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Comment 8 hours ago

Chris Olave.  Everyone on that list is worthy.  Some of them, like Chase Young or Jeff Okudah. Others are pleasant surprises like Browning and Victor, welcome additions. Good to see Dobbins return to freshman form but he was still a 1000 yard back last year in split carry situation that produce 2000 yards. So, we were gonna be okay in the run game regardless.

But to me, while we knew Olave was good... he is our best all around threat as a WR as a young sophomore and one of the best ST players.  I didn’t expect that. Maybe next year but his all around game and maturity are impressive and tone setting. Importantly, he is Fields security blanket. Didn’t think he’d be that guy so soon. I expected that to be Mack or Hill.

Comment 8 hours ago

I have generally thought that criticism of Schiano is too much, but the three blowouts Clemson, Iowa, and Purdue) plus the Oklahoma 2017 point 2nd half fiasco were on his watch.  

Our offense couldn’t block Clemson and I put that more on Warinner. Clemson was the better team overall but we shouldn’t have been shut out.  

The other losses are on Greg IMO & his inability to adjust his scheme. The Oklahoma and Iowa losses were due to an inability to cover or slow down TEs and FBs. The Purdue loss was in leaving green grass for days for Rondale Moore to catch balls and run.  

Greg was so obsessed with creating pressure from everywhere and every conceivable way that those easy plays were there for the taking of the pressure didn’t make it to the QB. 

Those big losses don’t happen if Chris Ash is the defensive coordinator in 2016-2017-2018.  We may have still gone 2-2 in those games but we wouldn’t get blown out.  

Comment 14 Sep 2019

Your feelings are your feelings. I can understand the desire to protect your brother.  Consider different options that explain things rather than the “taking advantage of” scenario/motive your fears are driving you to think about this girl and thus limiting your options.

My advice would be that your brother is an adult and adulthood is being responsible for one’s choices (and respecting others’ choices). Let him make his.  Pray for him and do your best to adapt to his choices. Talk to him man to man about your fears if needed, but don’t blame or get accusatory. 

E + R = O

the event is the girlfriend and brother relationship

your response is currently being fearful and suspicious

the outcome is that you consciously and subconsciously create drama and division driving a wedge between you and your brother over this

The only thing that you can’t change is the event.  Your response can be any number of different (and healthier) things like simply asking your parents and brother for family time, getting to know this girl since she will be around, bringing your girlfriend around more so you’re not the only one at dinner without a significant other, creating other quality time with you and your brother, and so forth. 

Change your response to the event and you will alter your outcome. You and everyone else will be happier.  Trying to change the event (your brothers relationship) will end in disaster. 

Comment 14 Sep 2019

“OSU dominated a team that is either OK or bad.  If the former holy shit.  If the latter this is what you would expect a good team to do.”

This was in the post’s opener.  Hate to break it to that guy but it’s the former. Cincy is at least and OK team.

Comment 09 Sep 2019

I like Master Teague for some reason. Maybe it’s his name.  Maybe it’s because he was unheralded coming in. Maybe it’s because in interviews he seems like a respectful and humble young man.  When he runs his upper body looks a little stiff, but maybe that’s because he has those weird shoulder pads or neck role or ginormous traps. IDK. But I’m always finding myself pulling for him.

He is a one cut and go hard back. A power runner who has speed, too.  Should be an awesome short yardage back this year for us and a good compliment to JK.  

Comment 08 Sep 2019

Indiana plays us tough especially when the game is at their place.  I think that they're better than Cincy, but not by much. Doesn't mean we can't lose. Vegas set that line low to get a lot of money bet on the Bucks. I'll be surprised if it doesn't jump 3 to 5 points by game time.  I think Day and Wilson will have these guys figured out.  I think our defense is legit. They'll get some points like FAU did but I'm feel really good about our coaches, talent, and defense.

Comment 08 Sep 2019

fAcToRy of SaDcAST w/DJ & Ramzy is gonna be LIT this week!

Comment 08 Sep 2019

Respectfully, disagree. LSU and Texas was a great game.

Texas may have been a little overrated going into it but it's still the "best win" 2 games into the season. It's a road win against the #1 or #2 team in the Big 12 Conference.

Our victory over Cincy was very good, but Cincy is a #30 type team -- Texas and LSU are superior to them. We played at home, LSU played on the road.  

I'd say that Clemson is rated a little bit higher than they should be. Georgia isn't really impressing me.  Alabama isn't as good as last year but is still a top 4 team.

Based on the first two weeks of games (most impressive wins so far):

LSU should likely be #1,

Clemson #2,

Ohio State #3,

Alabama #4,

Oklahoma #5,

and Georgia #6

Comment 07 Sep 2019

Isn't he friends with Haskins? Maybe the Redskins will take a flyer on him. Could also see Andy Reid and my Chiefs doing that, too. Andy takes on some troubled dudes. 

Comment 07 Sep 2019

The 2015 (&2016, too) season was wasted because Urban trusted Ed Warinner to lead the offense. It wasn’t the players looking toward the NFL or the QB controversy. 

It’s a shame. OLine coaches are replaceable, as good as he is at that... but O-coordinators are important.  

Had Urban really done a proper search, we could have had Lincoln Riley or even Ryan Day in 2015. 

Day got here in 2017 and things improved quickly. JTB looked a lot more like his 2014 self & had a great season.  We all know what Day did with Haskins (and throw Joe Burrow into that, too).  

The failures of 2017 & 2018 were on Schiano and the defense getting curb stomped by weak teams. 

In the end, Urban’s “failures” as a HC (costing us at least 2 playoff appearances and possibly two more NC’s) ended up being his replacement hires for good coordinators. Warinner was out of his depth. Schiano (and Billy D.) wanted to coach college guys like they were NFL vets. 

Comment 06 Sep 2019

Yes, you did just type that! LOL. Your counter-argument to my worthless argument isn't worth it. :)

For me, it's just about precision. No need to be dishonest about that, it feels like an excuse to me. I guess with PTSD from last year's fiasco, I just don't want to hear excuses made for the defense or the defensive coaches. I'll own that as my own neurosis. 

Comment 06 Sep 2019

Cincinnati has a veteran team and they're well-coached especially on defense.  It is their Super-Bowl, too, and they have a lot of little brother inferiority complex energy for this one - almost all the team is from Ohio and didn't have an OSU offer. Their QB is athletic and smart. Their RB is decisive when running.  ANot a bad team. I think better than FAU from what I saw, including on offense. 

All the points made in the OP are very solid though. We're allowing intangibles and other types of analysis points to skew us into thinking UC is actually a Big 10 Team level talent threat. I think it's safe to say that at least 12 Big 10 teams have better talent levels that UC.  Rutgers and Illinois are probably talent equivalents. Doesn't mean we can't lose (see my first paragraph) -- however, the OP is spot on about talent comps -- OSU is far superior.