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Do Players Regret Their Decisions?

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September 17, 2018 at 9:41am

As I was watching the upsets come rolling in this weekend, and seeing a few teams go from 1 bad game to probably actually really bad, I started thinking about some of the players.  There are at least a couple players off the top of the my head that could definitely be on a better team right now.

First, I thought of Jaiden Woodbey, who as memory serves, flipped on a whim to FSU.  That decision seemed ill-advised at the time watching through my rose-colored glasses, but now I'm starting to think it was as stupid as it seemed.

Also, Tyjon Lindsey, a top wide receiver who flipped away from us to Nebraska and now has a walk-on QB throwing to him for exactly 1 reception so far this year totalling 6 yards.  I know there may have been some personal reasons as well, but my point stands.

My question is: I wonder if they have real regret for the fact that they play for losers now, that the situation might take most of their college career to fix, and that they might have to settle for trying to pad stats vs. winning championships?  I'm sure we'll never really know, but interesting to watch it unfold.

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