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Comment 3 hours ago

This ain't it.

Check out the tweet below referencing a head coach power ranking list heading into the season:

The article is linked here

If you don't have time to read, some interesting notes:

  • 1st - Dabo (ok)
  • 3rd - Jimbo Fisher (seems to have lost it a bit, but he's got history)
  • 5th - Brian Kelly (getting weirder)
  • 8th - Kyle Whittingham (mmmmmk)
  • 13th - Jim Harbaugh (not a terrible ranking, but I feel like there's someone I should've seen by now)
  • 15th - Mike Leach (What is happening?)
  • 18th - Pat Fitzgerald (whaaaaa???)
  • 20th - Mike Gundy (oh my)
  • 21st - Ryan Day 
Comment 19 May 2020

So many oddities in this article:

1. Best B1G WRs in the Jim Harbaugh era..... why though?!?!

2. Written by a ttun beat writer, and still only 1 ttun WR on the list (12. Nico Collins)

3. 2 receivers behind Nico: 18. KJ Hill who has nearly 3X as many receptions as Nico, and 19. Chris Olave who doubled Nico's sophomore TD total his sophomore year.

They're crazy.

Comment 13 May 2020

I never said any of this wasn't true.  I'm just saying the comment pattern pops up a lot.  No disagreement with with you.

Comment 13 May 2020

I'm as big a buckeye homer as anyone, but I always find this comment pattern amusing:

"[insider x] put in a [prediction tool Y] to the good guys"

"I've ALWAYS thought [insider x] was a really solid source... good guy... never wrong... loves his family..."


"[insider x] put in a [prediction tool Y] to [other school]"

"I've ALWAYS thought [insider x] was a huge idiot that knows nothing and poops on his own carpet."

Comment 05 May 2020

Is this true?  This was before THE GAME???  This is so awkward it was even hard to watch.

Comment 27 Apr 2020

Just had this thought yesterday.  The thing I feel like the fan base is most excited about is the insane rise of the WRs.  Looking at enjoying an offense that features Justin Fields breaking records throwing to Garret Wilson, Julian Fleming, Jameson Williams, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Gee Scott, Mookie Cooper, Maybe even Kam Babb?!

There exists another universe where we'd still be waiting on the senior class... ya'll remember this?  UF and Oregon State 2020?

Comment 24 Apr 2020

I've seen the bagmen comment a TON lately.  Aging like milk.

Comment 24 Apr 2020

Not throwing shade, but this is a bad situation and unbelievably widespread apparantly.

Comment 24 Apr 2020

Supposedly the CURRENT head athletic trainer knew about the abuse.  As far as I can find he has not been fired or suspended yet.  

Comment 21 Apr 2020

Hear me out, I'm pretty sure the decommit they were talking about is Brian Hartline.

Think about it, they said not to worry too much about it... because he hasn't played for tOSU in well over 10 years.

They said it might not even happen... because he's currently $550,000 plus bonuses to destroy everyone in his path.

Just think about it.

Comment 14 Apr 2020

The 2 players ttun has lost in the last 24 hours would be the 30th ranked recruiting class in the country on their own right now.

Comment 10 Apr 2020

When your marketing team names the twitter handle @xfl2020 you know they didn't think it'd last.