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Jeff Snook's Latest: Calling on Drake/OSU to Be CLEAR About the DV Findings

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August 26, 2018 at 8:37am

From Jeff's Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10211987675436079&id=1498798014&__tn__=K-R

I'm planning on emailing President Drake *RESPECTFULLY* asking him to step up and issue a statement defending the findings of his $500,000 report. At least someone in the BoT ALREADY did. If he can't or won't do it... they SHOULD (officially) say something. 

Enough is enough.

After two solid days of watching (ESPN) and reading reports in the national media which vilify Ohio State in every forum possible for not firing Urban Meyer, it’s past time school president Michael Drake responds with a statement.

Everyone outside the state still believes Meyer was suspended only three games for covering up domestic violence committed by a former assistant coach, and therein lies the problem.

First, let me state that any university president has the right to suspend or fire any athletic employee. But in doing so, he/she must be clear, concise and accurate when explaining publicly the reasoning for such discipline.

And there is no disputing that Drake botched this part.

And just as Drake claimed Meyer failed in his Big Ten press conference on July 24, Drake himself failed miserably in Wednesday night’s press conference in front of the entire nation. He never clearly and extensively stated the reason(s) for Meyer’s suspension, leaving the country still to believe that it was for covering up alleged domestic abuse by ex-receivers coach Zach Smith.

And for that, the university’s image is now suffering greatly.

That’s on Drake.

According to the 23-page report, (see page 17, Section IV, B4, B5) Meyer and athletic director Gene Smith were not negligent in the overriding element of the origin of the investigation. The report also included Meyer telling Smith in October, 2015: “If you hit her, you are gone.” Gene Smith also told the assistant coach he would be fired if charges were fired.

Subsequently, Meyer and Gene Smith were suspended for reasons pertaining to their monitoring and discipline related to Zach Smith and for relying solely on the Powell Police department’s conclusions that domestic violence could not be proven in the first place. As Gene Smith’s lawyer, Rex Elliott, stated Thursday night, Gene Smith constantly communicated with the school’s Title IX compliance officer about the alleged 2015 incident and ordered the OSU police to monitor the Powell police investigation. He concluded that his client and Meyer were suspended solely “to appease the lynch mob.”

To cut to the chase, the six-panel report concluded, Zach Smith either never should have been hired in the first place or fired much earlier than his July 23 termination.

But it had nothing to do with covering up alleged domestic violence (there were no charges).

It’s time for Drake to act and stop the bleeding.

Just as Meyer issued an apology Friday, Drake needs to now take further action. He needs to issue a statement immediately to clearly articulate and clarify the exact reasons Meyer and Smith were suspended. And since he has stood by silently and watched the nation ridicule the university which he leads, as well as his decision, it is now up is up to him to respond to it.

Furthermore, understand that the university president works for the school’s board of trustees and essentially, the taxpayers of Ohio. It is up to them to demand that their president be accountable and take the appropriate action in the best interests of the university.

Let me be clear: I am not advocating that Drake be questioned or harassed for his decision. Not at all. Again, he has a right to make that decision.

I am advocating that he be demanded to clarify his reasoning for such decision clearly and publicly. (Please share this post until the Ohio State University office of the president responds with the appropriate action).

Michael Drake’s contact information:


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