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March 19, 2014 at 2:03pm

What items do you have?  Please share.  

I'm an avid historian of The OSU football program and wanted to start this thread to see if perhaps there are others out there that share the collecting passion like I do.

Some recent additions to my ever expanding collecting:

Keith Byars 1983 to 1985 game helmet (still investigating whether it was also used in his first season 82'):

In 84' Byars was runner-up in Heisman voting to Doug Flutie who was riding the media storm when BC beat Miami on his Hail Mary pass.  We will never know, but many feel that Byars had it won but the Flutie pass and Flutie being a senior that year allowed him to overtake Byars in the voting... plus many must have felt that Byars would have his senior year to win (sadly he injured his foot in pre-senior year training). 

Keith Byars would finish as the runner-up to Flutie, falling victim to two of the Heisman voters’ most aggravating tendencies- rewarding a guy for one play or game (see Tim Brown, Charles Woodson, Desmond Howard, Flutie) and looking at career numbers instead of who had the best year.

Link to a great write-up on Byars done by Joe Beale 5 years ago:


Keith Byars multi-season worn helmet.
Got my Byars group in one spot for a photo (all came from the same location... Byars).

1. 84 OSU vs Illinois game ball presented to Byars for his 274 yards and 5 TD's.

2. 85 Fiesta Bowl ball was a gathering of All-America's from all sports and they were presented this ball (it has several autographs on it). 

3. Photo in the center (Byars with Bo Jackson at the 1986 Ricoh Japan Bowl). 

4. Byars 1986 Japan Bowl jacket still has a Japanese restaurant menu folded in the pocket and equated to his "last meal" - meaning his LAST game in an Ohio State uniform.

5. His helmet.



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