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Comment 08 Feb 2019

While it's great to see 4 and 5 star players come to Ohio State, I trust the recruiting rankings of Mark Pantoni and company... they know who the right guys for this team are, and they'll go get them. Sometimes, they're high on a guy and they change their mind for whatever reason even if the recruiting experts still rank them highly. Kareem Walker is a perfect example.

Comment 08 Feb 2019

Yes, I believe the Buckeyes at the end of the year were good enough to beat anybody. Including Clemson. (also, if Bama and Clemson replayed that game 9 more times, Bama wins 7 of them probably... sometimes it's just not your day)

Next year, we have the chance to be a final four caliber team, but ONLY because we have an entirely new defensive staff which is showing great promise.  Had we retained last year's staff?  I believe it would have only been more of what we saw the last three years.

What is a final four caliber team, exactly? To be "final four caliber," I would assume that means you are good enough for final four consideration. I'm glad that the new staff will finally get us into consideration unlike the last three years when the Buckeyes apparently weren't "final four caliber" and didn't even have a chance. 

Comment 08 Feb 2019

at this point they are head and shoulders above Ohio State in football

That's a bit of a stretch...

A head above? Sure... I guess.

Head and shoulders? No.

Ohio State could have beat them this year. I don't doubt that for a second... and I don't care what they did in one game to Bama.

Comment 05 Feb 2019

I am going to chose not to make fun of Georgia's issues


as we currently only have 1 scholarship QB on our roster with eligibility for 2019.


Comment 28 Jan 2019



       by HOF selectors

From the College Football Hall of Fame:

A coach becomes eligible three years after retirement or immediately following retirement provided he is at least 70 years of age. Active coaches become eligible at 75 years of age. He must have been a head coach for a minimum of 10 years and coached at least 100 games with a .600 winning percentage*.

Doesn't seem that hard... especially for Buckeye coaches.

Also, If you haven't been, I fully recommend the College Football Hall of Fame as a fun place to kill a few hours when in Atlanta.

Comment 28 Jan 2019

As someone born in the early 80's, and as someone who started paying attention to Ohio State football in the early/mid 90's... thanks for sharing this!

I personally felt the 2018 victory over michigan was probably the most satisfying of my lifetime... even above 2006, 2001, or 1998. I'm sure this was due to the hype around the wolverines, the underdog status of the Buckeyes, and of course the final score. I can imagine fans and players felt the same way with those games from 72-74!