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Bye Week Look Ahead to 2019 Depth Chart/schedule Preview

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October 28, 2018 at 3:34pm

With the bye week I was looking ahead to the 2019 depth chart, some spots are hard with what I think will be hard NFL decisions. Lets predict we go to the Rose Bowl and miss the playoffs. This will give a small boost in people coming back for "unfinished business"

QB- 1. Haskins 2. Martell, I think Haskins will be back a weak QB class could tempt him but he could become an easy #1 pick if he develops well next year.

RB- 1.Dobbins 2. Master Teague 3.Brian Snead-Dobbins will get the vast majority of touches especially in close games, I could see him catching it alot next year         

WR- 1.Mack 2. Chris Olave    WR-1.Bin Victor 2.Jaylen Harris- If Haskins is back I think Mack and Victor will also be back.

H-back- 1.KJ Hill 2. McCall/Jaelin Gill-KJ Hill and Michael Jordan are the biggest question mark but lets say KJ is back, if he isn't who knows who it will be               

 LT 1.Munford 2.Alabi-Solid     RT 1.Petit-Frere 2.Wray-The coaches put PF at RT knowing he can take over for Prince after he graduates, if he is as good as everybody thinks we will have two great athletic tackles.                                                     

 Interior OL- this is by the hardest to project, both Gs are gone and Michael Jordan will have a decision to make, he is playing C now which he probably wont in the NFL due to his height. If he comes back expect LG Josh Myers C Jordan and RG Wyatt Davis but if he isn't back it would likely be some combination of Josh Myers Matt Jones and Wyatt Davis. If Jordan is back though this will be an elite offensive line.

On paper this will be a great offense and potentially best under Urban if the players I predicted to come back all do. Most of the decisions on this side of the ball are to be mid round picks, so if we miss the playoffs hopefully most will come back. If Haskins comes back I think others will follow. Have to be excited about this talent though.

DE 1. Chase Young 2. Tyreke Smith DE 1. Jonathan Cooper 2. Jashon Cornell-Exact same as it is now, Chase will be playing for a lot of money.                                     

DT 1.Taron Vincent 2.Haskell Garett DT 1.Robert Landers 2.Davon Hamilton/Tommy Togiai- This will be by far the most talented position on the roster. Antwaun Jackson will also be in the mix. Elite D-line                                                                           

 OLB 1.Pete Werner 2.? -I think Werner could have the biggest improvement on the whole team. His problems come from lack of experience and could be much stronger, with better development from the coaching staff he could be awesome next year 

 MLB 1. Baron Browning/Tuf Borland -Tuf won't be recovering from a torn achilles next year and Baron will be in his third year                                                           

OLB 1.Malik Harrison 2.Keandre Jones-Another young LB who will gain experience before next year                                                                                                       

CB 1. Okudah 2. Marcus Williamson CB 1. Shaun Wade 2. Damon Arnette?-No way Damon Arnette leaves early right? or starts next year right? Okudah and Wade could be our best corner tandem if Taver Johnson works out                                       

Safety 1.Isaiah Pryor 2.Jahsen Wint    Safety 1.Josh Proctor 2.Amir Riep-Jordan Fuller will be gone, Pryor has improved over the season and I think Proctor being a better athlete than the other guys will give him the spot, I would be fine with Riep as well he moved to safety from corner this past offseason. 

The defense is much more questionable after recent performances. I am not a the sky is falling guy and I think the coaches know what they are doing and people expect a brand new defensive scheme every week if it didn't work last game which just isn't possible. The LB's and their coach are the weak point right now but they are all young and will all be back, improved coaching with more experience and another year of lifting could do wonders for this group. Our corners will be uber talented our safeties are a little scary though. The D line will once again be insane and our DT depth will be disgusting.

Schedule- No big nonconference game with TCU wanting to play in Jerryworld this year. There will also be 2 bye weeks next year for everybody. Penn State is the week before Michigan because apparently a Michigan alum is in charge of scheduling. Michigan will be better next year than this year

5 hardest game 1.@Michigan 2.PSU 3.Wisconsin 4.MSU 5.@nebraska

Not that bad of a schedule but not looking forward to PSU,@UM back to back.

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