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Grew up in Ohio and have been a lifelong fan of The OSU.

Drop me an email if you have any unique, rare, etc. Ohio State football items.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Too many to list.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Charles "Chic" Harley.
  • NFL TEAM: NFL Sucks - no team and no to the league
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians
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Comment 10 May 2019
Anyone married, or that was married, to a PSYCHO can relate to what this guy is dealing with. I'm sorry but any time law enforcement has to be involved for you to be able to have visitation with your kids, etc. = INSANE WOMAN involvement. For the guys in this forum posting against this guy you clearly have never had a nasty divorce OR you clearly have forgotten how horrible women treat men post-breakup and how they use children as leverage in everything. Hope he gets this sorted - damn shame.
Comment 03 May 2019

Chic Harley and the 1948 Ohio State vs Michigan game.

Truly blessed to have won this Chic Harley autograph on the cover of a 1948 Ohio State vs Michigan program recently – to date the ONLY Harley autograph on a program.

In the summer of 1948 as Harley neared his 54th birthday, a new doctor for Harley recommended he try “shock treatment” as a way of trying to return to a normal condition. The therapy did wonders for Harley and he began to show an interest in Ohio State that he had not shown in years. By coincidence, the Buckeyes were scheduled to play road games that fall at Indiana, Northwestern and Illinois, all of which were games within driving distance of Harley’s location in Danville, Ill. He attended those games and enjoyed seeing Ohio State play so much that he wanted to see the Buckeyes play in Columbus against Michigan in the 1948 season finale.

In perhaps the greatest tribute ever paid to Chic during his life, and twenty-nine years after his final game, 75,000 people turned out to welcome him home. When the announcement was made Harley would be attending the game, the city and campus community prepared as if royalty would be attending the game. He was greeted at Union Terminal by city and university officials, as well as former teammates and family. A crowd estimated at 75,000 people lined High Street downtown for a ticker tape parade as his open-top convertible made its way to the capital building with a complete police escort and more than 20 university floats. The parade went from Union Station to the Deshler Wallick Hotel at the corner of Broad and High where One Columbus now stands. That was the equivalent of nearly 25% of the population of the city at the time.

During the 1948 Ohio State vs Michigan game, the OSU Marching Band got into paying tribute as well and according to the official OSU Athletics Website:
“On several occasions, including at halftime of the Michigan game that day with Harley in attendance, the band would open up the right side of the O’s in script Ohio to spell Chic.”

More on Chic and that day:

“We have seen pictures of that parade in the University archives,” Bob Harley said. “The expression on Chic’s face seemed like he couldn’t understand why they were doing this for him. He was just so humble and unassuming.”

“He was such a laid-back person,” Bill Harley said. “As a young man, I remember looking at him and not believing someone could have done all that. He never talked about it unless you drew it out of him. During that parade, he was so taken that all the people remembered him that he cried.”

Harley, though shy, spoke on several radio programs that weekend and did dozens of interviews to newspapers and other media. Harley had thanked everyone and stated “I enjoyed meeting all the fellows. It was so nice to have that parade for me. I am not deserving of that.” The next day the news restated Chic’s words - ‘I am not deserving of that’ – they were typical Chic Harley, the modest of the modest.

“He could do it all, but he was a very unselfish player,” Bill Harley said. “I remember talking with some of the guys he played with, and they said he was just a nice, quiet man. He never talked about what he had done or accomplished.”

At the age of 78, Charles William “Chic” Harley died April 21, 1974 of bronchial pneumonia at Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Danville, Illinois, where he had been a patient since 1938. Years earlier, he had asked his family and teammates that he be buried in Columbus upon his death and home to Columbus Chic came where he can continue to watch over his, and our, beloved Ohio State Buckeyes.

My 1948 OSU vs UM program signed by Chic Harley:

Comment 03 May 2019

Been a while since an update - new additions to my collection.

Ohio State Team Captain’s Breakfast – 1936 with Chic Harley autograph.

This is a 1936 Captain’s Breakfast program signed by four Ohio State head coaches, eight All-Americans, numerous captains, and other Ohio State athletic employees and Columbus business men. 44 total autographs.

Started in 1934, this annual event is held on homecoming weekend. All past captains are invited back for a breakfast and to welcome in the new captains.

Page 1  

James Renick (upper left) - Sports Writer

Walter Jeffrey (upper left) - Jeffrey Manufacturing and Captain’s Breakfast Founder

Walter Jeffrey (upper right) - Jeffrey Manufacturing and Captain’s Breakfast Founder

Unknown (nickname Punk or Pink)          

Lynn W. St. John - OSU Athletic Director 1912 – 1947

John Wilce - OSU Coach 1913 – 1928

Floyd Stahl - Player and OSU Assistant Coach

Francis Schmidt - OSU Coach 1934 - 1940

John B.C. Eckstorm - OSU Coach 1899 – 1901

Harvey Miller - Writer at Columbus Dispatch

Merle Wendt - OSU Captain 1936 / All-American

Joe Gailus - OSU Captain 1933 / All-American

Lew Hinchman - OSU Captain 1932 / All-American

Francis D. Young - OSU Captain 1924

Harold “Cookie” Cunningham - OSU Captain 1925 / All-American

Marty G. Karow - OSU Captain 1926 / All-American / Boston Red Sox

Lloyd A. Pixley - OSU Captain 1922

Cyril E. Myers - OSU Captain 1921 / All-American

Charles “Chic” Harley - OSU Captain 1919 / All-American

Clarence A. MacDonald - OSU Captain 1918 / All-American

Howard G. Courtney - OSU Captain 1917

James R. Marker - OSU Captain 1903

Ralph W. Hoyer - OSU Captain 1905

James F. Lincoln               - OSU Captain 1906

H. J. Schory - OSU Captain 1907

Oscar Thomas (bottom left) - OSU Athletic Department

Page 2  

Paul M. Lincoln - OSU Captain 1890

Lynn W. St. John - OSU Athletic Director 1912 – 1947

Renick W. Dunlop - OSU Captain 1895

D. B. Sayers - OSU Captain 1899

J. H. Tilton - OSU Captain 1900

J. M. “Boss” Kittle - OSU Captain 1901

Albert Herrnstein - OSU Coach 1906 -1909

Leslie R. Wells - OSU Captain 1910

Don B. Barricklow - OSU Captain 1912

Campbell J. “Honus” Graf - OSU Captain 1914

Frank “Swede” Sorensen - OSU Captain 1916

Ernie R. Godfrey - OSU Football Player 1912 – 1914 / OSU Football Asst Coach 1929 – 1961

Fritz Mackey - OSU Coach/ Freshman and Baseball Coach

Clarence D. Laylin - OSU Chairman Athletic Board

Henry D. Taylor - OSU Ticket Office

H. G. Olsen – OSU Player and Professional Basketball Hall of Fame

F. W. McCormick - Photographer

Red Trautman (bottom right) - Baseball

Chic Harley auto is covered over because it is highly coveted and sadly his auto is often times forged - isn't that right Drew E?

Breakdown of all autographs - earliest Captain is Lincoln from the 1890 team.


Comment 01 May 2019

Growing up in Canton, Ohio I was indoctrinated to college and professional football at a very young age.  My father had been a Browns and Buckeyes fan for as long as he could remember and he surely passed it on to me.  As many know, football in that part of the country is taken pretty seriously and I even recall a few times while we were in church service and my Dad would pull me out of services and we’d sneak back to the church kitchen to listen to either the Browns or Buckeyes games on a small radio; I remember thinking to myself “it is football so how could that be a sin?”

My football collecting began in earnest as early as 1972 when I was 5 when my Dad bought me my first packs of football cards and I was hooked from then on.  I had no idea at that point that college football material even existed and it wasn’t until I joined the military in 1986 (I retire this summer with 33-years of active service) and left home for the first time did I really begin to find a passion for my beloved Buckeyes because when I would see them play or listen to games from afar; I always felt as if I were home.  I still recall being deployed on submarines when we used to receive the sports broadcast via teletype from the radio room so needless to say I made it a habit to make friends with the radiomen who would always ensure that I had the latest professional and college sports scores before nearly anyone else.  Amazing how a person’s mind could stare for hours at the rudimentary scores that were provided back then but it was all we had and we had to rely on our imaginations to try to ascertain how the game unfolded. 

Throughout my first years in the military the only Ohio State item I owned was a 1927 Ohio State vs Michigan ticket stub that I had since I was 13.  I carried this ticket everywhere with me for Buckeye “good luck” including on every submarine and ship deployment and that one ticket became the basis for my collection and my chase to capture all Ohio State vs. Michigan tickets and later led to an expansion of collecting with a key focus on pre-1927 Ohio State items.  This theme continues to this day because each new item that I acquire still makes me feel “home” and connected to my home state regardless of where I am in the World.     

Some of my collection here:

Comment 01 May 2019

Spend minimal time in Seattle - place is getting nutso apparently with lots of homeless, drugs, crime, and garbage.  Lots of friends live or lived there recently and they all say the same thing.  Sad because I used to love that place 20-years ago when I was stationed over in Bangor at the submarine base.  

Comment 22 Apr 2019

Disturbing.  Reminds me of my ex-wife that had everything she could ever want... I digress.  Mrs. IP 2.0 appreciates it all therefore Mrs. IP 1.0 has been fully upgraded, replaced, and barely a thought.  Wish we could do the same with some of these "fans".

Comment 22 Apr 2019

Fantastic breakdown of QB history.  Thanks! 

Here's to hoping that we can have a breakthrough in our QB drafts - in my opinion this is one time where it is easy to blame Ohio State's traditional style of smash mouth football for many years via guys like Coach Hayes and their style of play that was run heavy and did not convey to professional quarterbacks of their era.  Our offense has opened up a lot in recent years so we should start to see more QBs slinging the ball with a more pro-style look.    

Comment 22 Apr 2019

Repeating this post - sorry to others - but your statement is irresponsible.  You are placing 100% blame on JT Barrett?  Seriously?  So he apparently played D and selected all plays for the O and also played special teams as well....  Nope; he sure did not.  

Your response just show how spoiled some fans are - JT was a team Captain, a great QB, and a great leader and at any other school this would not be a conversation yet it persists...  It saddens me that people are so critical of a guy that when he stopped playing he was ranked (in Ohio State quarterback history):

#1 in passing yards

#1 in passing touchdowns

 #4 in rushing touchdowns

#1 in total offense

#1 in total touchdowns

4 for 4 against Michigan while on the team

Among other things… 

* were there times he was frustrating to watch?  Absolutely but we, as fans, must look at the body of work and he remains one of the most prolific passers we have ever had at our school.

Comment 22 Apr 2019

Spoiled as well - JT was a team Captain, a great QB, and a great leader and at any other school this would not be a conversation yet it persists...  It saddens me that people are so critical of a guy that when he stopped playing he was ranked (in Ohio State quarterback history):

#1 in passing yards

#1 in passing touchdowns

 #4 in rushing touchdowns

#1 in total offense

#1 in total touchdowns

4 for 4 against Michigan while on the team

Among other things… 

* were there times he was frustrating to watch?  Absolutely but we, as fans, must look at the body of work and he remains one of the most prolific passers we have ever had at our school.

Comment 19 Apr 2019

I would kill for some average wings - there are simply zero options here.  Damn bowling alley on base sells them and they're horrible and often still cold on the inside because they weren't even properly defrosted then just partially cooked.  I suspect they are ready to eat frozen types that they get in bulk and just have to nuke in the microwave.  Count your lucky stars folks.

Comment 19 Apr 2019

That is just insane - and - wrong.  On cases like this give the school a chance to pay the overage in a fine or something but to take away the ability to play and/or take away victories is just wrong. 

As someone already pointed out; North Carolina had others taking classes for athletes and Lord knows what else = double dribble standard.