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Comment 6 hours ago

I thought I'd backed you up before, BucknutinNC. I've seen you defend Joe around these parts, anyway. Sorry if I wasn't there to have your back! Some of the comparisons people make are just apples to oranges. It was good to see Haskins play well against a Top 15 defense. Joe's won against two top 10 defenses but hasn't looked as good as Haskins throwing.  

Got your back now. We're all Joe Burrow supporters. We're all Haskins supporters. 

Comment 9 hours ago

Was just about to post this. Let’s see how the board reacts now that Drake bumbled this punishment AND the press conference AND continuing to leave Urban and Gene hanging out to dry. 

Prediction: He goes back to California or some Ivy League school much sooner than later.

Comment 11 hours ago

We know for sure that BB Landers was injured in some way. Urban made sure to update his progress to "probable" against Tulane. Can't speak to the first rumor. 

Comment 11 hours ago

I think it's clear now that Haskins has ELITE arm talent. Like #1 pick in the draft arm talent. He's calm, cool, and collected. He's been better than I thought in the decision making realm and managing the offense. 

However, Haskins has an offensive line that is 100x better than LSU's (in pass blocking). Joe rarely has a clean pocket and his WRs all drop balls (3-4 or more a game). Simba has 4 or more seconds to throw.

Joe's stats would be better if he were starting here. But he doesn't have Haskins' arm. 

After the Spring game, Joe said he thinks he's done enough to prove he could be a starter in CFB...that he's a darn good QB. He was right. He also said that he'd understand if OSU went with Dwayne. I think he sees DH's elite arm talent just like we all do. Only one can start at each school he made the right choice for himself. And I think OSU made the right choice for itself. I'm glad it's working out all the way around. 

Comment 11 hours ago

It was clear they weren't fully ready to trust him by the early season game plans. Very conservative. Plus, the Oline at LSU is pass blocking trash. You've already mentioned how much his WRs let him down. 

Joe mentioned that he felt the coaches put the ball in his hands. They trusted him to go and make plays. He proved their trust was well-placed. I hope they take the training wheels off of the offense and really allow Joe to do what he does best.

Comment 11 hours ago

Burrow doesn't have Haskins' elite arm, for sure.  But he's been impressive. Consider the context. He's a smart QB and puts the offense int he right positions to succeed. I've watched his games. He's the main reason they're 3-0 and have beaten two Top-10 teams.  He just started working with these guys in June.

*His O-coordinator is about the same level as Tim Beck. So Joe has to overcome crappy play-calling so far

*His offensive line has not pass-blocked well at all. They had to game plan this week for him to throw within 2.5 seconds because those guys were being abused so much the prior weeks. A good portion of his incompletions are just throwing the ball away to avoid a sack.

*His WRs drop A LOT of balls. It was an issue in camp and its been an issue early on this season for LSU. Like 3-4 drops per game at least. 

Still, by his own admission, though, he's not played up to his full capabilities. LSU was predicted to be as bad as 4-8 by some, 6-6 by others and at best 8-4. Most people thought it would cost Coach O his job. However, the only team remaining on their schedule that is clearly better is Alabama. If they play lights out, they can beat Bama but it's not likely. They have some other tough SEC West games but have a real shot in those. 

Comment 18 Sep 2018

Tweaks to that system like... the conference championship being round one (along with 3 other play-in games for the 6 best of the rest).  Oh, and make those home games for the higher seeded school. Think of the rating for “November/December Madness!”

Also, eliminating one cupcake game from the early season.  

Then the schedule doesn’t change and players aren’t playing anymore games than they already would be. 

Comment 18 Sep 2018

Yeah, as i predicted... its old news. People are mostly tired of the story and don’t care about parsing info.  I feel for Urban since he’s been trashed... but his clarifications based on fact only make it worse.  Just win, make changes internally keep doing charity work with cancer patients, invite people in to come and see how Ohio State works on these issues with young men, etc. this plus time will be the best rehab for his public image.  

The only other positive, potentially, for him is the ZS/CS court case... if the Powell police are still going to cooroboratw ZS’s version of events on record. Still, they may ignore that too. 

Comment 18 Sep 2018

But even that is still tricky given that we're always going to be leaving out one Power 5 school.  It's still kind of an absurd popularity contest. I'm not sure the "playoff committee" is actually better than the Coaches Poll and AP Poll combined. In fact, I think its worse. 

I'd like more objectivity -- which would mean more credibility. Win your P5 conference and you're in. The "best of the rest"get the #6 slot. Finally, 2 at-large bids for teams LIKE the 2015 1 loss (by one point) defending National Champs.  In this system, you're not leaving out any of the Top 8 teams in the country. 

Comment 18 Sep 2018

The coaches are always complaining about the rules and the confusion and things not being helpful for student-athletes... i.e., the absurdity.  IF they don't want things the way they are AND the schools have that much power, they should change it.  

It is strange that we have a non-sanctioned playoff but that we count it was verification of the championship.  What's the purpose in that?  

I think that things need to change for the better in the modern era.  People are resistant to change until the alternative of staying the same is proven to be worse. For me, one of the ways to do that is to show how ridiculous things really are. I think that's some of the reason why we have a playoff now, for example. It's not great or perfect, but finally, the BCS was proven to the masses to be unacceptable. 

Comment 18 Sep 2018

I know. :) To me, it still sheds light on the absurdity of it all. Which is really my goal.

I mean, I've never heard of the Colley Index before this year. But somehow -- just because some small, not-well-known poll anoints UCF -- in spite of having not played in the playoffs -- the NCAA (itself an absurd institution on many levels) -- allows this?  It's hilariously absurd. That devalues their own playoff and the two major national polls (coaches and AP). 

So, in light of all of this -- I say CLAIM IT. Let other people try to find reasons its illegitimate (it is) and debate it AND THEN MAYBE the conversation will turn to what should be legitimate.  Or at least keep people talking about something else other than Urban. 

Comment 18 Sep 2018

Thanks. We generally agree. You're right. What I saw from Yahoo was worse. Rinaldi didn't do a good job in my mind, really exploring the ins and outs of this. It may just seem that the biggest outlet seems the worst.

Maybe my expectation is that they are positioned to be BETTER...more nuanced...and do real reporting. Other outlets are trying to be relevant. I think I hope ESPN would actually do their job better. Be real reporters. Look, I'm not asking for pro-Urban and pro-OSU fawning, just really dig into the story. Show both sides. They have the power and position to do so and I think they'd make even MORE $$$$ if they did.