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This Week's Question: So...is Any of This Fixable?

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October 14, 2018 at 8:00am

Here's what we've got through seven games (all wins! But still!)

  • The running game has gotten progressively worse every game since the home opener.
    • Not coincidentally, run-blocking has been a mess.
  • Defense looks like it's routinely playing with only 8 guys.
    • Not coincidentally, there are supposed to be three linebackers on the field.
  • Safety play has been...less that good.
  • In-game coaching has been a mess, from clock-management to situational play-calling to failing to make adjustments, allowing lesser teams to exploit this defense to embarrassing levels (while this bullet point was being typed, Minnesota threw another slant for a 1st down)

What can be fixed? What's Ohio State going to just have to live with and hope it doesn't cost them a game?

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