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Roy Roychoudhury is a 1994 graduate of the Honors Accounting Program at The Ohio State University. Roy grew up in Marysville, Ohio loving the Buckeyes. Whether it was counting down the months, days, minutes, then seconds to the Michigan game, or sitting on the edge of his seat listening to the Buckeyes on the radio with his brother, Roy has always had a strong passion for sports, and particularly the Buckeyes. The idea for these books germinated when Roy's youngest daughter, Maeve Anne Parker, was born. Roy's new mission was to put his older daughter Emerson, who was two at the time, to bed each night. Emerson started to ask Roy to tell her stories, and Roy shared the tales and legends that he knew best. Emerson was riveted with each one. Some of her favorites included the 1979 Ohio State Michigan Game (now The Buckeye Block Party), the 1985 Ohio State - Iowa game, the 1986 Masters, and Game 6 of the 1975 World Series. Roy's wife finally suggested that other fans would probably be interested in these stories as well, so they contacted a publisher and started this journey. These are his first children's books. Roy has always had an uncanny memory for remembering minute details and facts about a multitude of games and statistics. He flexed these muscles when he won his only game show appearance on Sports Geniuses which aired on Fox Sports in 1999. Roy lives in Ashburn, Virginia with is wife, Anya, daughters, Emerson and Maeve Anne Parker, and dalmatians, Jaysi Mae and Sally. Roy thrives on running. He starts nearly every day with a five mile jog. Starting in 2005, his dogs were his daily running buddies. Four years later, his daughters joined in the fun. In the true spirit of Woody Hayes, neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor fog, will stop him from completing his daily ritual.

If you would like to contact Roy, please feel free to email him at roy@buckeyekidsbooks.com.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Greatest sports moment for me was beating Michigan in the 1979 Ohio State / Michigan Game - it was the first time in my young life that I had actually watch them both:

    1. Score a TD against Michigan (We could not score a TD in 76, 77, 78)
    2. Beat Michigan

    I will never forget sharing the moment Jim Laughlin (or Mike D'Andrea for you black opps) blocked the punt and Todd Bell returned if for a TD. We beat Michigan and went to the Rose Bowl!

    A close second was the int on the 2 point conversion to beat Michigan last year. The reason.. my 4 year old daughter, Emerson, ran to me and knocked me down she was so excited. It was the first real great Ohio State moment I shared with my children. We both cried. Amazing.

    How firm thy friendship....
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Keith Byars / Chris Speilman / Cornelius Green / Cris Carter / Bosa Boyz
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Clark Kellogg / Carter Scott / Jim Smith / Jimmy Jackson / Mark Baker
  • NBA TEAM: 1976 76'ers
  • MLB TEAM: 1975 Reds

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Comment 15 Jan 2020

I’m pretty sure TCU backed out of the game this year -which is how we played UC -  but to be clear - has Alabama best Auburn - they get in over OU and miraculously LSU stays the 2 seed and we are the #1 seed playing Bama in the Fiesta Bowl... 

I used to really like Cowherd but he is so commercial now - nothing seems sincere

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Thanks for the kind words - both my daughters are actually top 30 world ranked golfers and the older one (11)has played AAU BBall in northern VA since she was in first grade - so it’s great they understand competition and the razor thin margin between success and defeat  

They have been raised in the crucible of Ohio State culture since they came out of the womb - so it’s fun to get to share these moments with them...

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Damn the 1979 AFC Championship Game and the Oiler TD thst wasn’t - replay has jumped the shark for some time in the NFL and now it’s like that in college A replay is the HOA in Del Boca Vista and has way overstepped their boundaries 

Comment 29 Dec 2019






need a lock down corner to emerge as well as a HR threat out of the backfield - and Zach needs to really improve over the off season to be a Chase Young type difference maker if we can get these - we are back in the playoffs next year and if not - will be a challenge to win the B G 

Comment 09 Dec 2019

This was very well done and accurate - if anything this will create some of the same motivation we had vs Alabama in 2014 which actually is the best thing we could ask for... bring it on I say - we’d have to beat them eventually anyway...  I’m pumped up - Go Bucks!

Comment 09 Dec 2019

It was more a function of JT not being able to throw the ball downfield - so the issue was more the loyalty to JTB... combined with the issues of Warriner and Beck... and Michael Jordan getting hurt early all led to a slow motion blowout...

look at our game vs TTUN - what in that game indicated that we could throw a pass downfield?

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Airfare is the big issue - seems like from DC - flights are $1200 round trip?    Was thinking about going but doesn’t seem like the airfare makes it a tough get with a family of 4... Wifey may strangle me if I booked these haha - anyone having any airfare luck?

Comment 23 Jul 2019

A lot of dads refuse to raise their daughters by encouraging critical thinking and being strong independent thinkers - they give them the Disney Princesses and then are angry when they grow up hating sports and engaging in mean girl behavior... they don’t raise their daughters with the same passion or motivation they would if they were a boy and then - those things are hard wired by age 10 and very hard to undo...