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Comment 18 Jun 2018

Since the overwhelming amount of CFB players won’t make it to the NFL or stay there very long (even at Ohio State) ...

Cam Williams story is the prototype for what can and should happen for these young men. Come to Ohio State and be prepared to succeed/win at life. 

In some ways, this makes me happier than OSU having multiple first round picks every year. O-H!

Comment 16 Jun 2018

The young man has good size. Solid junior season highlights. Doesn't appear to have amazing arm strength, but shows nice touch and solid accuracy. Sometimes locks onto one WR but other times looks the defense off. Keep his eyes downfield when the pocket breaks down. More impressed than I thought I would be with his athleticism/running ability. Not true dual-threat but a pass first QB who can run. I think Baldwin is a better prospect BUT this guy has talent and can be developed. 

Comment 13 Jun 2018

Jim Tressel called his shot when said we’d beat TTUN year one and then he owned them. That and the early NC sealed his legacy and defined his time here. It helped him withstand those two embarrassing NC losses. We were on the rise again, beating Oregon and Arkansas.  I believe 2011 or 2012 with Tress had NC potential (and indeed, our 2012 team went undefeated). 

But beyond that he seems to be an even better man than coach, too. Respect.

Comment 11 Jun 2018

The rotation in 2016 was awful. Substitutions and playcalling messes up everything.

The players and the coaches got better in 2017. Still some lazy route running and bad drops, but rotation was generally fine.

2018? Deep on experience. 2nd year of better coaches. And a passing game emphasized more than a read option game. 

Lets go tempo and get 80-90 plays a game. Over 14 games we will NEED 6-8 WRs.

Comment 11 Jun 2018

The ends of Alexander and Hawkins’ Ohio State careers shouldn’t have come as big surprises, considering that neither played a snap in 2017, so the Buckeyes could have recruited more aggressively for another tight end if they felt a strong need for more numbers at the position.

Didn’t Alexander quit last off-season because of medical reasons?

Didn’t Hawkins transfer to Youngstown State last off-season? 

I may be remembering it wrong, but that would surely explain their lack of snaps in 2017! :) 

Alexander would have played a lot last year if he stayed healthy. He was playing in 2016, particularly a better blocker than Baugh. He’s in the JTB 1st down Zapruder film. JTB bounces off his backside after making the first down (at least I believe that it’s him).

Hawkins never really played that much, so his transfer made more sense.

Comment 09 Jun 2018

My freshman pick for meaningful snaps is Tommy Togai -- since we really don't have a big-bodied defensive lineman quite lick him. Gap-stuffing, aggressive, and still moves well. Even though we are stacked at D-tackle, I think Togai is unique to the room. 

I think just about everyone else is going to play special teams, garbage time, or redshirt. We have an experienced, talented, and stacked team this year for the most part.  

RE: safety... I think Pryor, Reip, Whint, and White are all doing quite well in their progress from what we have seen and heard. Proctor would have to be out of this world talented (mentally in picking up the college game) to pass them in just a few months. 

RE: Ruckert... until OSU proves that it's really going to utilize the TE in the passing game, I doubt he'll see meaningful action. He's a big WR at this point. We now have 4 actual WRs that are about  6'4" or taller: Victor (6,4); Harris (6,5); Gardiner (6,3/4); and Smith (6,6). If we want to use height to create mismatches, we're solid at WR.  My money is on Harris making a big step up this year. 

Comment 08 Jun 2018

No point in discourse if individuals are unwilling to elaborate or defend statements they make. I'm interested in people explaining WHY they make statements I disagree with or question-or believe show intelligence or insight, not celebrating the fact that someone SAID something.

If that’s what you want... say that... in THAT way.  That’s direct and reasonable communication.  I’ve stated multiple times I’m willing to discuss the points I (and dozens of others) made about “Gunnell wanting a laid back atmosphere.”  See the thread on that and virtually everyone makes the same point. 

But Im unwilling to do so in a way that diminishes the experience designed by the 11w community. And it’s you final comment that makes me think that you’re still not seeing this point. I don’t get your need to do this. The irony of the statement is thick.

That's share n' tell in pre-school.

You brought up some good thoughts but continue to engage in needless negative projection. If you would simply ask without doing that, then id answer... as I have done thousands of times before on this site with hundreds of others in this community. 

It’s incredibly easy to say: Why would you say that? Or Why do you believe that because I see it differently and disagree. 

Comment 06 Jun 2018

Who’s defensive? It’s an Internet forum, not thesefense of a masters thesis. I don’t care much what is said ... rather how it’s said.  Just pointing our that your chosen communication is in direct violation of the commenting policy. And you did it again in your follow up. 

I don’t understand your need to project and attack. I told you I was willing to discuss your opinions. I don’t think you brought up entirely bad points.  It just appears to me from the way that you respond that you have one mode & that’s not discourse. 

If i wanted to engage that, I’d be in the ESPN comment section. But I am here because it’s the best Ohio State site on the web and overwhelmingly the commenters here create solid and thoughtful conversation. And they’re enjoyable. 

Comment 06 Jun 2018

...and to rant about how QBs who don't choose tOSU are screwed in future prospects/pro success/crappy coaching is just dumb.Part of being "the Best fans in the Land" is being the smartest fans in the land.

That's funny as I was operating under the principle that part of being the "best fans in the land" was to engage in rational discourse and thoughtful disagreement over innocuous & relatively meaningless forum posts without needing to devolve to ad hominem attack by calling someone dumb or projecting "rant" into a harmless opinion with which one disagrees. 

It's right there in the Commenting Policy TBH.


Characteristics of comments left by jerks:

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I see you have a different opinion than I do -- and maybe even perhaps as our OSU football staff does. You are entitled to it. If you'd like to engage in a solid discourse about our differences of opinion, then I'm game for that. My priorities here are the enjoyment of the Ohio State community - as diverse as it is - but in a way that's actually enjoyable. 

Comment 06 Jun 2018

But two of our other top targets -- Graham Mertz & Ryan Hilinski - did. Makes ya think...

Comment 05 Jun 2018

But those same sources indicated hesitancy on the part of both the signal caller and the Buckeyes' staff, the former seemingly wanting a more laid-back atmosphere and the latter not entirely sold on Gunnell being the best quarterback in a shallow pool of talent. His comfortability with Wildcats head coach Kevin Sumlin and offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone, who were both at Texas A&M when Gunnell was committed to the Aggies, gives them the edge once again.

This says a lot about where the kid's head is at If he's going to college for the experience and "laid back" life and to be "comfortable" w/mediocre coaches...that's his right and I don't fault him. But if he's going to college to excel on the football field and position himself to go to the NFL, this isn't the place for him.

Competitive-leader-winner. That's what Urban wants. That's what our program is about and it ain't for everyone. If this remains GG's attiude: HARD PASS. Probably why our staff is questioning if he's the right fit.