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Comment 27 Mar 2020

A good perspective. But as we've seen the last couple of years -- they can have a nice offense like that and score on us. But they CAN'T STOP/WON'T STOP Ryan Day's offense. We could see a lot of 60-30, 50-25, 45-40 types of games in the future. 

Comment 27 Mar 2020

He is a "one cut and go" back... initially, but when he's making people miss on the second and third levels he's got that skinny-wiggle to him.

He isn't running people over a la one-cut-and-go Carlos Hyde (and I think, Mike Webber and Miyan Williams). 

He reminds me a lot of Curtis Samuel in his first year as an RB backing up Zeke (appears to have good WR skills too). I'll take another Curtis Samuel all day and 2x on Sunday. 

Comment 08 Mar 2020

Pep Hamilton is as good as an offensive play caller as he was at TTUN.

That is the primary problem.

Cardale needs to up his game, too, though.

Comment 19 Feb 2020

It always baffles me that, in almost every instance we've read about in public sexual abuse scandals -- the response is "WE MUST PROTECT THE INSTITUTION."  

And in every instance -- it makes things far, far, far, worse for the institution -- be it the Roman Catholic Church, Southern Baptist Churches, the Boy Scouts, PSU, MSU, OSU, TSUN, USA gymnastics, etc. etc.  

Had they only said (which seems like the most basic of ethics & even strategic intelligence): THIS THING WE FOUND OUT ABOUT IS VERY BAD AND WE'RE FIRING/GOING AFTER THE PERPS AND COMING TO THE AID OF THE VICTIMS. 

Somewhere along the line, we came to equate institutional loyalty/protection with leadership. This lead to the betrayal of the very values that we loved about the institution itself, the things that built it and made it worth valuing. 

Thank goodness for the whistleblowers and victims in those institutions that kept coming forward with the truth. That is a hard role to play - knowing the vitriol and re-victimization that comes from it. 

I don't wish these things upon my worst enemy. I only want TTUN to fail at sports (at least, in relation to us). 

A sad day indeed, for TTUN - and for all of us. 

Comment 18 Feb 2020

Would the Titans be an option?  They're gonna move on from Mariota and Tannehill is a similar type QB.

Put Andy on that team with that defense...he may be better than both those guys.

Plus, his work-ethic, grinder mentality would match well with Vrabel. 

Comment 18 Feb 2020

I think Gunnar Hoak wins the backup role because he’s had the most time in the offense, not because he has the most talent. 

It’s Ryan Day’s offense... a complex pro style offense... where Ryan said that Haskins wasn’t ready to start until the year he started. 

It takes time to get the mental aspects of this offense down. Gunnar has a huge leg up. I’d be surprised if a true freshman overtakes him. 

However, Fields did only have the same amount of time in the offense these guys are gonna have.  The difference is that he already had a year in college. 

QB is gonna be fun to watch for as long as Day is at OSU.

Comment 18 Feb 2020

He’s a great athlete...I hope he doesn’t end up a man without a home, like Brendon White (WR-LB-SS-Bullet-Rutgers).

Hubbard made the switch to TE before DE.  Rashod Berry made the switch from DE to TE (w/a little DE on the side).  

Maybe we are thin there or Stover sees the clearest path to the NFL for him is at TE. Our TEs are vital to the run game and I think we will continue to use them a little more in the pass game, following some NFL trends. 

Comment 15 Feb 2020

Man, McGloin was acting like a baby. Throwing tantrums on the sidelines about the plays almost from the jump. D.C. was obviously the better team and I don't think NY had a chance anyway. Not sure about the game plan, but McGloin's play didn't help.  The NY backup played better with the same OC calling plays.  If I were NY, I'd trade or cut McGloin tomorrow and go with the backup and find another developmental QB to add to the roster. McGloin is gonna be cancer on that team.

Comment 13 Feb 2020

Reports are the Shaw has practiced a good amount at corner this year. Johnson is athletic and Coombs recruited him out of HS. We may try the portal but I think Coombs can develop the talent we have on the roster. 

We may play more 2 safety or quarters coverage....more of Chris Ash’s defense that Coombs worked wonders in with the corners/DBs.

Williamson, to me, is the ideal slot corner. He was ahead of Reip before he got hurt. I think he steps in there. 


Comment 12 Feb 2020

Columbus would need an indoor facility to play in for a Spring League... I’ve even seen some inflatable temporary roofs over facilities, kind of like those inflatable athletic bubble dome practice facilities.  Put one of those over Mapfre stadium and you’re good to go! Either that or out the team in Indianapolis.

Comment 10 Feb 2020

I would support any minor-league Spring football team that had a good number of ex-Buckeye players on it. I think the XFL picked up on the "market the Defenders to Buckeye fans" and that was really smart.

People are loyal to players they supported in their college days. Put JT at QB, Jalin Marshall at WR, Jashon Cornell at DL, and Doran Grant and Damon Webb at DB... I'm coming to games & I'm a supporter.  Random dudes from Miami of Ohio... not really interested. 

Minor league football will be infinitely more successful if it capitalized on regional college loyalties.  Look at the "where are the now" articles like the one on Brian Rolle today. Look at the passion from the fanbase for following Joe Burrow.  Man, that interest, that passion = fans = success = money.

Comment 09 Feb 2020

If FICK wants to remain in the Midwest but also be at a Power 5 school, I honestly believe that there are better options for him and he should wait it out a couple years. MSU is a mess and might be hit with more sanctions. Also, the Big 10 East means facing OSU, TTUN, PSU, and rising (program wise) Indiana, Maryland, and Rutgers.   I think Luke’s best finish at MSU would be 2nd in the East. 

These jobs offer more promise/potential in the P5 Midwest, IMO (for various reasons, such as easier to win one’s division, etc). Odds are that one or more of them will come open in the next 2 years:

Notre Dame

Penn State












Comment 06 Feb 2020

Doesn’t OSU have a better location for these interviews than in the Wood when it’s being used...where it sounds like the Women’s Field Hockey Team was holding a high school clinic behind the curtain?  Kinda bush league planning. Let these guys have a quiet place and let us be able to hear their answers without a bunch of needless yelling in the background.

Comment 06 Feb 2020

Good thoughts. Like you, I see both sides. There are definitely different rules for different folks in this there are for many scenarios in our society. The playing field isn’t level.  

I mean, the whole sport is full of hypocrisy.  Billions of dollars flow through to these nonprofit institutions that pay millions to coaches and the players receive, at best, a “free” education (they work more than 40 hrs. Per week in major manual labor for this “free” schooling. I worked at Donatos to pay for college. I think I had it easier).

It would be hard to enter the portal and then try to return, surely provides for some awkward moments with the team. The same applies, I think, for a head coach interviewing and not getting a job. How does the team or recruits about your commitment to them? I get a Coach ... as leader of a team ... who wants to get everyone on the same page to accomplish a mission and the portal threatens that “team” unity.  But, if someone is unhappy with PT or thinks they’re better than they are, no motivational team goal is gonna have them all in anyway. 

I like the honesty of the portal.  A kid isn’t happy and wants to see for themselves if their self-evaluation is true or not. All kids think they should play more, or start.  

The portal, like the draft, tells you what your worth. I think a kid discovering their current team is actually the best situation for them is a gift for coaches. Coming back to the team actually can create bigger buy-in from right sized expectations based on objective reality.  Letting college b-ball players test the draft waters to see where they stand and come back is a good did wonders for Kaleb Wesson.

Why punish a kid for that?  If they come back, they’re gonna want to do what it takes to make their own self-evaluation a reality. They’ll adjust their expectations and  act accordingly.

 I’d totally tell a kid... without malice... “hey, here’s where you are right now as a player and this is what that means for your roll on the team this year. Do that 100% and you have a chance to earn a bigger role. If you feel differently, you can put your name in the portal and see what comes from that. If you do that and come back, you may set yourself back or someone may take the role you have now. There are no guarantees. We want you here if you want to stay, though. We are still Committed to you as a player.”