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75-80 Percent Pass Offense Needed

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October 14, 2018 at 12:24pm

Urban at his prior press conferences is always saying he wants balance between the run and the pass which he has said is about 50:50.  So, other teams hear Urban say this and are charting each play of the game.  So other D-Coordinators know that Urban will NOT pass 75-80 percent of the time because Urban is conservative and forces his run-pass play calling balance.  However, that is NOT working for Urban because he is being game planned by other D-Coordinators on his words of a 50-50 run-pass balance. 

The Buckeyes need to go to a 75-80 percent pass heavy offense since that is the strength of the offense.  A vertical and horizontal passing offense.  A 10-yard pass by Haskins is like a long handoff for him since he is such a good passer.  

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