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Comment 14 Nov 2018

WASHINGTON STATE. lololololololololololololol.  The PAC 12 is trash.  

Second would be 2 loss LSU at 7. They're a good team but not #7 good. That's just SEC over-hype. 

Third would be West Virginia. I kinda understand it but the Big 12 isn't good on defense. 

Comment 14 Nov 2018

It seems like the logic of the article suggests Haskins should go. I mean, if his main competition for top QB drafted in 2019 is Hebert and he's staying at Oregon...then that makes Haskins likely the first QB taken in 2019, no?  His competition in 2020 is stiffer (Tua, Fromm, etc.).  

I think there's a chance he still returns. I'm 50/50 on it right now. Depends how the season finishes out. 

Here's Miller's TOP 10 (referred to in the article) without Haskins. Dwayne is a better pro prospect than every QB on this list, IMO).

1. Justin Herbert, Oregon

2. Daniel Jones, Duke

3. Will Grier, West Virginia

4. Drew Lock, Missouri

5. Jarrett Stidham, Auburn

6. Ryan Finley, NC State

7. Shea Patterson, Michigan

8. Brett Rypien, Boise State

9. Nick Fitzgerald, Mississippi State

10. Tyree Jackson, Buffalo

Comment 13 Nov 2018

TTUN will take better advantage of that because they have a legit QB and stud WRs. I hope we don’t do it too much. 

I actually feel that press-man in quarters is fine for us.  It’s press man-Cover 1 w/the LBs on the LOS where we get destroyed. As long as our LBs play normal depth, i think we can press man just fine.

Comment 13 Nov 2018

On Sparty’s first drive, we had them on 2nd and 11. Schiano had all the LBs walked up onto the LOS.  

Sparty had a check/audible for this situation. IF we leave all that green space, the WRs just immediately went to running slants w/a quick QB drop-back. The pressure doesn’t have time to get to to the QB and it’s super hard to defend a quick slant like that. 

MSU got 10 yards. I about lost my mind but i can’t remember Schiano putting everyone on the LOS like that again in the game.

Comment 12 Nov 2018

From a style of play perspective, yes.  Although with Patterson - the spread game and QB run is much more of a threat now.  

TTUN's offense matches well with our defense as its very similar to what Sparty does. TTUN is going to line up and try to outmuscle teams for the most part and then hit em w/play action. They're gonna wear you down all game so they can strike in the 4th Q. That's attitude. And I firmly believe TTUN believes it can do that to our defense.

Now, if our D plays like it did against Sparty, as I think it will. It should make for a good game. To me, this game is going to decide in the mid-late 3rd Q. The more physically fit and aggressive team will wear the other team down. Urban Meyer has largely beaten TTUN not on offensive prowess (save for 2015) but hitting harder and wearing them out.

Comment 11 Nov 2018

I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose your life and chosen profession.  

I’m worried for Zach though as this seems like mental illness, TBH.  No impulse control. I don’t think he’s lying but he is just balls to the wall crazy right now.

Comment 11 Nov 2018

It felt like Urban was back the whole game, even watching him pre-kickoff.  He looked comfortable again & connected to the team (as you said).

Maybe it's just taken this long for him to feel like he fits with this team and this season. 

Let's hope it pays off the next 3 weeks! 

Comment 11 Nov 2018

I don't care about sexy football, either. I care about winning. And aI always care about fight/fire/effort. We saw that from the whole team this week. 

The loss to Purdue would've sucked but been okay if we fought hard and the chips just didn't fall our way and we lost by a FG or TD or something. But we got dominated and played like trash.

You can lose...but leave it all on the field and make sure the other team remembers and respects your effort. Make them earn that win.

Comment 11 Nov 2018

I feel much better about facing TTUN after this game. I'm not saying I feel 100% certain that we will win. But I believe the Buckeyes will show up and fight like they did against Sparty. About the win? I hope you're right! 

Comment 11 Nov 2018

I really only thought the drops were ugly. Way too many. Dixon especially is better than that. And the offensive line was sometimes sloppy still. 

However, the whole time I felt we had the game. A good defense that you can count on does that for you. 

The rest just felt like a hard-hitting, good ole' fashioned B1G November matchup, a true chess game and a battle of wills. I didn't think this team had it in them, TBH, to go on the road and get hit in the mouth and punch back and keep punching until the other guy submitted. They do. 

Comment 11 Nov 2018

If I were Luke, I'd stay at Ohio State until a better program came Ohio State.

If that takes too long, I'd look at some other schools in the Top 10-20 range that while surely come open. 

Comment 11 Nov 2018

+1000, CowCat. I've said this dozens of times regarding this game but I'll say it again.

THIS was the best win of the year and the most satisfying.

It was B1G football in bad weather against a top 20 opponent on the road. The defense showed up. Mike Weber showed up. Sure, a couple dumb penalties and about 7 WR drops killed momentum and us winning like 36-6 but that's atypical of the offense. 

We were the aggressors the entire day. I never once thought we'd lose that game.

Comment 11 Nov 2018

This.  There was no need to play bail here.  There’s really no reason to play it hardly at all IF your linebackers are playing off the ball like they’re supposed to. 

We had Sparty at 2nd and 11 on the first drive and Schiano put everyone on the LOS. Sparty immediately checks to a “if OSU is dumb enough to leave all that grass run a slant play” — and they got 10 yards. About lost my mind. Schiano isn’t the genius I thought he was. He just had more NFL players in 2016.

Comment 11 Nov 2018

Pete’s been good in coverage all year, Dave for maybe Purdue where they had him on Moore.  It’s shedding blocks and containing the run that he’s struggled.

Comment 10 Nov 2018

If just Johnny Dixon catches the three drops he had like he normally does, Haskins throws for over 300 yards and two more TDS.  

Harder to catch the ball in cold weather. I think we may have had 7 drops on the day. That and Pridgeons two penalties killed promising drives. 

I was really pleased Weber ran for over 100 and 4.7 ypc. He’s our best back right now.

Comment 10 Nov 2018

Sorry, got my count wrong.  I agree with you! 

Comment 10 Nov 2018

LBs had their best game all season today. Thankfully. Let's hope they keep it up.

Comment 10 Nov 2018

Don't forget that Amir Reip is a solid #6 DB. 

But we finally found our best 5. Made a huge difference.