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Comment 13 hours ago

"You need prison time for DV"?????  Do you realize how many men get carted off to jail with domestic violence charges against them just because the police arrived to a scene?  A LOT.  It is called "Mandatory Arrest" and is a LAW.  We are not talking physical altercations here; we're talking just because they came out they will take someone to jail to "diffuse the situation" and the charge is always "domestic violence". 

Of course arrests have their place when there is actual validated or proven violence but what the mandatory arrest law has done is removed the ability for many officers to make a judgement call based on what they see upon arrival and they find it easier to just make the arrest because there is no thinking required because the guidance within the laws are kind of cut and dry.  They are designed to protect the abused and rightfully so they should but there are many other implications that were not considered when the mandatory aspect came in to play.  As far as Zeke's case goes there sure seems to be a lot of gray area and he said she said type stuff.  The timing and extent of the duration from incident to now sure is suspect as well - it should never take this long for something like this.  Also, I do see where the NFL should have its own set of laws when the civilian sector has not charged the player and applaud them for taking action when needed - see Ray Rice punches wife video below for why it should apply in cases where violence is validated. 

I have seen countless cases of this and unfortunately it has become a new norm in policing arguments among couples to "protect the woman" in such a way.  What is not realized is that a lot of times it is just an argument, that every relationship has, and they've now removed the man with charges that now puts his employment at risk and the couple now incurs legal costs among other things all because someone, even neighbors, called the police.  I know a guy that got arrested because two little kids playing outside got "scared" because two adults were arguing and the police arrested the man upon arrival to the residence.  Needless to say both adults defended the situation stating they were having an argument and that is all; the police still arrested the man.

Comment 16 Aug 2017

Hope you are feeling better.  Maintain solid control on any pain medications that you are taking; they are reported as being a bridge to heroin use by countless people that would have never ever in a million years do illegal drugs but when they come off the pain medications... they were addicted.

Comment 16 Aug 2017

Finished Season 2 (two words on a few people):

Coach Stevens - Hypocrite & Garbage

Cameron "Kam" Carter - Lazy & Disrespectful

Isaiah Wright - Good Kid

Miss Brittany - Incredible Sole

Bo Wallace - Likeable & Stupid (see DUI charge)

There are more but the one thing I would like to state is that our education system is completely BROKEN.  Episode 7 of Season 2 surprised me that EMCC allowed the conversation of Miss Brittany and players about cheating on quizzes yet there seems to be no national outcry.  Why?  Additionally, someone else stated that without subtitles they'd have no idea what the conversations were/are.... I second that one.  I'm sorry but if you want to make your way in the world you had better be able to speak correctly and present your viewpoint.  That is a realistic statement and has nothing to do with anything else.  Intelligence and conveying what you are thinking go hand-in-hand.

Comment 15 Aug 2017

The two of us are saying the same thing - to answer your question I fault both in the realm of medicine.  Please re-read my response just above and you will find that I clearly find fault with our medical procedures and the prescriptions and should have labored on a little more to an equal share on the consumer but I had run long on my response. 

Too many takes pills that their doctor prescribes without asking critical questions that relate directly to how long they need to take a med, in what dose, does it conflict with these others, and so on.  That falls squarely on the shoulders of the consumer.  One other aspect that also falls on the consumer is that diet and nutrition have a lot to do with many of the issues that are wrong with folks yet no one wants to take personal responsibility and wants to blame the food industry... last I checked pills and food all get shoved in your face by the individual.

Comment 15 Aug 2017

This issue does not exist with only millionaires - our medical industry doles out drugs via prescription at an alarming rate.  I made a comment above regarding this massive problem that has destroyed many good people and families but this thread needs more info about that subject and Woods' info as just a part of the larger problem.

Our current medical system treats symptoms not the person and the doctors and big Pharma are getting super rich off of it and this ranges from countless adults being prescribed vast arrays of medications to children getting prescribed ADHD drugs which have vast amounts of issues associated with them but because "the doctors said it's OK" then it must be "OK"...

We have an epidemic in the form of addiction to pain killers sweeping the country that are legally prescribed by doctors, as are countless other meds prescribed by U.S. doctors. We, the U.S., are the biggest bunch of pill popping people and take a pill for everything known to man all day every day. As a small test to each of you, take note of all the meds you take per day that your doctor put you on then take inventory of all the other meds you take... then realize that for many nearly every activity they do is tied to alcohol consumption (another drug), and they smoke (another drug), and so on.

Link on pain killer addiction:

Link on A.D.H.D. drug long term risks:

What are the long term effects of many of the drugs that our doctors peddle... I mean; prescribe?

Here's a 2010 article that states "100,000 Americans Die Each Year from Prescription Drugs, While Pharma Companies Get Rich" yet mainstream media never reports these facts. Why? I'll tell you why; MONEY, lots and lots of it.

100,000 people per year die:

And here is another article "Is your doctor getting drug kickbacks":

Food for thought but perhaps it's time to say NO to our trusted doctors and find natural remedies for most, if not all, of the things we think are wrong with us OR are wrong with us.

Comment 15 Aug 2017

Not preaching so please don't take it as such.  You should never take Ambien to fall asleep (literally) it should be used to help you fall asleep.  The fact you took 2 is impressive and brave but I hope the result taught you a lesson about how not to take it plus the fact I highly doubt your prescription said "take 2 pills".  Anyone on drugs like Ambien would be better served to try to intentionally reduce the amount you are dosing while trying to pickup new techniques via natural remedies, such as melatonin, herbal teas, etc., and so on. 

We are an extremely medicated society and the dangers are evident when a pro like Woods has doctors that do not balance what medications they are on while putting their patients at risk.  Look at other famous people (e.g. Prince, Michael Jackson, etc.) that have recently DIED due to their doctors prescribing all sorts of craziness so just imagine how inconsequential we are in the big scheme of the medical landscape...  no one will look after your a$$ like you.  If it feels wrong then chances are good that it is.   

Comment 14 Aug 2017

OK... season 1, episode 6 is just mayhem.  I fear how bad things will get in the coming episodes.  Plus my opinion of Ollie changed drastically just now... the team's enemy was on the opposite sideline throwing punches and stomping their teammates not their own coach.  Completely disrespectful.

Comment 14 Aug 2017

Great response and I concur.  The pool is too shallow to get that far out of line.  I think she is the voice of reason for so many there and I find it interesting that people take the leap that "oh she must be sleeping with her players" but if she were a man that would never cross anyone's mind.  Women, like her, make a difference for sure and the program will be impacted by her absence.  I see that she is a caring and passionate individual that cares about the players, the team, the organization, and the direction they all need to go.  People move on and her move to greener pastures was due to her hard work. 

Comment 14 Aug 2017

Thanks for the comments.  They help with maintaining a proper perspective while understanding that there are other programs that do so much for so many.  I liken this to bootcamp and these kids (most of them) need it because it teaches respect, teamwork, and many other tough lessons all of which unfortunately are not often taught in a single parent home = it takes a village.  I can speak to this because that is exactly how I was raised and what happened with me.

Comment 14 Aug 2017

Great point.  I am sure many kids watch this series and the occasional stat line conversation occurring that explains how few people ever get paid for professional football might sink in to a few more.  The chance to get a degree and do something with their life after football is over is important and something that the media narrative often fails to provide.

Comment 14 Aug 2017

Damn I also forgot how intense the ol' ball coach is = full scale insane mode at halftime (season 1, episode 3, minute 40).  That was an impressive ass chewing.

Heart goes out to Ronald Ollie; a young kid that lost both parents to a murder suicide.  Some terrible stuff.  I found myself rooting for him and understand that he has since transferred so I hope his support network is solid.

Comment 14 Aug 2017

Not sure how I forgot about this series.  I had watched the first few then got distracted (happens a lot) so thanks for pulling me back.  Just began Season 1, Episode 3 and have a lot of great viewing ahead to get me through the next few weeks while waiting for our beloved Ohio State Buckeyes to begin the season.


Comment 14 Aug 2017

I applaud how everyone's responses were above board and not all "keyboard warrior'ish" = well done gentlemen. 

Comment 14 Aug 2017

^^^ this is in regards to beef. 

I have been unable to find any issues with salting pork or chicken in advance BUT prefer marinades such as pineapple juice or similar over teriyaki and/or soy sauce.

Comment 14 Aug 2017

Thanks!  Too many make the mistake of adding salt or salt based rubs prior to cooking.  One thing is for certain; liberal application of salt is not needed or preferred and most chef's would recommend no longer than 40-minutes prior to cooking.  Salting can occur even moments before grilling and there have been side by side comparisons that have been done that show only minor differences.  The important part is to not over-salt for too long of a period. 

Another aspect of cooking beef that has been ignored in this thread is that the meat should be taken out of the refrigerator and allowed to get to room temperature.  Too many take steaks right from the chill-box and on to the grill = big mistake.

Comment 14 Aug 2017

Hah; good catch.  New York strip and tenderloin is what I was thinking of and got caught up in the comparison between T-bone (usually more expensive) and Ribeye (usually less than T-bone).  

Comment 13 Aug 2017

A London Broil is similar to a Flank Steak and can be incredible if done correctly.  I provided a quick recipe above that is fantastic and great for anyone wanting beef for protein if on diet and needs to use a leaner cut of meat. 

Comment 13 Aug 2017

That's a lot of salt.  I guess I'm just not a fan of teriyaki or soy marinades because the meat absorbs so much of the salt.  A nice dry rub on any beef is all that is needed.  Pineapple juice?  Really?  See that being used on pork or chicken; never beef. 

Comment 13 Aug 2017

Ribeye is a nice cut of meat and less expensive (typically) when compared to T-bone if budget is an issue (it's one half of the T-bone and the other half is tenderloin).  London Broil is a forgiving piece of meat and you can pretty much cook it any way you want.  My preference is the way I mentioned above here.

On the coconut shrimp: can you provide your method?  Here in Italy there isn't a person I know that has ever tried it and I keep talking about doing it then never get around to it.  Would appreciate the info.  Thanks!