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Comment 9 hours ago

Only have love for the Meyer fam. If he coaches USC, I will be sad but not mad. Some BoT members and Drake REALLY screwed up the Zach Smith stuff. PR was bad. Misread the situation. Overreacted, etc. As JCam061588 has said many times, that burned some bridges with Urban. Not Ohio State...he loves OSU and Ohio...that's always been clear. However, as long as Drake and certain elements are around, I expect Urban to keep them at a distance.

And he really does have health issues. My fear about those are the "other future concerns" that could arise from the cyst...dementia or Alzheimers or a brain aneurysm come to mind. That's the kind of stuff that had Cris Carter worried, I believe. 

If Urban went to Notre Dame, I think he'd lose some love from OSU fans though. That's too close to home and almost as bad as going to Michigan. No thank you. 

I think most would be more forgiving of him moving to California and coaching USC. It's far away from Ohio, the weather is perfect, the best doctors are out there, and he could repair his media image in one of the media capitals of the world. USC has talent on its roster. The Pac 12 is weak like the Big 10 was when he got here. The school would likely throw 8 to 10 million per year at him.

If he coaches again, I see it as a quick 4-5 year "building a program" back up to national prominence and then quit and do media while living out his best days as a grandpa in SoCal.  However, I really think Shelley is done with Urban coaching. She wants him to be alive and be around for the grandkids. We'll see. But my love for Urbs won't change.

Comment 16 hours ago


could be good news on that front...maybe he will have a hearing or whatnot. His IG profile photo is still of Him scoring a TD in ohio stadium though all other pictures have been hidden or removed.  

...or he could be back to pack up his stuff. Tate is one Columbus right now too, per his IG. 

Comment 16 hours ago

His most recent Instagram story post had him in Cubs, I believe. I see snow and 21 degrees. 

Comment 17 hours ago

Fair warning, we are going to run more read-option if Fields wins the job. He’s a Cam Newton/T. Pryor type runner. 

as he grows And learns the offense, I think we’ll see him pass more. But it is a complex NFL passing scheme. It took Dwayne Haskins Two years to feel comfortable running the offense.

Remember, Tory Smith didn’t start out as a great passer. He evolved over the three years that he started. I don’t think that it will take Fields that long, and he’s a much more developed passer at his age than Troy was. 

Comment 19 hours ago

If Herman stayed one more year, we are easily back to back NCs. If Day was here the same would be true. In fact, with the 2016 defense ... we could easily have had a shot at 3-peat.  Remember that “basic defense?” NFL early round talent everywhere! 

Comment 19 hours ago

Zach Smith Twitter threatened Ed W. That he would one day reveal why the greatest talent on offense in perhaps OSU history (2015) sucked royally.  Guessing there was a lot going on behind the scenes in 2015 we’d all like to know about.

Comment 20 hours ago

We lost 2 games (3 if you include Purdue) because our defenseive brain trust was stubborn and, especially in 2017... didn’t even have play calls for the defense to cover the TE. 

Comment 20 hours ago

Also... how bad were Warinner and Beck, am I right?!? Jeeez. They took some great talent and made it all terrible. Look at what Day/Wilson did with less talent in one year!!! Just like the difference between Withers and Ash on D.

Comment 20 hours ago

Very good analysis, Zonabuck.  There was a time in CFB when JTBs skill set ruled the roost.  He was a very good college QB with excellent leadership, decision making, and intelligence in running the offense. He had an average arm. So the whole offense was designed around what he did well and minimized his deficiencies. 

To answer the OPs original question as to how we lost 2 games in 2017.  It’s a team game but I blame the defensive coaches (mostly). The defensive performance got worse those year because we tried some of the same NFL stuff with lesser back 7 talent.

We lost to OU and Iowa on the same kinds of plays...RB passes and TE passes. Schiano said after Iowa that THEY DIDN’T HAVE A DEFENSIVE CALL TO SIGNAL TO COVER THE TIGHT ENDS!!! 

I will never get over that. 

In the end, we had a tremendous balance on offense in 2017 but the defense let us down and we missed the playoffs. We also faced a weaponized Baker Mayfield that year.  And in 2018 we had tremendous passing and below average rushing and the defense let us down and we missed the playoffs. 

Comment 21 hours ago

I can’t remember Tressel ever worrying about having 4 QBs on scholarship. Heck, he didn’t even try to recruit a QB every year. And sometimes the guys he recruited were head scratchers or just head scratchers. 

Comment 21 hours ago

It’s not really about Tate (I’m fine with him transferring, it’s his right/life).

To me the issue is Quincy Avery... who has some influence on Ohio State as he’s now coached Haskins and Fields.  

He’s publicly touted Ryan Day and is the link to why Fields is here. 

TBH I found his mid-season scripted phone call mini-TV series with his QBs which featured Haskins, kinda odd and distracting for amateur athletes. 

Point being this guy has influence. It’s benefitted us somewhat but what do we know about him? What if he turns on Day/OSU?  It just gave me pause when he decided to enter the fray with some subtweeting. 

Comment 23 hours ago

(RE: ghost boy story) Can’t for the life of me figure out how no one has sued a pharmaceutical company’s pants off (or some hospital or doctor) for the opioid crisis. Like everything, they KNEW it was addictive.   Jusr ridiculous and immoral. And while I’m on this soap box, still don’t know how someone hasn’t sued the pants of the NFL for covering up what they knew about CTE. 

Comment 16 Jan 2019

See, I think it's all a part of social media hype. It's kinda like all of those "life and success" coaches who take pictures in Patagonia or Seychelles and next to 100,000 cars. Always with attractive people talking about success and living the free life. Yet, they're like 23 and most of it's just a finely projected image and not reality. 

I don't know of anyone's credentials...but as you noted people turned on George Whitfield. It was after former QB Shaun King publicly dragged him on Twitter. Here's the article:

Yet, he's still in business.

But it seems like Quincy Avery stepped in where GW left off as the "college/pro" QB guru.

In my opinion, Quincy Avery subtweeting Tate Martell seemed a little unnecessary and unprofessional. That's why I posted it. I don't have anything against him and don't know his true credentials but that subtweet gave me pause.