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Ohio State Football Collectibles Part II

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April 12, 2018 at 4:07pm

What items do you have?  Please share - nothing to old or new = what do you collect? 

I'm an avid historian of The OSU football program and wanted to start another thread to see if perhaps there are others out there that share the collecting passion like I do.  If any of you have anything vintage or rare to sell; please don't hesitate to send me a note (email on my profile page) - always looking for old Ohio State football items and vintage football cards (pre-1974). 

A recent addition to my ever expanding collecting: 

1919 Ohio State vs. Michigan.  Our FIRST victory over TTUN.  

Prior to 1919 the Buckeyes had not fared so well and had lost 13 games and tied twice.  Since 1919 “The Rivalry” has Ohio State vs. Michigan nose to nose with OSU posting 50 victories, UM 45 victories, while sharing four ties.

Chic Harley made a huge impact in the game by intercepting four passes and scoring all points on offense.  Following the Buckeyes' 13-3 win, the legendary Michigan head coach Fielding H. Yost asked for and was granted a rare moment to address the Ohio State team and stated "You deserve your victory, you fought brilliantly.  You boys gave a grand exhibition of football strategy and while I am sorry, dreadfully sorry, that we lost, I want to congratulate you. And you, Mr. Harley, I believe, are one of the finest little machines I have ever seen."

I present my 1919 Ohio State vs. Michigan Program (part II because I had sold my previous one and just got this one).

EDIT - Link to the original thread can be found here.

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