragic epitaph for himself. How sad--not even fighting for OSU's players and their parents (no matter what show he puts on, it will forever be chiseled in stone that he turned his back on them and killed their dreams, so who could blame them for turning their backs on him and leaving the program?) And for what? Taking orders from a (now) de facto second-rate conference that probably won't exist in ten years? Remember how Urban Meyer used to say, "when I needed you most, you gave me your best?" Well, when the players needed Smith most, he shot them in their backs, giving the clear message that their lives don't matter, but his paycheck sure does.
Comment 11 Aug 2020

Kudos to those conferences if they pull it off.

I hate to to say it, but the Big 10 deserves every last bit of criticism it receives, as well as ratings and revenue losses, not to mention losing a good chunk of recruits / transfers--kids who'd now rather go to, I dunno, Wake Forest rather than a Big school because at least they'll get to play, while also knowing that players come first (as in, what the players, their parents, and the coaches themselves actually say they want as opposed to the patronizing morons in suits who presume to know what's best for them).  

I get it--the administrators don't want to take the risk that they allege exists, but shame on them anyway for putting themselves first (not to mention bungling the way they've handled any and all of this), and shame on OSU if it doesn't break away from the Big Ten (for at least one year) and arrange to play with any programs or leagues that actually still have a sack. 

Hmm... if making the move to the SEC worked out for Joe Burrow, maybe, just maybe...

Well, for now, I'm personally embarrassed to be associated with the Big 10 (especially Kevin Moron, er, Kevin Warren), and I just hope my embarrassment doesn't extend to the Buckeyes. Meanwhile, I never thought I'd say it (and I don't care how many down votes I get for it), but ... go SEC! 

Comment 11 Aug 2020

Sorry, buddy, but not everybody eats whatever's served on their plate.

In fact, that's kinduva suicidal attitude, isn't it?

But, look, I have no idea what's in your head and don't feel any need to make any bets about it, but it wouldn't surprise me if you're feeling the need to find a ledge right now, since in my experience, the sorta people who claim to know what complete strangers think or will do tend to have problems with what the shrinks call projection.

You might want to check on that, but then, hey, that's your problem... or not. See, I don't need to pretend to know what you or anybody else thinks. In fact, that's one reason to visit a site like this--see what other people think rather than tell them what they think. 

As for me, I'd have no problem turning off the tube.

As it is, I barely watch any TV, ever. College football is one of the few exceptions, and whereas I used to be an avid baseball fan who watched tons of ballgames (yeah, when I grew up, I knew every ballplayer's batting stance, and so on), when the baseball strikes happened in the 1990s, I said no thanks to that garbage, then... voila!

I never returned. 

It's really not hard to do. Just turn off the TV set. Don't watch. 

I hear they've even got these things called remote controls now, so all you've gotta do is push a button and then the whole darned machine turns off.

It's like magic (but here's a little tip: make sure you control the remote rather than versa).

Kidding aside, I've caught a baseball game or two over the years, but that's literally it. As in, it's no exaggeration to say my viewership has gone down 99.99%. Maybe more than that. And I haven't missed it at all. In fact, the few times I've returned to watch ballgames, I realized how boring the product was that I used to watch.

By the way, I'm not alone, and baseball is steadily degenerating to relative irrelevance.

Basketball's a pretty similar story. I used to catch lots of games, but then there was way to much politics and preaching and preening, so I turned it off. Today, you couldn't get me to watch if you paid me. 

Again, it's easy to do. Heck, with all of the money and politics now polluting pro football, I've been slowly but surely pulling the plug, and I definitely won't be watching this fall. 

In the mean time, if current trends continue. I'm guessing the same would hold true for college football.

Believe it or not, nobody has to watch any of this. Why, the last time I checked, some people don't watch at all and never have, and they carry on with their lives just fine--probably a lot less wastefully, too, and with no need for reflexively think about jumping off of ledges (which, as an FYI, reflexively came to your mind). 

See, the thing is, when you or anybody else jumps off the ledge from watching baseball, basketball, or anything else on TV, life doesn't end. You don't fall into oblivion. 

Guess what? 

There's actually plenty other stuff to do, and if you personally can't find it, then I'd simply urge you to try to find other things to do. Maybe get a life or something, since that just might be the problem.

But if you can't do that, well...

Maybe you oughtta step out on a ledge.

I dunno, since I can't speak for you. 

Meanwhile, speak for yourself. 

In fact, you just did, and since it seems to speak volumes, you might want to take note of what reflexively comes to your mind. Or... not.