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The FINAL Debate over the Barrett vs Haskins Great Debate!

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September 16, 2018 at 7:03pm

I love 11w and during football season I check it everyday. This site is something we fans should truly appreciate as I think the staff does an excellent job covering everything Ohio State, but there is something that needs to stop, and that is the argument of Barrett vs Haskins and who was better! 

It’s really simple, neither is better than the other. They are both great athletes who do things different and offer different skill sets. What matters is their skill sets match the systems they are in. Barrett was obviously a better runner and won a lot of games with his legs and not his arm. Haskins will always be a better passer and win games with his arms and not his legs. If it was 3rd and 2 I know Barrett running it was almost an automatic 1st down, but not on 3rd and 10 where somebody with the skills of Haskins can lace a dart to a receiver 12 yards down the field. Same game, it just depends on the situation you are in of who is better.

Weve already seen this this year with Martell, he obviously plays a different game than Haskins, but if the system and play calling fits then it’s good. The offense had to evolve with your personnel. Barrett was never going to be a prolific passer, but I do remember the nickname “The Distributor” being thrown around. We never called him “The Deep Ball Barrett” for a reason. He could dunk and dunk and run. That was his game.  Haskins plays a whole different style and you can see it with the play calling. We are no longer forcing a square peg in a round hole. 

Can we please stop trying to compare the 2? Maybe instead look at what the offensive scheme was. I know if we needed a yard or 2 I wouldn’t feel uneasy with JTB, but if we need 10 or more give me Haskins. Apples and oranges are different, maybe we should just enjoy the fruit instead. 

I’m happy with Haskins as the play caller and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Just remember JTB did his thing in his time, now it’s haskins time so let’s enjoy it and stop living in the past about what coulda, woulda, shoulda been because we really will never know. We may only get Haskins this year so let’s compare him to the only person we really can.... himself from game to game

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