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Comment 7 hours ago

Love that we're still in the conversation for all these top targets.  What do we have for odds?

- Emeka - 90%

- JTT - 60%

- Leigh - 50%

- D Davis Jr. - 25%

- R Davis - 25%

Comment 16 Oct 2020

We have had fans of other teams visit here, such as VT fans from KeyPlay, and not get DV'd

In this very thread in fact:

Comment 15 Oct 2020

It sounds like you agree with me...but are not happy about it.

Yes, I agree other people misuse the DV button.

No, other people doing something wrong shouldn't be an excuse for you to also do that.

Comment 15 Oct 2020

Oh, and in case you forgot, it isn’t a dislike button:

There's a difference between what it was intended for and how it's used.  People violate the commenting policy all the time, but because they hold a majority opinion have more UVs than DVs.  For example something like "all UM fans are dick heads".  That's a clear commenting violation but will get UV by the majority here.

Ah the ole' "he did it first, mom" argument.  

Comment 15 Oct 2020

As an OSU fan living in MI, I head over to mgo a lot because if I want to talk college football 95% of the time it's with a UM fan.  

I would never dump on you for being here or for commenting.

However, I do reserve the right to point of your terrible takes and generally give you a ton of shit.

Comment 15 Oct 2020

Quick stat from the 2020 recruiting class:

Ohio State composite top 100 commits: 7

LSU composite top 100 commits: 9

Alabama composite top 100 commits: 10

Clemson composite top 100 commits: 10

ttun composite top 100 commits: 0

Comment 15 Oct 2020

Bold predictions indeed!  Holy wow if JSN were to lead this group of receivers, the future is BRIGHT!

Not sure I'm with Ramzy... this tweet was just a few months ago, doesn't seem real "head down" to me:

Comment 10 Oct 2020

Here's an interesting look at overall team talent rankings vs. final score spread in The Game over the last few years:

Interesting in that it follows pretty closely that if the talent rankings are further apart the game score tends to be as well.  

Also interesting that this years teams have a talent spread of 14, which is 5 more than last year, and the highest spread since these stats were tracked.

Using the line of best fit to extrapolate the expected scoring spread this year, you get a spread of 52 pts.

Comment 08 Oct 2020

Agreed, but if I got heckled out of posting and switched back to my alt account I'd be a little more careful of my tone as well.

Comment 30 Sep 2020

He said they do have a game that weekend, but don't know when.  If it's Friday then they're coming to Cbus.  If it's Saturday they won't.

Comment 29 Sep 2020

Looks like we went 4 for 4 on the players in question.  

Jalen Mayfield did decide to come back, but ratings wise he's nearly identical to Karsen Barnhart, and just a touch higher rated than Ryan Hayes depending on who he replaces.  Either way very little change to the numbers. 

Comment 21 Sep 2020

Funny side-note, but last week an opinion bubbled up in ttun-land that Joe Milton will be the next Cam Newton.  As you'd expect, they realized they need to "temper expectations" so now he's just the next Vince Young lol: