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I Feel We Are at a Huge Crossroads Now.. It Will Either Be a Glorious Return to Indy.. or the Sequel to the 1999 Collapse

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October 25, 2018 at 9:31am

I'm having a hard time trying to guess which way this season will go at this point.. we have a strong track record or bringing the heat once we have lost a game.. even when we lost our shot at the playoffs as in 2015 and even last year...  but I'm sensing that the mojo is just not there for these units and our flight or fight reflex is flight first for the first time in a long time.. (maybe)... 

1999 was really a similar situation... we just flat out quit in November and lost three straight...  I would hate to see that and to me that would usher in the Matt Campbell era... but at this point it's on the table..  

I hope we pull it together and do what we have done so many times... and the potential and talent are certainly there... but is the fire there as Ramzy pointed out in his weekly piece... I'm not sure it is.. and I'm not so sure the players want to win badly enough... and you have TTUN who is on an absolute mission to take us down.. in our place and go Indy and the CFP for the first time... It's Rocky II... and Adrian is in a comma... will she wake up and tell Rocky to "Win".. or not... that's the question.. 



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