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Hot Anger (TTUN) vs Cold Anger (Penn St)

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May 21, 2018 at 6:53pm

I think we can all agree who we as Buckeye fans hate more then anyone. We yell, scream, and call them silly names. We do it loudly and proudly, and we don't care. This is called hot anger, when you hate something so much and with such passion, that some would say it is an unhealthy obsession.

However, I have noticed a trend over the last couple years, the cold anger we fans feel towards Penn St. We say they're not our rival out loud, but when it comes to playing them we have a cold anger, we don't act like we do against TTUN, cold anger is how you focus and internalize. We internalize how they let a child molester move freely around and prey on kids, we internalize the way they treat a coach complicit in all of it like some hero.

Hot anger is irrational, blind, and almost debilitating anger. Whereas cold anger is an internalization and focus.

Neither is bad, both are good.
It's a war, now go destroy everything and everyone in your path. Once the Dwayne Train picks up steam, nothing is going to stop the destruction that will take place this year.

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