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Would You Like to See Ohio State Open the Season with a Tough OOC Matchup

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May 24, 2018 at 1:46pm

I saw a thread on twitter yesterday after it was announced that USC and Bama would open the 2020 season in Buckeye Jerry World. Alabama fans love these opening games, as Alabama has made a habit out beating the daylights out of whoever they play. Personally I wouldn't like to see Ohio State do it, even if the games aren't Neutral Site (which should be banished into the deepest depths, but that is a discussion for another thread). I know VT wasn't a great team in 2015, but it was still a tougher than usual challenge to start the season, and I can best describe it as feeling "weird". It's probably just my comfort zone, as Tressel was meticulous in having our toughest OOC matchup being Game 2 or 3. Never 1 and never 4 (exceptions for his first few years).

Opening weekend has gotten stronger and stronger over the last few years, and I'm all for it, but I'd like OSU to keep it the way it is. Roll up to Cbus to sit in the sun and watch OSU dismantle someone, before making my way home to watch the night slate. I like having a game or two to get the young guys comfortable, and then a game or two to rest up before the conference slate begins. 

I'd like to hear your opinions because it does look (prematurely perhaps), that OSU may change things up as the home Notre Dame game, and both Texas games are currently scheduled to open the season, although that is wayyy to far away to write in stone. If you agree, let me know your reasons, and if you disagree, persuade me so I can get prematurely excited for 2022. 


Go Bucks!

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