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Comment 23 Jul 2017

Conley is a much better defender than Kyrie. Kyrie is a better scorer.  I'd say Conley is a better passer/distributor.  Kyrie is bigger and more clutch as a shooter. I

Comment 19 Jul 2017

The one type and play that haunts me to this day Jeff Huerman's missed block  against Sparty in the BIG 10 championship game. Our TEs are supposed to excel at blocking! 

Comment 17 Jul 2017

It's hard to play catch-up with some of the Ohio 2018 guys. 

Seems like we might take some hits w/Ohio kids for the last two years of decline in the hoops program in one way or another. 

The 3 we had committed under Thad are all gone now.

All the others seemed to have ruled OSU out for the most part already.  

I believe 2019 and beyond will be different in Ohio. 

Comment 16 Jul 2017

This team is talented. Way more talented than the team they played today. Therefore, they seem to lose focus for stretches during the game. Sully particularly didn't play with a lot of focus today.  

They could have beaten this team by 25.  It kind of looks like they're saving themselves for better competition. 

Having said that, they still played with more energy and focus than we've seen in recent years around these parts. It's great to watch these guys play again. They're having fun and they are skilled players. Wish we had a game in St. John's Arena...

Comment 14 Jul 2017

Micah Potter is very well spoken and he sounds like a leader. 

The full interview (approx. 23 minutes) with Potter is very insightful and worth the watch for anyone who's interested in behind the scenes info about the program (last year and during the transition).

A lot of observations made on here by 11w commentariat (fitness, buy in, togetherness, doing the right thing) sound like they were correct.  (NOTE: I'm a Thad Matta fan but I think he didn't have control of his program anymore).

Makes me very excited for the future of OSU Bball.

Comment 02 Jul 2017

I like the idea of Urban letting some guys who aren't seeing any playing time due to redshirt, etc. join up with the Bball time - especially after football season is over (but likely a little bit of it for cohesiveness).  

These guys would likely be practice players and fill in spots during games when we're in foul trouble or starters need a rest. Better athletes than most walk-ons, some likely could have played bball in college anyway. Maybe there's a true D-1 level talent on the football bench soewhere...

Imagine if Malik Hooker was able to play bball during his redshirt year (or the year he was mostly just a special teams player). He stays in shape, his mind stays engaged. He has to choose between sports only when necessary - which would have been his redshirt sophomore year.

GM's love those former bball players (especially at TE). It couldn't hurt, I don't think. Injuries could happen - but they happen anyway. 

Comment 28 Jun 2017

I think JTB compares pretty well with Troy Smith. Troy's arm was stronger. JTB is a better runner. But they're both good athletes.  Their NFL careers are likely comparable. I believe Troy would still be a QB (likely a backup) in the league IF he hadn't gotten deathly sick and IF he really wanted to put the work in to play football at that level. I think he really likes his life like it is now. 

JTB received a lot of the blame for offense, especially after the Clemson game. I think the evaluation of JTB shouldn't be clouded by that fiasco. 

Case in point: Troy Smith, the Heisman Trophy winner looked just as pedestrian, if not more so, against Florida in 2006.  Yet, we don't seem to blame Troy for that failure like we blame. It doesn't mar his legacy overall.  Florida was better and our offensive gameplan was crap and our line was overmatched in 2006. Clemson was better and our offensive gameplan was crap and our line was overmatched in 2016. 

2017 will tell us a lot about how to view JTB's legacy. Nothing will change the fact that he's a proven leader and a winner. We don't win a national championship without him in 2014. However, will he go down as one of, if not THE greatest Ohio State QBs? This season will tell whether JTB's legacy will be VERY GOOD or GREAT. 

I'm pulling for great. I think that's what we'll see. 

Comment 22 Jun 2017

Can the two be separated? Marshall McLuhan would say "the medium IS the message."

FWIW - I have "0" problem with his wearing this t-shirt. I have nephews who are half-African American (I'm caucasian) and I never thought I'd have to really sit down with them and talk to them about the extra-caution they need to exercise in police encounters. But here we are.  ALSO - I have law-enforcement family members and close friends who do a stellar job de-escalating situations and working with people. never thought I'd have these conversations with them, either. But here we are. 

Comment 10 Jun 2017

Gene Smith has proven to be one of the best, if not the best, AD's in America. 

Is he perfect? No. No one is perfect. 

We should be grateful - many people, including the past at OSU - could be/are worse. 

Comment 06 Jun 2017

Billy Donovan makes sense due to timing. Gene's sudden change of heart suggests an NBA coach may be ready to come back to the college ranks. Also, it's Westbrook's contract year. I think Billy went to OKC thinking he'd have Durant and Westbrook together for their prime years and he'd be able to build a dynasty like Popovich did in San Antonio off of Robinson & Duncan (and then adding players to that team over the years as guys aged out).  With Durant gone I think a lot changed. No one in the West is beating Golden State for a long time as long as they have 4 mega-stars. Cleveland is going to need to get another mega-star to compete with them next year. 

Comment 06 Jun 2017

Everyone is sleeping on Frank Martin. Guy made K-State good. He's made SC good. He can recruit. His teams play tough defense. He's a players coach. The Ohio State job is a better job than SC. 

Comment 01 May 2017

But you're sort of proving my point, though. Like LCT pointed out above... the Browns could have had Bosa and Hooker on the team. But they didn't value me enough so they traded down for picks and you get people like Coleman instead. 

Like Scoob said above, maybe it's not a conspiracy or some long standing bias.... just terrible front office work from both teams for 25 years or so. 

So, why won't either of them try something different? They're not good

Comment 30 Apr 2017


IF the Buckeye is the superior player (EX: Bosa, Zeke, Thomas, Apple, Decker) and the Browns/Bengals have that need on their roster (umm, they both suck, so they have those needs). 

Why not draft a player from a proven program in your state - given the fact you share a fanbase? It's a PR win. It's a win for OSU fans. And it would likely, over time, make those two teams not be dumpster fires. 

Comment 30 Apr 2017

Professional jealousy and pettiness happen all the time in most professions. In this case, if that culture is established over time, its easy to see how there would be some implicit bias against OSU. 

Comment 30 Apr 2017

Everyone's focusing only on the Browns. The Bengals do it too.  (Yes, there are a few outliers here and there).

IF either team was good at football, I wouldn't care as much. But they keep sucking and never changing. 

Why not, you know, draft some Buckeyes and get better?