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Comment 9 hours ago

I've wondered what JTB4's true measurements would be ... not the inflated Ohio State ones we normally get. These are pretty solid, though his height is obviously not ideal NFL QB height and we saw passes batted down at times (and I also wonder if this contributed to some of his touch-late throws in the pocket like he was waiting to "see" the receiver).

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 220

Hand Size: 10"

Comment 9 hours ago

Some observations from non-Buckeye writers...


Damon Webb:

Comment 16 hours ago

Have always loved Worley... all the way back to recruiting days.  Just seems like a great guy. He stayed patient and engaged when Darron Lee went past him on the depth chart. He’s been a good leader the last couple of years.  

I’m sure he’ll find a spot in a team that will use him well on special teams and then as a weak side LB. 

Comment 17 hours ago

Not sure why you were downvoted, Nickel. Gene Smith has objectively done a phenomenal job as the OSU AD. OSU athletics is now worth more than any other college program. And we've had major success in just about every other sport.

Firing (mutually parting ways) with a legend like Thad Matta is ridiculously hard and sensitive stuff -- and can easily implode a program. He took his time but did it well, with respect to Thad & Thad's former players. But also found a real gem in Holtmann.

Comment 18 hours ago

Holtmann still came to OSU. He had other opportunities. The Indiana job was open (among others). That they went to Archie Miller before Chris is on them. 

Comment 18 hours ago

Others have said as much. I'm starting to think that's likely.

It really seems like the NCAA wanted to make OSU an example one way or another. We know they went overboard with Tatgate. 

You know, the Tressel Crime Syndicate was that bad. /s

Comment 18 hours ago

First, the thread isn't only about Urban and there are other programs on par with Ohio State's brand. To say otherwise is ignorant of the landscape of college athletics. The fact that you think so only shows how good a job Gene Smith has done while outpacing TTUN, Texas, USC, and others.

Second, read not only what I wrote in response to you...but what I wrote in the OP and in this thread. I'm pretty sure those qualify as facts. Summary of Gene's tenure, since you probably won't go back and read what I wrote: 

+OSU athletics now highest valued at 1.5 billion

+OSU athletic facilities among the best in the nation thanks to Gene lead $45 million dollar projects like this one:

+Convinced Urban Meyer to replace a legend here Tressel

+Concinved Holtman to replace a legend here in Matta

+Fired a very good, winning, but not great Jim Foster and hired Kevin McGruff

+Hired Tom Ryan as wrestling coach

+Non-Revenue sports coaches under Gene winning championships regularly, including winning/competing for many National Championships: wrestling, pistol, synchronized swimming, men's volleyball, men's gymnastics, lacrosse, rowing, women's softball. 

Gene gets marked down for not self-penalizing OSU and skipping the bowl game after a 6-6 season.  He also needs to right the OSU baseball ship, which he will likely do this year.

Fact remains that out of all the big-time college athletics programs, Gene's led us to the top financially and competitively. No one else is comparable. Give the man his credit. 

Comment 15 Jan 2018

BPOSU -- I am not sure we really know all the details about how that went down. Holtmann originally said no, then McDermott entered the picture, but I'm not sure he had a hard offer, and then Holtmann entered back in. I believe Holtmann was the #1 choice from the jump. 

At any rate: he still hired Holtmann....convinced him to come here. And he's not the only coach hired on his watch. At what point does something go from luck to trend, to definite skill? 

I cannot find another AD at a Top 10 Brand school who gets so "lucky" so regularly. 

Comment 15 Jan 2018

I know it's unpopular but I don't think he did anything great that was all that hard or that any- literally- any other AD would have done.

That's wild speculation, and really not factual. Of course, the brand of OSU carries weight, so I get what you're saying. There are other big brands in college sports that didn't get Meyer or Holtman or Tom Ryan or Steve Rohlik or Rustam Sharipov or Kevin McGruff.  As I said above - brands that are equal in weight to OSU - Texas, Michigan, USC, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Oklahoma - as well as prominent schools like Miami, Florida, Florida State, Washington, LSU have ALL struggled not only in football but in other sports.  

Gene's body of work is impressive. Compared with his peers from top-tier schools (the big brands) - he's the best. So, I am unsure how he gets an average grade or doesn't deserve his own thread. I'm willing to listen to an evidence-based counter argument. I just haven't seen one yet on this thread. 

Comment 15 Jan 2018

Michigan, USC, Texas, Nebraska, ND, Miami, LSU... et al of the "big time" programs. would like to speak with you. They all have money and tradition...and all have struggled NOT ONLY in football but in all other major sports in the time Gene Smith has been our AD.  Dave Brandon set TTUN back a decade. 

We've had worse athletic directors here at tOSU. Facts are facts... he demands the best and hires the best. He's not perfect, but he's running the best outfit in the country. Texas has more money than OSU does and its own TV network. And we're superior to them. 

As far as "selling off" things to the highest bidder, "don't hate the player, hate the game." College football and bball are in an arms race. Do you want to be left in the dust?  It's the nature of "amateur" athletic$ now. While I don't prefer it, it is what it is. We could all give up our beloved Buckeyes and support Mount Union with our money, but we don't.  

Making a mockery of the game?  I'd rather be OHIO STATE wearing whatever the heck we want (even though I don't love alternates and prefer our more traditional uni's) than I would be MICHIGAN and suck at football and overpay a blowhard narcissist like Harbaugh. If anyone has made a mockery of THE GAME it's Michigan "athletics." 

Why is it so hard for people to give credit where credit is due?  What other schools would you rather be? What other AD would you rather have?

Comment 15 Jan 2018

Don't know if we'll ever know.  Let's say Zone 6 goes out and kills it next year. I'm sure everyone will be like "see?"  And maybe part of that will be Haskins/Burrow/Martell. 

Some of that will be because everyone has had more time to develop -- talent is there, but discipline and focus aren't always there. Some of that will be year two under GOOD offensive coordinators like Wilson/Day. That consistency matters. Some of that will be the overall talent -- which keeps getting better and better as Urban is here longer. Top 1-3 classes. 

No matter what, it's hard to compare one year to another. I'm sure a stronger-armed, more accurate QB can help. But I don't think we'll ever answer that question of "who was more to blame -- JTB or Zone 6?"  

Comment 15 Jan 2018

Methinks you've not actually read the boards. Could you point out the delusions, specifically? The JTB supporters around here nearly universally acknowledge his passing limitations or inconsistencies. The only delusional people are the small handful of JTB is trash and UFM doesn't know what he's doing folk. Most people (supporters and critics) have had reasonable takes. 

In fact, I think you articulated quite well why most people support and defend him (none of it has to do with his NFL potential):

 great kid... great character... great read option QB... tough.... clutch... but never in a million years confused with an accurate passer

I think Ramzy and others have reasonably demonstrated the JTB's passing ability is better than he gets credited for by some -- and that issues with the passing game have been shown on film to also be due to (1) offensive coordinators and (2) WRs dropping passes and not always running the routes. When things go right or wrong, it's not one guy. It's a team game. Having said that, JTB had a massively successful career and owns a ton of records and some big wins. 

Finally, D'Wayne Haskins is a better passer of the football in terms of arm strength and accuracy. Does that mean he'll be a better QB than JTB? I don't know. Cardale had those qualities and he wasn't a better QB here at OSU than JTB. He was a better pro-prospect in terms of potential (as is Haskins). But in leading a team, making the right play call, making the right decision during the play, and doing what's asked of him -- JTB is pretty dang great (NFL future or not). 

Comment 12 Jan 2018

Wish they would use the B-ball gray jersey look to inform the next football gray jersey look. That would be an alternate I could get behind with full support.

Comment 12 Jan 2018

So, we have so much talent on our roster...perhaps we see some specialty bear front packages.  I mean, we already have the rushmen package of 4-DEs playing and our 5-2 package with said DEs plus Dre'Mont Jones in the middle.  It would make us a little more multiple and unpredictable, which could be a good thing. We will be a base 4-3 as we always have been, though.

Comment 10 Jan 2018

^This x1000. I am comfortable with both Ramzy and DJ’s takes on JTB. I side more with Ramzy’s perspective overall. But I do JTB had his limitations as a passer.  Neither of these opinions/thoughts offend me. Rational praise and critique are healthy.

There are irrational JTB haters and they’ve made the boards pretty terrible at times. Some people have no perspective, no context, and no appreciation in them and do talk about JTB like he’s trash. I think it’s a vocal minority, but they are really vocal. 

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Ramzy, THANK YOU.  

I am excited to see what Haskins can/might become. But good lord, the hagiography around what he did passing against TTUN is just not based on factual evidence. He threw one amazing pass. The rest were the dink and dunk type people whine about when JTB threw them.  It was that way all year with the JTB haters though. Thus it will always be. I'm thankful for your writing on here. 

Comment 08 Jan 2018

All of the passes to Austin Mack were intermediate passes. The announcers were talking about him zipping the ball and throwing guys open. 

JTB was actually throwing the ball very well in the USC game, unlike the Wisconsin game. That's always been JTB's biggest problem IMO... elite consistency. Sometimes he's on and he looks locked in.

Other times, he's just off...and that's when you see him throw the ball behind people and then he starts holding the ball longer to compensate. 

You can usually tell by the end of the first quarter if he's on or off. Against USC he was on. As Kyle showed, he was really the only good thing we had going on offense. We just didn't need to do anything on offense after going up 24-0. 

Comment 08 Jan 2018

That's true, but that game was more of an anomaly in terms of run/pass balance. And part of that was because they had so much more speed than us. We were made to stop the run, but not those quick passes.

However, he still used Tebow in short yardage situations to run the ball. 

Leak was the QB Urban inherited, Tebow was the guy he recruited (along with Cam Newton). There's a reason why an RB never had 1,000 yards under Urban and that's because he runs the QB.  It wasn't until Tom Herman came along at OSU and got Hyde the ball more that he found a new appreciation for running the ball.