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It's The End Of The World As We Know It! (or is It?)

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October 22, 2018 at 6:04pm

A good well coached team should never get whooped like that...  makes you wonder if the Buckeyes are good and well coached...

I’m nervous as hell to play Sparty and TTUN.

The difference between Alabama and the buckeyes is Alabama will never get drilled on the road by an unranked team!

Reality Outlook: no playoff this year, and the way this Jekyl & Hyde outfit is playing, that is probably for the best.

Urban is not as great coach for coaching college football games... This team is a reflection of their coach.

Since 2014 we have turned top level recruiting classes into weak performers against teams with a pulse. Embarrassing.

Outplayed and outcoached...........again.

Very very disappointed in Urban for past 2 years.  He can't fix things even when he keep saying he will.  He has hired mediocre coaches.  His philosophy of 'everything' needs to be looked at and changed.  maybe it worked years ago but when things don't you have to adjust... stop the excuses.. either change things or get out of the kitchen.

This has the hallmarks of a team that has quit on the staff.

Let's stop kidding ourselves......there is a chasm separating this Ohio State team from the true elites in college football right now, unless you prefer to simply believe what makes you feel better.

It's the staff.

Offensive line is @!$^%& offensive

i m not buying the excuses anymore... coaching is a major issue in spots... game calling the biggest issue...

One of the most frustrating games to watch ever

I miss Jim Tressel...

NEWS FLASH... none of these comments came this year... and every one of them came during a pretty good season that ended with at least a B1G and NY6 bowl championship (some came in a season that ended with a national championship)


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