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Comment 10 Aug 2020

The Mountain West and the MAC -- none of them can financially or organizationally pull off a season. Only Power 5 teams -- and maybe not even all Power 5 teams -- have the capacity do even attempt to do it safely.  It's expensive and takes a lot of personnel.

Comment 10 Aug 2020

The rules aren't mine, they're 11w - and they're meant to keep the focus on football and the community focused. 

I'm not advocating a political perspective. Your stats are valid. It's not valid to post an article to a specifically political site and then say it's not political. Like I said, it's the linking to your source that violates the policy of the site.

I get why you want to talk about it in this context & how those numbers connect to this conversation. The theory behind that is all speculation from one political perspective. That's what goes too far. 

I haven't advocated a political perspective OR linked to any outside political site, so I'm not employing a double standard. 

Comment 10 Aug 2020

It's a fair point - a lot of commentary about the virus is from the "we don't know" perspective - and that includes both "sides."

If you posted statistics (which many have on here), I think it would be different from sourcing an obviously biased, far-right sight and say it's not political - especially one that thinks there is a deep nefarious control conspiracy by elites against everyone (that's not stats, that's a specific theory and one with no evidence, just insinuation).  

Occam's razor - I think most bureaucrats and elites are self-interested and not really smart enough to pull off a global conspiracy with the effects of increasing control specifically in the United States. 

Case in point - look at our esteemed University President's/B1G office bungling messaging, planning, coordination -- and being shown up by college athletes on all of that. 

But like I said, your stats have no problem with but the sourcing (and the theory behind it) run afoul of what 11w asks. And I mean to say this respectfully.

Comment 10 Aug 2020

I mean, it’s the very definition of political discussion that 11w asks us to refrain from.  There are places for political discussions.  Thanksgiving with relatives you don’t like comes to mind. Twitter, also. Facebook comments from random people.  

Seriously, I can understand why people want to talk about it, it’s natural. But here is not the space for it.

Human beings struggle with the “unknown” so we try to make sense of what we don’t know.  Usually, our reasons are based on our fears and our common experiences. A lot of time they’re wrong, or just very incomplete.  Occam’s razor answers a lot of these attribution questions anyway. 

With the virus, I worry less about “why” and more about “what” as in what we need to do about it.  


Comment 10 Aug 2020

SEC has the right approach - patience. Listen, at least, to the players and parents. Birm said it earlier - there is literally NO REASON to cancel right now. Nothing's changed since last week. Give yourselves time to coordinate together, develop plans, and importantly COMMUNICATE CLEARLY. 

If schools ALL shut down in person classes, then I think it's safe to say football will (should, likely) follow. BUT it HAS to be ALL P5 going in together, or the B1G won't recover. It will kill our conference with recruiting. The SEC, ACC, B12 will proser from our demise. 

It's all so uneven now. I don't think it's about liability (why can't the average student sue for being to live in dorms and show up in class)... I think it's partly liability, maybe, but a lot more about protecting fake-amateurism and control.  Need CONSISTENCY. 

Comment 10 Aug 2020

UPDATE: Shelley and Urban talked about the OTHER (unintended) COSTS for athletes who don't have a season:

Comment 10 Aug 2020

This is the inconsistency I don't get either!  Look - if we're worried about safety - ALL CLASSES SHOULD BE ONLINE. Period.  No amount of hand-sanitizer, mask-wearing, social-distancing can overcome being in smallish, closed rooms where people are breathing each others' air. 

If football ain't safe - classroom education ain't safe. 

Comment 10 Aug 2020

I’d like to think it’s about public health....and it probably should be about public health.

If it was about public health, universities would be all online education as a precaution.  
No amount of sanitizing and sitting every other seat in class is going to stop large gatherings of people in enclosed rooms/spaces breathing on each other every day of the week for hours on end.

IMO you can’t cancel fall sports (and this only for college, not HS and not Pro) and then tell everyone it’s safe to get in person education. 

consistency would convince me more and we don’t have it.

Comment 09 Aug 2020

I don't doubt that liability is a factor ... I mean ...  it always is.

How do they play (and how do we get around the liability) knowing - with pretty clear certainty - that the sport has a high probability of turning their brain to mush, in the long term (CTE)?  

I mean, why haven't tons of former players and parents etc. sued their colleges and high schools given what we know about CTE? 

Comment 09 Aug 2020

Alas, I'm prepared for no football. Mostly because those colleges don't want their free labor to organize. I know they can find a away to address the liability risks (a la CTE, for example). I don't think they know how to finally admit college football is a business -- and the athletes that play it are in a special, hybrid class of their own different from almost all other student athletes. 

Comment 09 Aug 2020

Agreed. They have no imagination or creativity. It's sad. A bubble is proven to work. The MLS tournament was great.   There are ways to address the liability concerns. 

They don't want to admit that football players are in a class of their own. If they're treated differently (or at least by doing this they have to admit what we all know)...then the Universities endanger their control over their unpaid labor. 

I'm totally okay with admitting that football players deserve special consideration because CFB is a multi-billion dollar business.  Let them take online classes and play games in a bubble. Heck, there are colleges that are 100% online education anyway. I don't see the problem with that ... any student can sign up for an all-online college education if they'd like. 

Comment 06 Aug 2020

The “hang a hundred” on them should never have been brought outside of the closed door meeting, 100 sure Urban said stuff like that in meetings. The leak makes me mad.

Beating the brakes off of them is a little bit of bravado. But it’s not a prediction... it’s stated as a goal.  They want to beat TTUN thoroughly and win the Big and play for the Natty. Goals.  Didn’t say they “will” do it.

Comment 06 Aug 2020

This response has a little bit of "The Town" to it. Day's a New England type scrapper and he holds grudges. He's hyper-competitive like Urban but he's an updated version with better relational intelligence.  

Ryan Day ain't messing around. I have no doubt the rivalry is in GREAT hands. And it sounds like, even though we've OWNED TTUN for dang near 20 years that the PLAYERS want to punish them too.


Comment 06 Aug 2020

JTB not making it in the NFL - a different kind of league than CFB - is disappointing but not surprising. That doesn't change that he was a beast in college and 3 team OSU captain.

Tim Tebow is arguably the best College QB of all time - Heisman winner, first round draft pick, went to a good NFL franchise - and he's on TV and playing AA Baseball. 

The jury is still out on the best throwing OSU QB I've seen in my lifetime & first rounder: Dwayne Haskins. Making it in the NFL is HARD - some of that is dependent on talent, other parts circumstance/luck. Haskins was drafted by one of the worst franchises in the NFL with a lame-duck moron of a coach and no O-line. People are already calling him a bust. I don't think he will be a bust. Just goes to show you a lot has to happen for a person to succeed at that level.

Comment 13 Jul 2020

Maybe we could move college football to be played in one of the countries that dealt with COVID-19 well... like New Zealand? 

More likely our only chance now would be that the economic threat of losing NFL AND CFB (among other things) forces the government to ratchet up, kill this virus thing off, and then start playing in October.